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BF3 "Project Reality Mod" has been active

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Has anyone played the BF3 Reality Mod?  It's supposed to be the equivalent to BF2 Project Reality.

I had a chance to look at some of the youtube videos and decided to download the mod.  It's in it's infancy and I experienced some glitches.

As much as I loved Project Reality, I'm wanting something with modern graphics.  SQUAD would be a logical step, but I can't afford to buy it.

I already have BF3 and you can download the mod for free. 

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That is very cool stuff!! I've been a walking zombie this year mostly, not surprised I missed the announcements of the public Alpha at the start of this year.

They have a Discord channel here: https://discord.com/invite/sNwbeHC


"...you’ll need a legitimate copy of Battlefield 3 and all the game’s DLCs on PC (Steam and Origin versions work)"

Found this awesome early reveal trailer, too:


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Personally this is a very disappointing mod so far. Most of the things you see are the built in tools made by the team behind Venice Unleashed, they just added some UI changes and that's about it. It's basically BF Hardcore with PR HUD (from what I have seen anyway, I hope this improves and becomes bigger than PR but I don't have my hopes up)

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