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  1. I know most of us play Project Reality but I was wondering what other games other people play and if many of you play Rising Storm 2? It is Vietnam warfare PVP game similar to Project Reality. You will require a better PC than you need for Project Reality but I feel it brings a similar level of intensity in the PVP arena. If anyone is interested in playing, I mostly play in the Australia or SEA servers but have fibre optic internet and would be willing to give it a go on other servers like I do with Project Reality. Feel free to add me on Steam: FPSGeraud You will usually find me as the commander of a team or squad leader and I would be willing to teach new players if you join the game.
  2. How many people did YOU teamkill in 2019?

    Sorry to the unlucky 40 people who walked in front of my barrel. Definitely happy to be towards the bottom of this list at least.
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

    Happy New Year from Australia! Already 15 hours into 2020 here in the future and it is looking pretty good!
  4. Company of Heroes 2 FREE on steam till Monday

    Add me on steam and we can try a game together. I am still a noob also...
  5. Hey guys, Wanted to let you know Company of Heroes 2 is free on steam till Monday. If you get it while it is free it will stay in your account forever. https://store.steampowered.com/app/231430/Company_of_Heroes_2/
  6. War of Rights

    Should have said, the game is now purchasable on steam, here is the link to store page. https://store.steampowered.com/app/424030/War_of_Rights/
  7. War of Rights

    Hey guys, Haven't been on for a while but wanted to bring your attention to a realistic U.S. civil war fps shooter you might all be interested in. The game is built around the idea of units needing to move in formations since you lose more tickets when you die out of formation and you lose morale. Would call the game the "Project Reality" of Napoleonic shooting games. The game feels more like going to a civil war reenactment rather than playing a video game. So if you are into that kind of thing I think you will enjoy it. Add me on steam if you want to join up in a regiment: FPSGeraud
  8. New Steam chat

    As soon as steam posted their update Magic Duels a game that I play is now broken and it somehow screwed up my update for GTAV so now I need to redownload 75 gb... Other than that new layout looks pretty good.
  9. Coop Testing Outpost

    Looks pretty good! Do you have the layout image with the relevant assets available? Am keen to try it.
  10. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Well it is 4 am on a Sunday for me. I will strive to be there but might not be at peak performance...
  11. New map

    Map was a pretty good success, seeing all the armour die to tow missiles and mortars at the start was pretty funny. Then driving around in the Spandrel somehow avoiding all the rpg's and taking out all the enemy armour was very satisfying.
  12. Hello everyone...

    Welcome, I also play pubg time to time so anyone feel free to add me on steam FPSGeraud. If you enjoy your job in the military you will probably enjoy Project Reality, if you hate your job maybe not so much... It requires quite a bit more teamwork compared to most other FPS games on the market but everyone on the VG server is pretty friendly and COOP is definitely the place to start if you are interested. It is free also, which is a pretty good selling point. Geraud.
  13. question

    Not going to lie, everyone thinks being an admin is power and fun but really admin stands for administration and that is what it is. Every few minutes you have to pause your game and deal with the riff raff but in the end it is worth it. Try connecting to any other coop server without admins and you see the difference where there is no squads and only chaos. I am Australian and I would rather the 300 ping I get with VG than the insanity I get with GDO servers tbh.
  14. Where did vg go?

    Cries in Australian, not even part of NATO... Where is the Aussie team? I want to use a Steyr AUG but PR doesn't even care about us :'( Can we please get a map to re-enact the great Emu War already...
  15. Lashkar valley with a big bug

    Pretty sure the map before was Gaza Strip so don't know if that did or didn't have anything to do with it.