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  1. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Noice. Gonna be fun
  2. PR coop maps that you hate

    Regarding Qwai River: Is it possible to just turn the map around? We start in the south and have to work our way to the north. That means we capture points along the western part of the map (including the city ofc), and the final assault would be on what currently is the US main base. That thing never felt like a main base but more like a twisted fort, and thereby could be potentially fun to assault.
  3. PR coop maps that you hate

    I agree with Vadso, it is propably unsalvageable. Qwai River always feels more like a chore than a nice map. Long drive/even longer walk at the start, all the cool fighting is in the city, the rest is shit. Beirut is a special one. Current outlay (1.5.9.x) is really shit. Shit scopes, only posibility to influence something is as AR or Tank. The old layout of this map was superb. Capture and cross the bridge, establish a bridgehead etc. was always so much fun. I have talke with multiple people about it and they all loved that old layout.
  4. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Found two spawnpoints on Burning Sands Std, which are active after you cap the flag 1. F7 KP5 in the eastern building at the bottom of the stairs 2. F6 KP5 in front of the warehouse by the hole in the fence
  5. PR COOP thread 1.6

    I don't have anything against maps being double-ified. His intention is to make PR coop a challenge again. But the problem really is the endless stream of tanks and bmps at you in Bamyan. Means you have to have 2 HAT kits in your squad to at least do some damage. While this is ok for veteran players, most noob squads don't even carry AT with them usually. Here we find one of the challenges of coop mode: making maps hard enough so the veteran players don't bore themselves to death, while still being easy enough for new players not to get frustrated instantly. IMO they should add 1 tank and not more on Bamyan, or remove the instant repsawn of enemy vehicles, as this is far more frustrating for you, and makes the map a giant sisyphus work. In general I share double13's approach of making coop interesting and challenging again, as it heavily encourages team work. Most of the formerly boring maps (Wanda Shan for example) are now interesting again.
  6. PR COOP thread 1.6

    We finished Omaha Beach today. That map has a 100% chance for me of crashing (n=3, which is a little low). Seems to be that a lot of ppl crash at the same time on this map. And performance is outragesly low on this map for everyone.
  7. Banning myself.

    This happens when you know the game too well and then a bunch of noobs cross your sights, drawing mortar fire and killing you. We all get there sometimes, and then you stop playing for a while. See you soon , WarGhost
  8. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Was only BMP fire. Didn't hear any AA guns.
  9. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Thanks for your work Semler Appreciate it.
  10. PR COOP thread 1.6

    So, we don't have a server up and even joining by IP doesnt work? Lets hope they hotfix this during the long May weekend, so we can all play.
  11. Where is our lovely Server

  12. =VG= PR Event

    That was awesome. Thanks Melon for the work and keeping the events alive.
  13. H8CrazyVet67

    Hello. I dont usually post on the internet much, but here I go. When I met him on PR he was still carrying his old name. He told me after a few rounds of gaming that he was a veteran himself dealing with PTSD, trying to quench it by playing this game. We have had countless of good times playing in Hater squads. He always would choose the medic, and sometimes when he revived me, I would tell him "Thank you dad" jokingly. He would brush it off with his unique laugh and keep going, saving his buddies. Never has an online death hit me like this, since we were playing in the same squad for pretty much 2 years. And Vincent seemed to be dealing with his problems like all of us do at times. I can only emphasize what ZZANG wrote. I have thought about killing myself more than one time in my life, but never has it been worth it to actually do it. Life is just too precious. And you only got one. One of the last conversation I had with him was about him going somewhere out of state and trying to renovate an old house of a wartime buddy of his. He wanted to sell it to some retired veterans fund. I told him what a good deed that would be. Should have asked how he was. Ruhe in Frieden Vincent, du warst einer von den Guten. Wir sehen uns hoffentlich auf der anderen Seite.