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  1. Potential crashing issue on Jabal Al Burj - Alt.

    With those patterns above having real chances of being replicated, this is definitely useful information to know. I'll keep this in mind.
  2. Potential crashing issue on Jabal Al Burj - Alt.

    Them hashtags are very important for the quick inquiries of useful information! ## At any rate, looks like what happened might have been a string of unlikely coincidences that I was "lucky" enough to encounter. Here's to hoping I don't run into such events again.
  3. Potential crashing issue on Jabal Al Burj - Alt.

    There was no discernible pattern in time or which map ran before Jabal Al Burj - Alt in my instances.
  4. Recently, I have personally encountered server crash on loading Jabal Al Burj - Alt multiple times. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this frequently and consistently, and if so, maybe we should remove it from the map rotation until we can investigate the cause and fix it.
  5. "project reality BF3" is it real?

    Gotta say, the fact that they have dedicated a lot of time and effort these past years in order to reverse engineer Frostbite 3 and write a wrapping editor for it, from what I can see, is much credit to them. I really hope that EA/DICE do not aggressively go after them legally in the future, and that their endeavor can bear fruit for all of us to enjoy.
  6. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Per Double_13's request from another thread: Observed two maps where flying out to the South-West, South and South-East borders of the map crashes the server: Bamyan and Bijar Canyon.
  7. UPDATE /

    "Sahel" is correct, since Its supposed to be sahel_beta gpm_coop 64, which is this map layout. Strange to not see it on our maplist.
  8. Invisible Bug

    While these are all fun and valid criticisms of the game engine's limitations, regarding the original "invisible bug" point, due to the scripted requirement to be in a squad in order to man assets, it does in fact make it easier to know who is one-manning. Unless you have proper knowledge of which asset type is strictly for bots/players on a given map, by scanning through the players manning asset(s) and accounting for them on the map, you can tell immediately that a player is one-manning if they appear manning an asset but cannot be located through choosing them on the map or squad management panel. I have been using this method, since first noticing the related limitation, to effectively pinpoint one-manners and encourage them to go back and man assets properly, or take administrative actions against them if they become uncooperative.
  9. Are you comfortable Vincent James :)

    Darn, those epi-pens are some STRONG stuffs!
  10. Insurgency Event?

    Maybe put up a poll associated with this to draw both people's attention as well as gauging their actual opinions out through voting. I would personally vote a yes for this.
  11. report

    If it has gotten to this point, I need to fully address Mou and the problem I have been having with this player so far. As early as my initial period of being an admin, I have encountered Mou multiple times on our server, and almost every time during these instances, I kept noticing him making repeated but subtle actions in order to commit wasting violations. These include messing around near/at base when no one seems to be looking, and attempting to get to secluded area of the map in order to avoid observation then crash assets in a deliberate manner. One of my most vivid memory of such violation was back around 03/2017 when, during a game on Ramiel Alt, as everyone was advancing up to the east flags, Mou, having been Trans and was seemingly performing supplying missions competently so far, flew the UH-60 to the western side of the map. He then started hovering around in a way that caused the chopper to keep bumping into the statics until the rotor gave out, at which point he jumped out and let the chopper burn. At the time, I was nearby attempting to defend one of the west flags alongside @=VG= Fastjack which allowed me to notice this. When it happened, I got really annoyed and called him out on this, only to be answered back with a soft but mischievous laugh. Apparently, there seems to be a conscious effort from Mou to derive enjoyment out of violating rules, as not only has he been repeatedly doing this for a prolonged period of time, he orchestrated it in such a subtle manner to avoid getting caught, or if he happened to be observed, it would look more like an accident/mistake rather than deliberate. Unfortunately, it stopped being effective because I happened to notice this pattern way too many times. Since he is still doing this behind everyone's back to reach this point, I would recommend banning Mou and demanding him to explain himself before we decide which administrative course of action to take on him in order to remain impartial.
  12. Slaughter!!!

    I am amazed that didn't just crash the server outright. XD
  13. Operation "Red Tide" Part IV

    Considering there are APCs on all maps, and we don't know which map(s) you will deploy the tank(s) on, we would need to figure out the workflow a bit if the Armor squad is to be dual-purpose. Other than that, I have no problem with using both.
  14. Operation "Red Tide" Part IV

    If the T-72Bs are not one-man assets, I would like to join the tank squad as well if possible.
  15. The Role of Commander in PR - a discussion

    The thing about playing CO is that there are a lot of little quirks and nuances that are never made clear or explicit through any form of documentation, and can only be found through either intuition, or being trained by an experienced CO. As such, it would be a better idea for you guys to just announce your intention of learning how to play CO when there are more experienced players around, as it will make things easier for everyone.