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      VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Monday, November 2nd 2020   10/23/2020

      All VG Game Servers including TS3 will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Monday November 2nd, 2020.  The Falcon BMS Server will go down as well, but for a shorter period (less work there) - any pilots flying at the time will be asked for ETA of RTB, and server will be saved after they land and before shutdown.   Downtime is estimated to be less than 4 hours, but could be shorter (or as long as 8 hours) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 may come back online, only to go back offline shortly after, so expect this until it is announced to be completed.  Please consider the VG Discord Server's Voice Channels as an alternative to TeamSpeak 3 if it goes down on you and your friends.
      Request any technical help in the VG Discord from Nyther (aka 8-bit).  Cheers!


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  1. Project Reality Event Week II

    Project Reality Event Week II 31.10.2020 2000 PRT Download : XXXX Password : XXXX Second part of the campaign. Maps will be uploaded by sunday evening europe time. It is highly recommended to have a commander for the third map of this event to coordinate defensive efforts. 1. Situation After a successful invasion, coalition forces have made good progress pushing deeper into Iran meeting minor resistance. Recon indicates that Iran forces are massing near cities of Bam, Jiroft & Forg. Also a heavy tank and mechanized companies have been reported moving rapidly towards Bazman Oil Fields. 2. Missions : 2.1. Mission 4 : Clean Sweep German KSK unit is tasked to clear out Iranian forces and neutralize their AA emplacements on the island of Qeshm. Expect heavy enemy reinforcements from the airbase. Assets : 6 x RHIB 3 x Jeep 2 x Fuchs 2 x Troop transport 1 x Logistics 1 x Puma APC (15 minute delay) 1 x Puma IFV (15 minute delay) 2.2. Mission 5 : Assault on Khash (Karkand redux by Rabbit) Polish GROM is tasked to capture Iranian city of Khash. Assets : 3 x HMMWV 3 x Honker 2 x Troop Transport 1 x Logistics 2.3. Mission 6 : Bazman Oil Fields. French Commandos Marine is sent ahead of the main force to capture the Bazman Oil Fields before Iranian forces arrive. Their task is to hold the oil fields until main french force arrives and then counterattack the Iranian forces. Intel suggests large enemy assault force will arrive within 10-15 minutes consitsing of heavy armour, long range artillery and air support. Note : None of the initial french assets will respawn. Take good care of them as they are the only support assets you get until the main force arrives to back you up. Initial respawn points will be removed once the enemy assault begins. From there on your only respawns will be from the FOBs, Rally points and 3 rally points on the first flag that will disappear when enemies get close. Resupplying is only possible from supply and ammo crates. Rifleman kits DO NOT have any ammo bags !!! The blue line on the map shows suggested defensive line. Enemy will recieve additional reinforcements when they capture the oilfields, marked with ! on the map. Assets : 4 x VAB (No respawn) 2 x Troop Transport (No respawn) 1 x Logistics (No respawn) 3 x Leclerc (French main force) 4 x VBCI (French main force) 6 x VAB (French main force) 2 x Logistics (French main Force) 1 x Tigre CAS (French main Force) US f-16 CAS support (Main Force) 3. Rules 3.1. Standard VG server rules
  2. Project Reality Event Week II

  3. Project Reality Event Week I

    Thanks to everyone who joined. Hope you all had fun. Shame we didn't get to finish the last map, figures it would be the official PR map out of all of them that crashed. Continuation will be on next saturday, same time. I'll have the post up later today. Thanks again and see you next weekend.
  4. Project Reality Event Week I

    Password is potato. Event starts in 50ish minutes. Server is up and is currently running quality vanilla PR maps. at about 1845 it will be switched to charlies point which will signal a 10-15 minute break for whoever needs it before we start the event. If you have admin on the event server, please do not change the maps. Player limit is currently set at 25. If by some miracle large sums of people show up, I have uploaded map files with higher difficulty on to the server which would make the rounds a bit harder but would alsoallow more people to join in. I also made couple of extra channels on TS, so if you are joining the event and plan on using TS, please join those channels to not disturb people who are doing regular coop.
  5. Project Reality Event Week IV (Finale)

  6. Project Reality Event Week III

  7. Project Reality Event Week I

  8. That was years ago (1.2 something if memory serves right). The point is, ask help from devs. They have been working with the engine for 13+ years and have way more knowledge than any of us here. Butting heads here won't solve anything.
  9. Project Reality Event Week I

    Load in fast Jokes aside, I didnt plan any sign ups for this and dontvreally want to change that 3 days before event. These ops are mostly meant for inf anyways. On third map, heavy Assets are there to help out in late game if inf gets stuck somewhere.
  10. To be honest, there's not really a point in arguing about it here. If the long loading time is such an issue, take it to official PR forums where people who manage this stuff can offer tech support. They have made numerous optimisations over the years and offer help, all you have to do is ask / raise the issue. Hell, I managed to get my insane 10 minute loading down to 5ish minutes thanks to couple of tweaks.
  11. Project Reality Event Week I

