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  2. Hey! You mentioned changing HUD color in Elite Dangerous, and wanted to share the method I use in case you want to use it, too.

    It's the Elite: Dangerous Profiler by DrKaii http://www.drkaii.com/tools/edprofiler/

    And it gives access to a lot of menu options outside the game, and a bunch of other helpful tools.  Here's a screenshot of my own setup, I use it to go between 3 different settings profiles quickly.  I don't change my HUD color anymore only because dangerous things that are normally Red on the radar (to draw our eyes) will also change colors to something innocuous, and can then be hard to notice on the radar as a "dangerous thing".


  3. Taffy BOB the lads like you and your still here, you must be ok, hay i'm off again hahah i will see ya when i return. 

    until then i will leave you with a short play, depicting, administrative form and conduct, Double 13 is Queeney Death Dealer nursey, keep the place alive for me, it's a ball : )    


    1. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      were yer off to  .. time Traveler.. stay , safe & dont get wet

    2. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      lol .. luv Blackadder



      dry for a week or so back asap with fish :)

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    Welcome stargazer to Veterans Gaming .. enjoy the friendship
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    Yes ... its a good game .. But keep the kids away ... trying to fine a server with no kids
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