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  1. Not necessarily. The consequence of the global warming is that the weather gets more extreme. Rain will be heavier, drought will be much dry, the seasons are shifting, etc... And we can all see it.
  2. I got snowdrop flowers in my garden. Usually, their time is in late March.
  3. So... your "friend" is Pablo Escobar?
  5. Lets not forget about jumping over a 20 cm curb and loose 50% of stamina. But hey... as people in software are saying: its a feature, is not a bug ;).
  6. I do. What about him?
  7. When do they train?! Must be a hard life in the Queens army to wash all day long those things. And btw... do you really kill poor bears to make hats out of them?! Someone call PETA
  8. bagi steel ocean moshule? Eu am jucat vreo 3 saptamani si m-am plictisit

    1. .Blizzard.


      da ceva de genul si eu :biggrin: , inca il mai am dar nu am decat vreo 4 nave

  9. Dude.., Ranger... i hope you're not talking about that little chat about Islam and alcohol. You know that absolutely everybody was kidding.
  10. It is already mentioned in the rules Ranger.
  11. Lol... an empty bra.. is kind of sad for a man :)))
  12. Whats that on your head?! Some sort of coconut bra?
  13. the only pic with my clothes on
  14. I cannot stop laughing! :))))
  15. Hombre... what the heck is WGAF?