    Maps are uploaded and download is available on the main post. I'm not up to speed how the dropbox works nowadays, but I somewhat remember that couple of years ago there was a download limit per 24h, so if the link goes down, let me know and I'll post another one. Note : These maps were designed to be played with 0 bots on BLUEFOR. Install instructions : 1. Download event1.rar 2. Unpack event1.rar 3. copy/cut & paste the 3 folders (c20_1p, c20_1a & c20_1b) to your PR levels folder (default - C:Program Files (x86)/Project Reality/Project Reality BF2/Mods/pr/Levels. *4. If you participated in map testing, delete the 3 folders from your levels folder before installing the maps. Do not overwrite. *5. In order for the maps to be loaded, restart your PR if you installed them while program was running. 6. If you have any issues or find a game breaking bug on the maps, don't hesitate to let me know.
  12. Project Reality Event Week I

    we had that kind of "campaign" couple of years ago where we had one player as a commander who dictated the unit movements on the battle map and then there were fights every other saturday with the units the CO decided to move around and if a asset was lost, it was lost forever and had to be repurchased using command points. Additionally to the issues already mentioned by .Blizzard. , these kind of things do tend to get overwhelming for a lot of regular players who are used to good old regular COOP and a lot of confusion about why suddenly assets don't show up, what is going on, what do we have to do, etc. is ensured to follow. And from an event organiser's pov it's a nightmare to deal with.
  13. Project Reality Event Week I

    First map is "Oil Platform" from 2006 that I found in some shady old BF2 map library, second is "Gulf of Oman" from original BF2. I'm trying to get as many retro maps to work on PR as I can. This event is kind of a test session for the updated version of retro mappack that I worked on few years ago but lacked the motivation to finish. Hopefully I manage to finish it this time and we can have a second server running old maps every now and then.
  14. Project Reality Event Week I

    Project Reality Event Week I 24.10.2020 1900 PRT Download : Click Here ! Password : potato Install instructions : 1. Download event1.rar 2. Unpack event1.rar 3. copy/cut & paste the 3 folders (c20_1p, c20_1a & c20_1b) to your PR levels folder (default - C:Program Files (x86)/Project Reality/Project Reality BF2/Mods/pr/Levels. *4. If you participated in map testing, delete the 3 folders from your levels folder before installing the maps. Do not overwrite. *5. In order for the maps to be loaded, restart your PR if you installed them while program was running. 6. If you have any issues or find a game breaking bug on the maps, don't hesitate to let me know. Howdy folks, It's time again for some PR events. For the following next 4 saturday evenings (starting from 24th of October), we will be doing a short campaign style chain of events consiting of 3-4 maps per evening. The event is open for everyone with the limit of 20-25 player slots available. In order to join, players will have to download and install the maps that will be uploaded a week prior to the event, right after the previous event has ended. Password for the server will be given at least 30 minutes before event begins. If there's an update that breaks some of the maps or server won't be updated in time, the event will be moved to the following saturday. The following campaing will have players take a role of 3 SF units (Commandos Marine / GROM / KSK) during the invasion of Iran. If anyone has interest in leading the team, feel free to apply down below. As it's 2020 I'm forced to make sure that is't clear - all person names used in the campaign are fictional and are not in any way meant to be offensive. Some of the locations used in the campaign may be fictional or not located on the campaign map where they would be in reality. Campaign takes place in a fictional reality where current realistic political stuff doesn't apply. (sigh) 1. Situation Military coup in Iran by Mohhamed Al Bajuri. Fearing the high risk of nuclear material ending in the hands of islamic terrorist groups, a coalition taskforce, consisting of troops from France, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom and United States, is deployed to Gulf of Oman and preperations are finished for the immediate invasion of Iran. 2. Missions : 2.1. Mission 1 : Prologue (map "Oil Platform" by SPFreak / ShaneJohn) German KSK unit is sent to seize control of Iranian Oil Platform in the Gulf of Oman Assets : 6 x RHIB 2.2. Mission 2 : Invasion of Ramin Polish GROM unit is sent to capture Iranian military outpost near the city of Ramin. Assets : 5 x RHIB 2 x BWP1 2 x Rosomak 1 x Logistics Truck 3 x Honker 2.3. Mission 3 : Invasion of Tang French Commandos Marine are sent to capture port town of Tang. Their first task is to establish a beachhead and capture the outpost north of the town in order for the heavy equipment to be available. Recon overflight shows that town is garrisoned by a militia force loyal to Mohammed Al Bajuri. Expect heavy enemy reinforcements from the South East. Intel suggests that enemies have radio beacons installed at the objective markers. The faster you capture them, the less enemy reinforcements you'll have to deal with. Assets : 5 x RHIB 3 x VAB 1 x panther 1 x Tigre CAS (30 minute delayed) 1 x VBCI (10 minute delayed) 2 x VAB (5 minute delay - outpost) 2 x AMX-10RC (20 minute delay - outpost) 1 x Leclerc (30 minute delay - outpost) 1 x Logistics truck (outpost) 2 x Support truck (outpost) French naval fire support (10 minute interval) 3. Rules : 3.1. Standard Veterans-Gaming server rules. 3.2. More stuff, too tired to think. Will be added.
  15. Why do we have to overcomplicate things that don't need overcomplicating? Why after 10+ years is this suddenly such an issue? Yes, it sucks to have 5 minute loading times ( trust me, I know the pain), but that doesn't mean that other players should be penalized for that.