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      VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Monday, November 2nd 2020   10/23/2020

      All VG Game Servers including TS3 will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Monday November 2nd, 2020.  The Falcon BMS Server will go down as well, but for a shorter period (less work there) - any pilots flying at the time will be asked for ETA of RTB, and server will be saved after they land and before shutdown.   Downtime is estimated to be less than 4 hours, but could be shorter (or as long as 8 hours) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 may come back online, only to go back offline shortly after, so expect this until it is announced to be completed.  Please consider the VG Discord Server's Voice Channels as an alternative to TeamSpeak 3 if it goes down on you and your friends.
      Request any technical help in the VG Discord from Nyther (aka 8-bit).  Cheers!

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  1. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Anything that I can do to help between now and the Event @=VG= Sausag3?
  2. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Also a good guide:
  3. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Fanny One Actual will report: Squad members to be determined
  4. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Can we do it next Saturday, 2000 Zulu? Maybe create an event again and get people to join.
  5. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Maybe we should get together and do an ARMA event again.
  6. Wwassup my boys have fun playing teh game

    Welcome to the forums. What games do you like to play?

    UPDATE: They are doing a day 0 patch so it may take a bit longer for release.

    I hope the vehicle crew has their stuff together for the larger squad's and not causing a team wipe out...
  9. Water is my favorite thing to make. You can boil it, dehydrate it, or add it to anything and make that item taste better. It is also the base for a lot of stew's, marinades, and countless other options plus you can have it raw or uncooked! You can have so many versatile things with it and it is a part of every person's life.
  10. G'Day

    Hi Sciddles, Hope to see you around and good to have another PR player present! Lots of people from Australia are starting to spend more time on our servers, so they feel you pain as well sadly. However, sometimes it is about the memories with people rather than the bots that make the game play great.
  11. jc1

    Moved your thread so the appropriate people will be able to help.
  12. Dak

    Welcome welcome. I see that you found our discord and hopefully we shall see you around!
  13. Anyone else get this?

    Was this via PM on the VG website or personal email? I ask because I received very similar email's for work related stuff but the phrasing was similar and seemed like a phishing scam that is going around. Either way, add myself or @=VG= SemlerPDXto the PM on the VG message and we can push it around.
  14. 42oman Back!

    Welcome back! Hope to see you on the battlefield