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  1. Server down

  2. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    ooooohhhh... Hornets.. nom nom. CAS/Trans plz
  3. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Any DLCs required? Edit : And CAS plz :3
  4. PR COOP thread 1.6

    There are no bugs/broken things in PR. Only features.
  5. PR v1.6 Announcement

  6. PR v1.6 Announcement

    Fastropes and vehicle towing was more of a community project that some community modders tried and managed to get to work, not actual dev work from what I know. Somewhat doupt it will be implemented in the game, concidering how easy it would be to abuse it.
  7. PR v1.6 Announcement

  8. PR v1.6 Announcement

    Fairly sure it's not april fools joke. Update 1.something was announced on april first few years ago as well and got released a week later. They propably released the info so if something breaks and they have to delay the launch for another year they can just fall back to "it was just april fools joke" Body dragging and fastropes (yes) are a thing and working (somewhat).
  9. cant connect to pr mumble

    Just to make sure - Are you launching mumble separately?
  10. Project Reality Loading issue

    It's most likely the static objects that are taking that long to load (Bunkers / houses etc.). It happens to quite a lot of people on both coop and deployment. Personally, I have that issue on basrah and kashan where a certain type of house on the spawn screen takes a while to load up. Not much can be done about it. Try lowering your textures in the options
  11. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    Keed and I used to play quite a bit with the LAMBS people back in the day and they had quite good procedure for pre op : For the first 30 ish minutes, players would do warmup stuff like squad manouvers / building clearing / convoy excersices / shooting practice with heavy weapons etc. During that warmup time, people with tech issues could get help from others and would have time to solve them while others were occupied doing something instead of sitting in the main. I seem to remember that some people got rather annoyed having to sit around for so long during last op, so I feel this would help a lot to keep the morale up. Fire support : +1 to that. One of the best rounds I've had in Arma. Just sitting in a shed, taking shelter from the rain and sh*t talking with Jager. When called in, dragged the mortar out, fired some shots and then dragged it back in. I believe it did eventually get us killed due to arma being arma, with the mortar bugging out and firing at random while in the shed, but still. Good times. Lead structure, cooperation and training : Lead structure would be interesting, but as Fastjack mentioned, there are too few of us atm to have a fully functional CO and 2IC system for ops. I do think some form of coordination structure between squads should excist tho. I did have some tech issues during last mission and had to quit early because of it so I can't say about rest of the op, but one thing I noticed during our first attack on the village was that there was almost no cooperation between the squads. Everyone just went in at random without a solid plan. I think there were quite a few blue on blue incidents because of it which could have been avoided. After village got secured, no one set up a perimeter and after couple of minutes, an enemy patrol just walked in and managed to kill off quite a few people. The same with building clearing, some of the buildings weren't cleared and as a result people started to get shot in the back by baddies garrisoned in them. I think, before going for an attack, squad leads should meet up and agree which squad is going to clear which part of the city and make sure that members of their squad don't run off into other squads sectors to avoid blue on blue incidents.
  12. OPFOR weekends/days for PR?

    Could put up another small event for the one of the coming weekends if people are interested. I did have few ideas for a race on a 4k map with obstacles like AI on TOWs and such, just never got to actually doing it with the 1.6 sneaking around.
  13. Operation Frosty Dagger

    AT plz
  14. Suggestion for event?

    I'm sure somewhere in the deep layers of PR dev cave, there's a program that will detect them, but the stone-age way of doing it is just running the game in debug mode, checking the log after crash and removing / replacing the things that cause crash. For example on vBF2 midnight sun, there's a flagpole that doesn't exist in PR and will crash unless it's removed. Fortunately the amount of objects that crash is low. The max I've encountered was 4-5 on a single map. Will have to see what changes 1.6 brings
  15. Suggestion for event?

    Not much has changed since 2017, so the maps in that mappack should all still work. Pathfinding should be hardcoded, so it will work on any map that has it, even if the map was originally made for bf2, so that won't be an issue. The only issue with old bf2 maps will be some of the statics that may be outdated, which would have to be changed, but otherwise all of them should work fine. I personally don't really see any point in working on them until 1.6 rolls out as all the work would have to be done over again to compensate the changes. As for turning off the bots, that's relatively easy. Can either have bot count at 0 or just convert it over to AAS.