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  1. Representing

    Hopefully can get back in game soon. Kinda busy lately with final exam, really wanna try deployment next time.
  2. BTR

    Sad MT-LB noises...
  3. So, there something that i wanted to share exclusively here. Its a new personally made project regarding PR, just made it recently.

    Yeah, its a next year project, since i already make Indonesian Armed Forces design plan, its now obsolete unfortunately, due to the fact that someone already had working with their own teams right now regarding that COMFAC. They already have their own Design Plan, so i'm not against it.

    I did help them a bit too as well through some research again, on some assets, its pretty much open project, so anyone are welcome for it (but mostly are Indonesians btw :P)


    Now, here is mine:


    More pizzas and pastas soon- ;)


    - Inch

    1. =VG= .Blizzard.

      =VG= .Blizzard.

      HA!!! COOOOOOOL, FINALLLY!!! Make sure to include the Centauro! And special pizza for commander!:P

    2. =VG= Inch

      =VG= Inch

      Welp, cant say all of them will be posted on PR forums yet, but we'll see-

      Always have team on your back before starting things like this, so i'm keeping it for the moment. :)

  4. BTR

    Probably legit wanted it, just because its unusual for a BTR to have this kind of loadouts/setup. I mean, you have that standard BTR turret (BPPU), and slap that (what i think is Kornet ATGM by the looks of it) on the top of it. Usually, better slap BMP turret, just like on BTR-90, but yeah, 30mm might be better than 14.5mm. Which armed forces have this one though, i wonder? - inch
  5. Zeee for Admin

    The fact that you were always been TS most of the time for support in-game players is probably enough for you, but like Melon said... U suk piking maps But honestly though, aside from maps, i think i have to agree on you why Carentan ALT is playable, despite me myself are against it (any maps with iron sights, bushes only, is what i'm trying to avoid most of the time, i have to hear out what the pop in-game wants) There's still more to be done, no discussion done internally atm, this one is a candidate indeed as everyone said, you never know- Best of luck, @Zeee - Inch
  6. Mug Shots - 2020

    Do it, Mr. Shelupon- i dare you-
  7. Mug Shots - 2020

    Who is dat handsome devil?
  8. ScarecrowDX

    Welcome to the community! Hope to see ya in game soon- In the meantime, please enjoy your stay here as always- Cheers, Inch
  9. Hiatus

    Welcome back, man. It's been a long time no see indeed. How is your doggo doing btw? Hope to see you soon, i kinda missed old guys/players in VG from back in the golden days of PR- Cheers, - Inch
  10. Its Meee

    Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay here, as always. Seen you couple of times in TS, hope we could meet again next time around- - Inch
  11. All bugs/broken stuff on maps

    I'm going to do a pro gamer move: OUTPOST - Not playable by any means, for some reason. Even though the map still there on Coop maplist, waiting to be fixed.
  12. Leaving...

    I felt bad after seeing you left the game before starting a round on Musa Qala there yesterday lol. That aside, kinda sad seeing you leaving the game for some time. Hope you'll get what you need outta there. Best of luck- - Inch
  13. Virtual Machines for PC

    OS im looking is ofc going to be Windows 10, bit i would like to try Linux, because its free (but idk anything about it, i only heard that its much lightweight compared to Windows... there's also Ubuntu and derivatives, like Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc.) Mostly for gaming and multimedia task, decent multi tasking ability, thats all what i need in future. PS: The PC that im looking to build in future is a combination of AMD chipset and ATi GPU/VGA.
  14. Virtual Machines for PC

    That helps, thanks man
  15. Is there any best one for running an OS in a 2 GB RAM's? I see Oracle VMs, VMWare, Virtual Box etc. etc. Would like to experiment and see it myself about it. Hopefully can get a lot of knowledge on what's good and bad between OS'es (for likely, new PC Rig in future) - Inch