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  1. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Working on it, Burning Sands Alt is a bad map. That may be the culprit.
  2. BMS Server Down (POST HERE IF DOWN!)

    This forum is for Project Reality Coop @CraB, I am not sure what game you were on. BMS perhaps?
  3. Event Teaser

    @=VG= SemlerPDX that was my reaction, wait until you see his face!
  4. PR COOP thread 1.6

    We are running all the maps are are coming from the DEV's themselves, as we are not able to modify them without locking the server and making our license invalid. As we are fortunate to have @=VG= Melon Muncher, @=VG= Fastjack, @=VG= TEDF as a few people who have been involved with the development. Currently, we are making a list and sending to the DEV team to keep them informed about the changes they made from 1.5 patch to 1.6.X. We have been around since 2010 and have held a PR server license a bit before 2013 I believe. Strong community presence, a solid admin team, and some great management have been contributing factors with all the blud, sweat, and tears that we have kept this going. Having constant contact with the PR DEV team helps out since they make the game that we love playing. Our player base is one of the main reasons why people love to join us, we had a full server less than 5 minutes in when we updated from 1.5 and had over 1200 unique members in a 3 day period, this does not include people who log back in when it goes down. Overall, COOP is one of the strongest games we have going for us, and new players are joining in every day! I would strongly suggest having a solid admin team, some very clear rules that are firm, fair, and friendly, and make your server relaxing to join. Maybe set a mission or goal that you want to have. Sometimes, it is not about aggressive campaigning tactics to get people, but maybe some events. We have had stuff like that in the past where people would flock to the server since they wanted vehicle warfare or learn some tactics. We host events here so bring people down. I also recommend that people take time and teach other people how to play and enjoy the game. Word of mouth is a great vessel for this, especially since it is free. I have met some really solid people from PR, even was a best man for a wedding for a guy who I played PR with. Sadly, this is a trial by error. We are slowly working on figuring out what COOP maps are working, which ones are bugged, and what ones are no go's. These are all impacted by different variables, such as server settings, or even what operating systems you are running. The best best for this is stay in contact with the PR DEVS as they area aware there are some/many known issues with PR COOP but are working on it. Hope this helps.
  5. Troll Clan.

    We have had issues with SNG before. Thank you for the reports
  6. New Face!

    Taken care of, Thank you!
  7. PR COOP thread 1.6

    The devs report a update that will fix a lot. I will take a look and see what is going on when I'm out of work in a few hours.
  8. Cant connect to PR,getting 10060 error.

    So does this happen for all PR servers or just VG. I know some accounts were having problems with linking up with the master server.
  9. Hello there~

    Welcome to the forums and hope to see you on the PR COOP server!
  10. PR COOP thread 1.6

    ===UPDATE=== Server is up and running, thank you to all the different people who have helped out. Please update us as needed with problems or issues.
  11. PR COOP thread 1.6

    ==UPDATE== Hello everyone, we are waiting for the DEVS from Project Reality to do an update for COOP to be up and running. Sorry for the delay's, but thankfully the other COOP servers and us are working with the DEV team to fix and resolve this issue. Unsure of when they will get it up and running but thank you for your patience so far!
  12. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Hello all, As we transition into 1.6 please post any issues or bugs you may have for PR COOP 1.6 here. We will get to work on these issues, or the bugs may become some new features that the DEVS put in for us to enjoy.
  13. PR 1.6 [PRE! release] changelog

    Maybe we should host an event and that is usually when the new updates always come out.
  14. Hello Sherlock. 


    To answer you, because the other guy locked the topic... to prevent me giving my version of it probably.

    I was active since the early days on PR. I changed PC several times and moved also. I also had to uninstall/reinstall PR a couple of times... So that is why maybe you did not see my profile before 2016. Lamthor is my brother, we used to play both the game at home when I was still there. So maybe that is why you see the same IP for both of us. 

    But i can assure you I was there aready when PR was actually playing on BF2 maps... That does not mean that I am a tryhard or hardcore and I am certainly not the best pilot or driver. BUT i know the game. And I know the pieces of shits like Abuser_killer who think they are better than everyone and then cry on mumble to the admin... 

    Saying that, your server is pretty much the only one active in coop mode so It s a shame that I am still banned for this argument with a douche like Abuser_Killer... 


  15. Some PR screenshots of mine

    Still amazing how beautiful this game is after all these years!