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  1. how are you grand master badploy?

  2. Fellas, For all who forgotten the poll or did not seen: Here again the official greeting to our newest member =VG= BrakeGamer Welcome aboard bro!
  3. Reintroduction

    Welcome back
  4. An Introduction? Here's mine (Jersans)

    Jersans, you are a nice person! I'm glad you are here with us. See ya around m8
  5. Thoughts?

    + powerful CPU + powerful graphic card + exellent motherboard + very good periphery - not enough RAM - no water cooling (less noise)
  6. a bisl ts?

    1. =VG= Fastjack
    2. =VG= Speirs

      =VG= Speirs

      so jetztetle .. musste terasse fix putzen^^


  7. website banner cut off

    picture cut off, soldiers without heads as u can see. any ideas how to fix it? using google chrome as browser. ive got a 23.5 inch eizo monitor 240Hz
  8. i really would like to test this on a locked test server! we need to know how the bots act, collectin some informations to optimise bot behavior. map for map, step by step to get this awsome mod done and stable for release!
  9. VETERANS-GAMING COOP Guide made by BrakeGamer

    well done brake gamer. exellent work! wow ... i am really impressed!
  10. file size limit

    hello, ive got a problem whit uploading pictures. it says i have only 0.01mb as max size. site trolling me? please help
  11. Welcome to the Team =VG= be_jaki

    hey jaki, welcome to the inner circle bro! so sad croatia is out. they deserve quarter final!
  12. Thanks for donation Clipsy!!!!!! <3

  13. yo solar. do u know how to make the site scale gfx correctly? seems that everything looks diffrent, depends on monitor. banners are cut off at one side :(

  14. yo semler :) im looking for someone who know how to use html. shitty banners doesnt want to scale up or down correctly damn! any ideas who can help?

    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      I have to learn HTML as well -  no idea about the scaling, and I know no details about the size for the banner windows...  Supposed to use larger sizes and scale down for best image quality so HTML must have some kind of scaling but I don't know.  Gonna need to learn.  ugh

    2. =VG= Speirs

      =VG= Speirs

      thanks for fast reply m8. we are lucky that we have aseptik who can handle that sh*zzle

  15. Introducing TRANSP SkaPunker

    Hello and welcome SkaPunker. I really like the stuff on your small table. You are well prepared for the fight hehehe
  16. The twat you all know: Sirisma

    Welcome sirisma
  17. Everyday i'm strugglin

    1. =VG= BLuDKLoT

      =VG= BLuDKLoT

      hey they banners are too long, i posted one

    2. =VG= Speirs

      =VG= Speirs

      many thanks for testing. gonna take a look whats wrong

  18. Before replying to a post, check the date (and year!)

    My apologies refers to the following post "[poll] New Site", created in 2011, already been closed by Semler. The title was misleading. Of course I will look very accurately on the date into the future. Indeed LOL - respond five years later is really embarrassing, but unfortunately i can’t change it any more