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  1. I meant the medic for healing the rest of the crew as well the nearby infantry. Not the medic doing the gunner role.
  2. Regarding TOW Humvee: 4-5 crewman are always better than 2: SL - communication, coordination, spotting, building defensive/denial means Gunner - well... Engineer - for repairing the vehicles/ laying mines, fixing various denial structures Medic - as the gunner (and the rest of the crew/near by infantry) gets often injured HAT/LAT - maybe it's a bit redundant but redundancy can guarantee a successful kill in this situations Besides this, the rest of the crew can ensure the safety of the TOW Humvee against enemy RPG, C4, etc, when is camping as well as contributing to capture the flag faster, defending a flag/position. Lets not forget that Humvees have good mobility, going places with a relative autonomy. Why not be all you can be and not just an rocket shooter? I would encourage a wider range of capabilities for this special squad. Now regarding the Mechanized Infantry, on the most servers I've been playing, this squad has the right at ONE single armoured vehicle and it has priority. I was convinced that this is the situation on VG server as well. But I was wrong. I found that in a very unpleasant manner. Right now I feel that Mech Inf is treated like some sort of second hand squad that have to kiss the asses of the APC squad, begging for a vehicle. On the side note: you never know when the APC squad is reclaiming the vehicle just because they lost theirs, instead waiting in line for the new one to spawn. I would plead for having this simple (and common sense) rule for VG server. The efficiency of a mechanized infantry squad are so obvious that don't need to be mentioned here. Not to forget that most of the time, the APC squad member are forgetting what APC acronym stands for which is Armoured PERSONNEL CARRIER and not a tank. Peace, ZT
  3. The IDF alternative medic rifle has the red dot AND the iron sight mounted.
  4. Hello ladies, What's happening with the server? Is it not updated/bug on new version/ ISP outage? People are biting the keyboards. I need my dose!
  5. You've just posted on the forum Teejay
  6. HEADS-UP TEDF post needs a reiteration as lately I've noticed that banned players are joining the server again. In the last couple days, I've seen at least 4 banned players on the server, doing exactly the same things they were banned for.
  7. I've counted so far 12 players give or take, for Friday. I dont think its enough. I cant join you on that Friday. But i can on Thursday 12 January. Is it possible to have the event then?
  8. IMO this is not a subject of discussion for a gaming forum. Doing this, tells me that you have no real respect for veterans and PTSD nor you that you know what are you talking about.
  9. check SPAM maybe?
  10. The Battlefield 1 Open Beta Starts On August 31 It costs around 80 EURO/90$. Lol
  11. Siri you said that already lol :))
  12. Well.. bottom line: i would like to see us building a community that involve other games as well. This WoW its just an idea. Bait for opening discussion :). How about trying few rounds coordinated via TS? Usually I find difficult to play PVP as there is no coordination nor team play among players. There is also the issue of US/EU servers which are selected automatically according the IP.? Common, jump with ideas sailors :))
  13. I see now. I was thinking at baby seals clubbing
  14. "seal clubbing"?!? ?WTF man? Is that ?some sort of game mod or what? Sounds bad
  15. what "SEA" dude?!?