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  1. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Good work everyone! We finished it in 6 hours.
  2. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Copy that.
  3. Omaha Beach

    I think it would be worse as Kav mentioned. Most of the time we don't see tanks roll onto beach flags from either side due to how long it takes assets to arrive. Infantry have usually capped both beach flags by the time they get to the beach and start attacking 71. This may change due to player base not having enough knowledge that tanks exist, as most just do infantry based attacks. We have had a few rounds where TANKS are pushed at the start and we have good results. Overall, I feel AT kits are struggling, myself including and just need some more time using the kits. That is more player side though. This is getting kits to soldiers, supplying ammo, and practice. We can work on this aspect and improve. Just a matter of time of players getting more comfortable.
  4. Omaha Beach

    Hey that is me! Great work again everyone.
  5. Omaha Beach

    I had reports that players were not able to destroy them either by TNT or ramming a vehicle into them. As I said, I will confirm this offline and see what they mean. I will report back and try to get better reports from players using the assets about current events. I appreciate that, small fixes like that make the game more manageable for our player base. Granted, I did have @=VG= Kavelenko call in area attacks one round to fix the lack of kits accessed to kill the enemy apc's and tanks and we survived so we have found some work around. As always, thank you folks for the hard work you do to keep this amazing game alive after so many years.
  6. Omaha Beach

    Most of the other players reported they struggled with getting it past the beach and couldn't get past the gates of 71 ( First flag past the beach flags and could be wrong on name). They tried to navigate the hills but IDK if it was lack of experience and causing logi to flip via multiple attempts with different players. I will take some time in offline and try to find some better routes for people. Tanks are advancing but if logistics can't follow up that slows the game down a lot. Some other struggles were reported a lack of repair station/support for tanks after advancement on beach flags. I can not vouch to confirm if this does exist or not since I don't normally play assets but will continue to validate. I personally would like to see a delayed repair station on beach if possible for tank support/logi rearm and some ability to get a more streamlined logistical approach from beach flags to front. I don't see a lot of players with advanced logi support so maybe they haven't found the correct route or there may be too many obstacles preventing it or we, the players haven't triggered events on the map to make certain things happen.
  7. Omaha Beach

    So this was a win.. We struggled with getting support due to issues with the logi and limited CTD. Good work everyone, mission accomplished!
  8. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    I got squad lead of Squad 2 and signed up Nero, =VG= Orracis, and =VG= asquirrel456. We are already named and good to go!

    Maybe we need to hard code this every time we ban someone? I think we should get the entire server to join in and sing this. Start practicing now everyone!
  10. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Working on it, Burning Sands Alt is a bad map. That may be the culprit.
  11. BMS Server Down (POST HERE IF DOWN!)

    This forum is for Project Reality Coop @CraB, I am not sure what game you were on. BMS perhaps?
  12. Event Teaser

    @=VG= SemlerPDX that was my reaction, wait until you see his face!
  13. PR COOP thread 1.6

    We are running all the maps are are coming from the DEV's themselves, as we are not able to modify them without locking the server and making our license invalid. As we are fortunate to have @=VG= Melon Muncher, @=VG= Fastjack, @=VG= TEDF as a few people who have been involved with the development. Currently, we are making a list and sending to the DEV team to keep them informed about the changes they made from 1.5 patch to 1.6.X. We have been around since 2010 and have held a PR server license a bit before 2013 I believe. Strong community presence, a solid admin team, and some great management have been contributing factors with all the blud, sweat, and tears that we have kept this going. Having constant contact with the PR DEV team helps out since they make the game that we love playing. Our player base is one of the main reasons why people love to join us, we had a full server less than 5 minutes in when we updated from 1.5 and had over 1200 unique members in a 3 day period, this does not include people who log back in when it goes down. Overall, COOP is one of the strongest games we have going for us, and new players are joining in every day! I would strongly suggest having a solid admin team, some very clear rules that are firm, fair, and friendly, and make your server relaxing to join. Maybe set a mission or goal that you want to have. Sometimes, it is not about aggressive campaigning tactics to get people, but maybe some events. We have had stuff like that in the past where people would flock to the server since they wanted vehicle warfare or learn some tactics. We host events here so bring people down. I also recommend that people take time and teach other people how to play and enjoy the game. Word of mouth is a great vessel for this, especially since it is free. I have met some really solid people from PR, even was a best man for a wedding for a guy who I played PR with. Sadly, this is a trial by error. We are slowly working on figuring out what COOP maps are working, which ones are bugged, and what ones are no go's. These are all impacted by different variables, such as server settings, or even what operating systems you are running. The best best for this is stay in contact with the PR DEVS as they area aware there are some/many known issues with PR COOP but are working on it. Hope this helps.
  14. Troll Clan.

    We have had issues with SNG before. Thank you for the reports
  15. New Face!

    Taken care of, Thank you!