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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!

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  1. Support your Community! Fundraiser Goal Active

    Hey guys. I have never been able to donate but I can now so I got us up to $100 of the goal. Only $50 left. Let's get it done!
  2. Game Update

    Shit I was so excited to see the flying off map fix I didn't look at the date.
  3. Game Update

  4. Game Update

    Hey Guys! Our server needs to be updated to the new game specs. Thanks!
  5. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

  6. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

  7. Server Down (Fixed)

    @CHEECHIN516 I don't know. Long enough to burn some bong rips!!!
  8. Server Down (Fixed)

    Server appears fucked and is not in the list.

    It appears the master server (or whatever the fuck it is) isn't loading the server list. So join by IP... Do it, Noobs!
  10. Dogs

    My squad. 2 Chihuahuas, Nala and Astro. Pit-Rottweiler puppy, Oakland. 3/4 Dachshund (sausage dog) & 1/4 Jack Russel, Ninja the Super Mouser!
  11. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    I'm in. TMWRKMICINF will be there!
  12. Smoke for bots

    I disagree. The teamwork of digging FOBs and the tactical value of using smoke adds more realism and makes the game slow down and more immersive.
  13. So many changes...

    PRAISE JEEBUS! No surgery required.
  14. So many changes...

    Hello fellas. I'm back after a short and painful hiatus. The fam and I moved across town and on the day we got the keys to the new house I fell and wrecked my ankle and knee. Still waiting to find out if I am going to need surgery. So now that the house is unpacked and I'm a gimp I will mos def be back on the server more often. Congrats to Squirrel for clanning up and 22.12 on the promotion! Great additions to the team and the clan. I'm glad to be back. Check out the pics...I fell hard!
  15. H8CrazyVet67

    Hey guys. I just read all those posts...I passed along everyone's condolences to his son, Vincent James. He said that his Dad talked about PR and his buddies on the VG sever all the time. In a world of internet friends I don't think I ever encountered such a nice, honorable guy. He lived to serve his family, his comrades and his country. I miss him and I wish he was still here. But now he's off driving that big ol' Deuce and a Half Army truck through the cosmos. Joint in one hand a Ham Sammich in the other, and loving it! He always talked about 24 hr Muttrah in his memory. I would like to do it July 4th if possible. He was a true patriot and he loved Independence Day.