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  1. Get a microphone man. Even your potato laptop should have an integrated one. My old toaster has one, and the coffee machine. I used to play PR on those when I plugged them together
  2. PR Changes for to make game more harder without making it shit

    On one hand I really like CAS being targeted more, resulting in more challenging situations for INF, which is just what we want. On the other hand I really enjoy being shot at as INF with an RPG. Tough call.
  3. Community Growth and Development

    Service guarantees adminship.
  4. Flashbacks pt.2

    I think he means that the bots on one certain flag dont spawn on the exact same three spots but rather in a designated area around the three spawn spots. Example: Pavlovsk bay, Construction site, house of pain. Bots all spawn in the exact same spot on the second floor of that building --> Volod lies there and kills them all Now make them spawn everywhere in a 10m radius around this spot, and you will have them spawning everywhere in this building --> Volod has to run around and possibly would get rekt and needs dependable team mates and communication to cover the spawn. This makes the game more unpredictable and you have to adapt every single time you play this map. If something like that would be possible to program, it would be awesome. I'd donate a lot of money to this server just to see this and I am a rather poor person.
  5. Project Reality Event Week III

    Thanks for all the work Ted. It was fun.
  6. Project Reality Event Week III

    Event is happening guys
  7. Project Reality Event Week III

    Really liked that German Map. It looked great atmosphere wise and the messed spawns proved to be a challenge in the end. On the pics our squad covers the advance of some other squad across the street. And if I recall correctly the tank is all the way in the back of the street. 7 That Style of mission is really well suited for coop mode. 8/10 would play again.
  8. Project Reality Event Week II

    I wont be able to make it in time. A shame, because the first map looks really promising.
  9. No blitzkrieg?

    So did you make any changes regarding capping time / neutral time?
  10. Deployment players

    I would be interested. I started in Deployment, but it became too stressful, so I was looking for more relaxed options and found COOP with a cool community. The problem is, that I don't wanna go back now without squadmates that I can 100% trust. Ideally I know what they will be doing or where they will be moving if event x happens. Could only do that with the old people I know from COOP. So sign me up. Problems from my side: I am drowning in work atm and other very serious real life shit. A lot is happening in parallel and I have a hard time handling everything atm. If we do this, then only on a weekend, and with a bit of planning in advance, please.
  11. PR coop maps that you hate

    Regarding Qwai River: Is it possible to just turn the map around? We start in the south and have to work our way to the north. That means we capture points along the western part of the map (including the city ofc), and the final assault would be on what currently is the US main base. That thing never felt like a main base but more like a twisted fort, and thereby could be potentially fun to assault.
  12. PR coop maps that you hate

    I agree with Vadso, it is propably unsalvageable. Qwai River always feels more like a chore than a nice map. Long drive/even longer walk at the start, all the cool fighting is in the city, the rest is shit. Beirut is a special one. Current outlay (1.5.9.x) is really shit. Shit scopes, only posibility to influence something is as AR or Tank. The old layout of this map was superb. Capture and cross the bridge, establish a bridgehead etc. was always so much fun. I have talke with multiple people about it and they all loved that old layout.
  13. Banning myself.

    This happens when you know the game too well and then a bunch of noobs cross your sights, drawing mortar fire and killing you. We all get there sometimes, and then you stop playing for a while. See you soon , WarGhost
  14. =VG= PR Event

    That was awesome. Thanks Melon for the work and keeping the events alive.
  15. H8CrazyVet67

    Hello. I dont usually post on the internet much, but here I go. When I met him on PR he was still carrying his old name. He told me after a few rounds of gaming that he was a veteran himself dealing with PTSD, trying to quench it by playing this game. We have had countless of good times playing in Hater squads. He always would choose the medic, and sometimes when he revived me, I would tell him "Thank you dad" jokingly. He would brush it off with his unique laugh and keep going, saving his buddies. Never has an online death hit me like this, since we were playing in the same squad for pretty much 2 years. And Vincent seemed to be dealing with his problems like all of us do at times. I can only emphasize what ZZANG wrote. I have thought about killing myself more than one time in my life, but never has it been worth it to actually do it. Life is just too precious. And you only got one. One of the last conversation I had with him was about him going somewhere out of state and trying to renovate an old house of a wartime buddy of his. He wanted to sell it to some retired veterans fund. I told him what a good deed that would be. Should have asked how he was. Ruhe in Frieden Vincent, du warst einer von den Guten. Wir sehen uns hoffentlich auf der anderen Seite.