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  1. Considering the unclear circumstances of the ban, I recommend removing the ban together with my apologies.
  2. Who banned you and when?
  3. The IDF alternative medic rifle has the red dot AND the iron sight mounted.
  4. Hello ladies, What's happening with the server? Is it not updated/bug on new version/ ISP outage? People are biting the keyboards. I need my dose!
  5. You've just posted on the forum Teejay
  6. I'm not sure if it was me who banned this guy, but I think he was team-killing in main for stealing assets from another squad. According the rules, that's punishable by ban.
  7. HEADS-UP TEDF post needs a reiteration as lately I've noticed that banned players are joining the server again. In the last couple days, I've seen at least 4 banned players on the server, doing exactly the same things they were banned for.
  8. I've counted so far 12 players give or take, for Friday. I dont think its enough. I cant join you on that Friday. But i can on Thursday 12 January. Is it possible to have the event then?
  9. IMO this is not a subject of discussion for a gaming forum. Doing this, tells me that you have no real respect for veterans and PTSD nor you that you know what are you talking about.
  10. check SPAM maybe?
  11. The Battlefield 1 Open Beta Starts On August 31 It costs around 80 EURO/90$. Lol
  12. Siri you said that already lol :))
  13. Well.. bottom line: i would like to see us building a community that involve other games as well. This WoW its just an idea. Bait for opening discussion :). How about trying few rounds coordinated via TS? Usually I find difficult to play PVP as there is no coordination nor team play among players. There is also the issue of US/EU servers which are selected automatically according the IP.? Common, jump with ideas sailors :))
  14. I see now. I was thinking at baby seals clubbing
  15. "seal clubbing"?!? ?WTF man? Is that ?some sort of game mod or what? Sounds bad