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  1. Alecskell (hello)

    Welcome Alec!!! If ya need help...just ask^^^^^^^^^^^^any of us
  2. Hi

    Welcome aboard!!
  3. Flashbacks pt.2

    Is there a way to randomize bot spwans??
  4. Happy Veterans Day!!

    Just a note for all the Veterans today...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! As US Army veterans, Vincent James and I bonded like brothers, as such, today, I am making a small donation to the clan in memory of him. (Miss ya man!!) Thanks to VG for giving us a place to do it and for never forgetting . Teds events have been AMAZING...sorry Ive missed most of them due to work A big shout out to all the current military servers! Thank You for holding down the frontline!!!
  5. Project Reality Event Week I

    I would also like to request the mappack as soon as possible...i can only say that i missed a few of the old events because I was struggling to get it D/l before the event started. Ive got a shitty connection and suffer from oldness
  6. Project Reality Event Week I

    BF1 players remember it to^^^sniper heaven<<<XP whore(former) FRIKn AWESOME...Ill be there
  7. Im down for the yum burger... with a steamy pile of Taterfat..HOLD THE TOMATO
  8. HELLO !

    Welcome aboard dude!!! Cant wait to see ya out there!!! Always looking for new players to help out. If you need any help...Use the "!admins" to check the server for active admins or you can usually find someone on Team Speak server or Discord...Enjoy!!!
  9. Military perceptions

    US Army vet says ...I aint doing shit for free^^^^^
  10. =VG= Social Meeting

    i liked the meet and greet postings we did like a year ago....maybe this time we can do an introduction with... and squeeze in... your favorite furry friend, or a pic from you at work. Im only gonna brush my hair ONCE, so make it a good one!! it may have been 2 years ago^^^^^ FYI...my computer doesnt have one of those.
  11. A short tribute in memoriam of H8CrazyVet67

    Faking amazing dude!!! I shed a tear for my hommie!! He was well worth everything yall did yesterday..We had an absolute BLAST!!!!... THANKS GUYS!!!..GOD BE WITH YOU SCOTT
  12. VincentJames96 Memorial - 24 Hours at Muttrah


    Im THERE!!!
  13. In memory of H8CrazyVet67

    Dear Vincent, Holy shit bro!! ...2 years man...its hard to believe. Well..we've managed to make it through the newest update, with only a few minor setbacks (to be expected). You would have LOVED Omaha Beach for sure!! Well worth the wait, I say. I watched both videos this year and can only imagine the antics we woulda had on that beach!! Your laugh is so infectious...I couldn't help but laughing aloud with ya again...oh man!! We will be honoring you again via the 24/7 Muttrah VJ Tribute next weekend..Im personally gonna drive as many HMMV's as possible with the horn blaring the entire way...LMFAO. Ive made an effort to play more often since the latest update ...kinda missing that old Piss Off INF squad and surprisingly...Im having a Faking blast playing again!!! I mean...wife screamin STFU in the background...kinda fun. Im LUVIN it!!! Well buddy...Thank you for the memories brah..WE will make sure that they NEVER forget you!!!. Maybe this year I will muster the courage to apply to VG and raise the flag on a perm spot for G&G....but only in your HONOR!!! Luv ya Man!! Peace be with Ya Scott, Chris

    LMAO...I would pay money just to listen to Hater's reactions...u fucking cunt!!
  15. Squad Event: Operation Resurrection

    sorry guys missed the event^^^^^^^^^I shlda checked back...See you next Saturday!!