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A place just for those interested in ARMA scripts, mods or missions and things you want in events! All are welcome to join!

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  2. The point of this vote is not to change the mods now!!!! (I should have said this first :p) It is only to make people understand that this server has a limited space and I will not be changing anything now, but I am open to change something in the future. I am pissed that some people (unknown) type while I am ingame and ask me if we will add 3CB or Bundeswehr, remove RHS because CUP is better... NO I WILL NOT ADD ANY OF THOSE!!!! (I am still confused a bit about CUP, because of the small size :))) ) .
  3. Does anyone have a place that uses either so people can TRY them before they talk about them? I know several people have posted links to them, but some people are visual learners.
  4. Ahhh. I meant delete RHS and add CUP! PROJECT OPFOR: It adds exactly what RHS should have had in the first place! More factions (actual good looking Talibans, expanded UN, Iraqi army, etc ...), land rovers, t-55, t-34, Nissan technical, clothing and reskins for vehicles. I proposed Project Opfor as it is not really that big in size and it will help me fix the issues with the OPFOR version of ACE INSURGENCY. And please, I beg you, don`t make me repeat the reason why it is "broken" ( I`ve had a lot of time spent lately in the editor and I really, really need a break). I know h
  5. All players have to do is join the server via launcher. Everything will be downloaded on its own. No manual fiddling needed, if TFAR is already set up. It's by far the easiest and most user friendly automatic mod distribution system in the world. Download speeds might be an issue, but in a world with 60+ GB games it is not a lot to ask for a 6GB download especially if the content is free. However, if the mod is being added for the sake of being added then it's a waste on everyones hard drive. What can X do better that we cannot do with Y? Right now I don't see a lot of reasons.
  6. CUP and RHS don't mix well with each other. In my understanding RHS uses a custom damage model for vehicles as well as different ammunition damage. That means in combat you either need more or less rounds to skill stuff. On top of that lots of assets are redundant by being listed twice in the arsenal, which makes getting ready for combat more complicated and longer. In regards to pr opfor - since it's a addon to RHS it should play ok combined with RHS. Although, I couldn't find any information as of what it actually adds. It says 100+ vehicles but the promo screenshots only show resk
  7. I've thought about this since our quick conversation and think that we should stick with what we've done with RHS. We've barely had 2 events and now you want to change the mods again. You guys want people to play ARMA 3 and then screw us around by changing the mods we need to download/install/drop. What happened to m8's survey on mods? Was there an outcome or does this poll super-cede that?
  8. I'm in for a change, in the worst possible scenario we can revert back to the actual mod pack we're using! If we all have the space for momentarily store unutilized RHS, shouldn't be a problem to try CUP for a while. Forgot to vote, golden monkey award goes to me today
  9. I want to welcome @Roger_T to the new =VG= DEV squad! Thank you for joining!
  10. Let me know because I am thinking of adding cup instead of RHS or add project OPFOR. RHS - better models, usable stuff inside vehicles (inside map display, duke system, etc..) cool gun models. Downside BIG SIZE ( around 13 GB). CUP - a lot of models, more than RHS (includes BAF, Talibans, models from arma 2, etc...). Downside not really good models, you still need to download 3 mods (around 5 GB in total for UNITS, WEAPONS, VEHICLES). Project Opfor - works only if RHS is used! Good models, adds new factions and vehicles. Downside 1,706.929 MB big.
  11. I know this is old and there shouldn`t be any stupid thing posted here. But feel free to add every stupid thing you find playing on our server or anything that is funny and it is related to arma. Here is my first shitty post :P!
  12. Testing Saturday! Saturday, 10th of April VETERANS-GAMING | INSURGENCY ACE | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Sign-Up: NOT REQUIRED! Slots: 27 Password: simi ---------------------------------------------------- Time: anytime, just be on TS when I am (around 2-3pm GMT) Map: Bystrica! Roles: shhh secrit! ---------------------------------------------------- mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=211575380
  13. I want to welcome @Whiskey-Mike to the new =VG= DEV squad! Thank you for joining!
  14. I'll keep looking, I know a lot of players were looking to reduce the time they spend setting up vehicle kits
  15. until
  16. Ahhh HELP! I need some help setting up SAF kits for a new map. AAS map soon.
  17. Maybe it was because I shot FastJack who was showing red? lol
  18. YES! I strongly agree! I wouldn`t want to scare people with too much stuff when I do missions. Arma is a very complex game. I know people like milsim like gameplay but overall it is just a game, not real life and on top of that adding mods will change the complexity even more. In my opinion I think that having a pdf. explaining all the bits and pieces of this game is a smart move. Script side --- Idk what I want, so whatever you guys want... well I will post updates on the Roadmap topic if something else comes in my mind. Mods: --- Lambs/ Vcomai / ASR AI3 one of these (but ofc
  19. Hmm if there is a script version maybe I can implement it.
  20. Color of the thing above your head means you are friendly or hostile. If you shoot too many civilians you will become hostile to your team. Same thing happens when you shoot friends. It is how the game works. Uniforms don`t matter at all!

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