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=VG= Melon Muncher

Melon's first PR co-op event

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EVENT DATE : Friday the 13th at 2100 GMT/PRT (or 9pm GMT)


Welcome to the first and hopefully not last PR co-op event.

Long story short I've spent a long time modding PR as some of you know and I've learnt a few things over the years. These events fall into a more serious category regarding difficulty, but hopefully just as fun as regular PR.

Signups are now open and available for asset positions and commander, infantry squads will be made on the day as per regular PR

Entry is simple, download the files (LINK). Check the forums on the day for server password. Join the server. Have fun.

Rules are standard =VG= coop rules but the commander has final say in squad movements and attacks, obstructive squad leaders will be resigned. Expect less leniency to rule breakage and bending during the event

In addition there will be changes to the coop gameplay:
FOBs will need to be shovelled
Squad leader spawn-point is removed
Ticket count will matter
3 minutes wait between each kit request.
+Map specific changes



US Army Vs Syrian Rebels

US Assets
150 tickets
4x MH6 transport helicopters (spawn delay)

SR Assets

US Forces will spawn at the airfield and prepare for assualt, there are eight bunkers to capture in any order. Both CQB and long range night time fighting

Commander : 
Pilot #1 : SYDNEY
Pilot #2 :  MELON
Pilot #3 : RECON
Pilot #4 : BRYAN


Commander : TEDF
Chinook Pilot : PISSBLITZ



US Army vs ARF

500 Tickets
2x Stryker APC (non-respawning)
1x HMMWV 50 cal (non-respawning)
2x UH-60 Blackhawks (10 min respawn)

Expect ARF defensive positions

US Forces are to proceed to extraction point, capturing checkpoints along the way.
ARF will be on the defensive, unable to recapture any lost flags.
Infantry cannot change the state of the flag, only non-respawning land assets and only while manned. Extreme care must be taken to keep the assets alive
Loss of a Stryker will cost US forces 200 tickets, loss of all land assets will result in a loss.
Engineers can repair both HMMWV and Strykers

Commander : TEDF
Pilot #1 : SYDNEY
Pilot #2 : 
Stryker #1 Driver : MARTIN
Stryker #1 Gunner : SEREVERGREEN
Stryker #2 Driver : DOUBLE13
Stryker #2 Gunner : JERSANS
Humvee Driver : BRYAN
Humvee Gunner : JAKI






300 Tickets
2x Panther transport Helicopters (5 minute delay)
1x NH90 transport Helicopter (5 minute delay)
1x Tigre attack Helicopter (10 minute delay)
4x assualt boats (5 minute delay)


Standard AAS

Commander : 
Pilot #1 : SYDNEY
Pilot #2 : JAKI
Tigre Pilot : TEDF
Tigre Gunner : JERSANS



Install Instructions:
1) Download the file
2)locate your PR levels directory, (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels)
3) Extract the downloaded zip file into pr\levels using winzip, winrar, 7zip etc.
4) Run PR
5) Create a local coop game and check that the event maps, (Khamisiyah Event, Lashkar Valley Event, Operation Barracuda Event and Ramiel Event) are in your maplist
6)If they are you're good to go for the event

INF Squads

INF Squad 1: CheekiBreeki
SL: =VG= Double_13
VODKA Skitalez
VODKA Dragovich
VODKA Jersans
VODKA Un4given
VODKA Sweetwarrior


SL: HaterOneActual
Ryan TT

INF Squad 3: Kiwi Squad
SL: Kavlenko
=VG= Eclipse002

INF Squad 4: Leftovers
SL :=VG=keed
=VG= PBAsydney

=VG= Jaki
=VG= Recon


Combined Count: 35


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Awesome @=VG= Melon Muncher!

I would be happy to apply for the Tiger gunner position (because I never did before and I'd simply love to) and/or the Stryker gunner position (as I am pretty good at it). If possible, if not I'm happy to play infantry. 

Also - don't know if this is the right topic but I was going through some old discussions because some things have clouded up by different information from different people all of have since been clarified. 

However. I came across a topic regarding the usage of the BDRM and @Kavelenko had this idea/suggestion if we could play like an IFV map like IFV-1, IFV-2 etc. and play like an event like this on a challenging map. I re-read it this morning and thought it could be an idea for a future event? Is that possible? If so it could be pretty awesome on Ramiel I think. Anyhow if this isn't the appropriate topic I will keep it in mind. Cheers.

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I would like to register for the following:

Ramiel: Stryker Gunner

Operation Barracuda: Pilot - NH90 if possible.


Edited by SerEvergreen
Removed Khamisiyah position per 2 positions maximum rule.
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Looks like the spots I was looking at are already filled. 

Put me down as panther pilot on Barracuda then and littlebird pilot on Khami. 

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Haha, no chinook pilots huh? You only have one and the entire team is counting on you as the only means of supplies. No pressure.

Let's see. Since I'm late to the party, I'll take a pilot role on Khami. The rest I might be a cameraman.

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ooooooh i wanna play too

gonna need to prep PC for this next week...you know...updates and stuff.....this been a while i have played

comms will be via teamspeak i guess....or is it more like arma ?


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Comms are ingame via mumble (automatically installed and set up). It is recommended to join TS for administrative purposes, and inter-squad communication as well as loading screen chit-chat. Just join the normal session on any day to get back into it ;)

TEDF, double or me are usually on in PR TS channel if you need a battle buddy

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I would also like to add that If I had a choice, on the day, I would be honoured to run a Logistics/Repair/Rescue Squad, comprising mostly of Engineers and Medics.

It will be great fun to get called to an "incident" to either repair damaged vehicles, revive injured troops or rescue downed pilots & stranded crewmen.

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