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  1. Community Growth and Development

    Thats how we started. I agree with that and we do need to let people get trained while playing when the server isn't full and definitely agree cas doesn't get utilized properly. Good post. Noted. Blud.
  2. Blizzard

    I've been playing a lot of mw lately but don't ever have anyone to play with.
  3. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    Looks fun.
  4. Blizzard

  5. Alecskell (hello)

    Sup Al welcome to the site. Thanks for the intro and your support! Blud
  6. Blizzard

    Hey guys if you're on Blizzard add me: BLuDKLoT Blud
  7. Hi

    Sup man welcome to VG! thanks for the support and the nice intro. Blud.
  8. Need your help guys!!

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I am no closer to deciding than I was before, thank you. I think I may just finish out my associates with business administration and then figure out my next moves. I was trying to get into diagnostic medical sonography and was going to be done with my prerequisites this semester, but they just added two new pre reqs math 105 and 140. I'm in math 96 right now and hate it more than anything I've ever experienced before. I can't do any more math. It's so frustrating especially since I've been doing this for 1.5 years already and I was just about to be finished and apply for the program. Ugh. Blud
  9. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Who's talking shit teddy? I'll make a voodoo doll and fuck their world to hell. I just need a name and a some of their hair, or even a personal item. Lemme know. Blud.
  10. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    We love you teddy.
  11. Need your help guys!!

    Ya I'm not sold on it either Connor. Just curious to see what others think because I know some are currently doing it. I'm still looking at other stuff too.
  12. Need your help guys!!

    I thought programming required stupid math skills. I'm taking math 96 right now and it sucks balls. I'm not doing anything that requires math, calculators, or counting fingers. Thanks Connor.
  13. Need your help guys!!

    Hey guys, if you didn't know anything about computer information systems (CIS) but had to choose one what would it be and why? (or another suggestion maybe?) 1. Internet Authoring 2. Networking 3. Programming https://catalog.msjc.edu/instructional-programs/computer-information-systems/computer-information-systems-associates-degree/#requirementstext I'm having a mid-life crisis. I'm getting tired of what I'm doing and trying to find something more interesting, but not completely daunting either. Something that pays good and that I can get done in 2 years and not need any math skills!! I hate math!! Thoughts? Blud.

    Nice intro skit thank you for being part of VG. Blud.