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  1. not necessary, but thanks for the offer. i DO have a mic but the quality is dirt poor (just like my wallet = jobless). I heavily avoid speaking as i dont have my own room (like a normal asian family, HAH), and that im not a talkative person. I know i know "But walt, he's the same but he uses his mic!" Its just my personality, i'm a really shy person.
  2. Eh... what is this? what is that? whats this thingy below and above this text zone? Forgot what my first profile name is but i've been playing since 2017 (maybe?) but this is my first time coming to the VG website (except that time when i have to read the rules). ...Thats all? well i'll return maybe when i get banned, requested to go here by someone, or check for replies in this... uhh, thread? (dang countryside bumpkin, i've been on the net since 2010 but dang im new with this kind of thing). Or maybe if my potato laptop cant run the game anymore and type all emotional stuff here on why i cant play anymore (it almost died on me last time there was a typhoon in my country) Well, good day. Happy hunting.