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  1. I am. But on EU server.
  2. HAX!!
  3. All my drives are on AHCI mode.
  4. I only have SATA 3. 6 of them. Maybe the SSD is broken or something. I'm thinking to return it.
  5. After I've read Diguelo's post I've tried to put some stress on SSD running 3 games in the same time: Squad, BF4 and Argo. Temperature was steady between 32 and 35 Celsius. But write/read speed didn't go above 380 megs/sec!!
  6. My gaming comp rated "surf board" . That's second to last :D. But its much much better as a workstation which was its primary function. Strangely enough I can play demanding games on medium or even high settings. Probably thanks to the 2GB dedicated memory GPU. Unfortunately in my case the bottle neck is indeed the CPU and the motherboard cannot support anything faster. And if I get another MBD i'll need a new Windows licence for aprox 200 $. 5 years ago, when i've build this comp it was pretty badass. 8GB ram and quad core CPU ment something back then. Maybe its time for a new machine but to be honest besides this issue with the PR loading time I have no problems with it.
  7. OMG!! My comp sux!! Try this tool guys:
  8. Hm.. it does make sense. Im not sure if this old CPU can support this kind of improvement tho'.. I'll do some research. Thanks.
  9. Western Digital Green 240 GB on SATA 3/6GB /s port. Windows 10, yes.
  10. Western Digital Green 240 GB on SATA 3/6GB /sec port. Windows 10, yes.
  11. Hello! I've recently installed an SSD hoping to load games faster. It worked partially. I'm loading the OS (windows 10) in like 10 seconds vs 120 secs before SSD. Its even faster then my Ubuntu on laptop. But somehow PR2 load even slower then before. Initially I thought it might be a CPU performance issue as I'm using an outdated one. But... other more recent games are working just fine even they are more demanding performance wise. Here are some metrics, from desktop shortcut click to effectively deployed on the map : bf4 - 90 secs vs 140 secs before SSD squad- 63 secs vs ~120 secs before SSD PR2 - game loading 82 secs, loading map 148 secs, total 3,52 mins Processor: AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~3.8GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Card name: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Dedicated Memory: 2029 MB What do you think? Forums are not very informative regarding this issue. How can I improve the loading time? I heard about people using SSD being bounced to desktop for loading too fast! Thanks, ZT
  12. Vadso std is running now. Nobody can join due to CTD.
  13. Anyone here plays SQUAD? I need someone to teach me please
  14. Its a very underrated game. The dialogs are hilarious.
  15. A classic game: