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  1. This is so dramatic lol. It isnt that complicated.. I'd argue that PR is just as complicated if not more than vanilla arma. The complexity usually comes from mods, but even then it isn't that bad. You wont be playing it alone, so just do what the rest of us do and ask one of us how something works if you're unsure.
  2. back2la is a little different, yeah. I think it builds on SEF. CS Paintball gun has been nerfed quite a bit I've been rocking less than lethal shotgun and gas nade launcher. Works pretty well.
  3. I'm a network architect (network engineering) at an ISP/Cloud company in the UK. Definitely requires reasonable fundamental math skills. Understanding how the protocols work require it a little too. But the day to day of the job barely has any math. Nothing complicated anyway. Its a good career. Glad I chose it. Some cool stuff happening in the field too. But it might have a reasonable amount of math at uni.
  4. Ive got the RTX2070 from MSI. They do have a known issue where they can fail in under a month. I dunno if it was a bad batch or what. My card failed in about 3 weeks. Amazon replaced it without issue, been solid ever since. i7700k with 500gb EVO SSD, MSI z270 gaming pro carbon and 64gb DDR4 overclocked to 3000mhz using intels XMP 2.0 profile. Works really well. Will need to add another SSD as im pretty much full on the 500gb. I wouldn't raid0 your OS. Either RAID1 or RAID10 (1 + 0). If one of your disks fail on a raid 0 the array is comprised and fails, so doubling your risk just for a bit of read/write. RAID1 will see you get a write penalty (as data has to be written to 2 disks) but you will get a read gain, as you can read the data from either disk. If you're gaming you'll be reading maps and textures from disk, so you'll see increase loading times, plus you'll gain hard disk redundancy. Just remember if you do software RAID on windows, I think it writes the bootloader to 1 of the drives, so if that fails the other drive wont have the bootloader and windows wont boot, but the data will be there. But if this is just an OS drive with apps installed then you probably dont care that much about data. You can install the bootloader to both disks without too much hassle. There are a number of guides. I did it to the german dedi after we lost a disk in raid1 that contained the bootloader and we ended up reinstalling because of it. I'm pretty sure that was on 2008R2, so I dunno what the case is now. Machines a beast, though!
  5. Maybe its your client taking ages to extract the textures? Are you using an SSD?
  6. It looks a bit more "arcade like" than PR, but I'd definitely be up for playing. If we nail the rules and run it our way we an probably prevent the shit show described above. Dont think it has a coop mode though.
  7. Ah I see. Silly me - I have AV SSL inspection turned on, so it looks like it was issued by my AV software rather than the real issuer.
  8. Ha - you got me. How could you tell? The expiry date on the cert?
  9. I'll keep it short and sweet. We now (finally) have SSL (TLS) on the website. Your usernames and passwords are secure in transit! We've also made it so general browsing on the site is all done through TLS. That being said, please be careful about what images you link to the site. If it does not have HTTPS it will cause web browsers to report the site as not fully secure as some content is provided via HTTP. If it continues to happen I'll probably have to stop 3rd party linked images being displayed on the site. We've also gone IPv6! C:\Users\mark>nslookup veterans-gaming.com Server: dns.google Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: veterans-gaming.com Addresses: 2604:a880:400:d0::13dc:2001 C:\Users\mark>nslookup www.veterans-gaming.com Server: dns.google Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: veterans-gaming.com Addresses: 2604:a880:400:d0::13dc:2001 Aliases: www.veterans-gaming.com Pinging veterans-gaming.com [2604:a880:400:d0::13dc:2001] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from 2604:a880:400:d0::13dc:2001: time=109ms Reply from 2604:a880:400:d0::13dc:2001: time=83ms I've got some other bits and bobs I need to do in the background, but thats it for now! Report any issues you may find to myself or Semler. I'll assume no news is good news!
  10. The samsung EVO SSDs are epic.
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