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Tech Milestone - First VG Utility Script written by AI

=VG= SemlerPDX

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A member wanted to crawl PR chatlogs for stats, and play around with tables/databases using our chatlogs, but they have sensitive player info like IP's.  

Rather than take the time to write my own utility script to redact all player IP addresses from hundreds of chatlogs, I directed an artificial intelligence last night to write a script for me in Powershell.  @=VG= SolarFlame1 had told me about OpenAI ChatGPT recently, and I was just floored by how accessible it was, and how easy it is to use even at this stage of its ongoing development.


This is a sort of important milestone for me and for VG - I've written plenty of these little utility scripts for our servers, TCAdmin, and this website over the past 10+ years, but never could I have dreamed that I could simply have a chat with an AI and direct it to create code for us!  Just for fun, I also asked it what that same script would look like in a couple other languages I'm familiar with, and they all were just perfect ... not really a complex script to be fair, just mirroring files to another folder and replacing some contents according to a RegEx key, but still it is a significant step into the future.

I said recently that I'm not too concerned that AI writing programs will replace programmers, no more than a computer could replace an artist.  I see AI like this being used like an artist uses a paint brush, as a tool to accomplish great things rather than something which makes the artist redundant.  It's quite impressive that regular folk such as us can play with and actually get productive use out of such emerging technology, and I couldn't pass up the chance to put this pin in the board of our forums to mark the occasion as we approach the end of 2022.

Here's to a bold new 2023 - Long Live VG!  :drinks: 


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Nothing could replace @=VG= Melon Muncher as an artist.


But seriously, this is some neat stuff. It makes coding and programming easier due to stuff like this. 

Some entities even use AI to make some policy statements and system designs based on parameters that are provided. 

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