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  1. Ive been watching out for early release on this one... Operation: Harsh Doorstop on Steam (steampowered.com)
  2. Welcome aboard mate!! Project reality is where youll find your niche..Im sure..Army vet 88-95
  3. nice work tho Kush...I liked it and thought it was well produced...
  4. Thats where I keep all the illegal aliens that do my work!!!
  5. Better late than never...
  6. thanks dude..super cool of you
  7. Welcome Alec!!! If ya need help...just ask^^^^^^^^^^^^any of us
  8. Is there a way to randomize bot spwans??
  9. Just a note for all the Veterans today...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! As US Army veterans, Vincent James and I bonded like brothers, as such, today, I am making a small donation to the clan in memory of him. (Miss ya man!!) Thanks to VG for giving us a place to do it and for never forgetting . Teds events have been AMAZING...sorry Ive missed most of them due to work A big shout out to all the current military servers! Thank You for holding down the frontline!!!
  10. I would also like to request the mappack as soon as possible...i can only say that i missed a few of the old events because I was struggling to get it D/l before the event started. Ive got a shitty connection and suffer from oldness
  11. BF1 players remember it to^^^sniper heaven<<<XP whore(former) FRIKn AWESOME...Ill be there
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