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  1. Hello everyone. It is my hope that this post is received as constructive and that it is NOT intended as a criticism of anyone or group. I think we need to change the way we treat new players. I understand that the VG server is not a training server and we expect people to play the game to their abilities. Meaning, if you don't know how to fly, DON'T! However, I think we are too harsh sometimes and have too great an expectation of new players which often results in warnings, kicks, and bans. I am not saying that when this occurs that it is not justified, but I do think we should do more to develop the player base. I often hear it said, "they can go elsewhere to play". Well, I ask you where is this where you speak of? VG is the only populated server on my list when I search. I believe that we need to do more to "grow" the community, develop skills, and foster better players. Better for them to learn from the best, no? Here is an example of what I see as the wrong thing. I don't recall the map or the layer but do recall that it was decided on in TS. 18 players on the server. The game starts and by the time I am loaded the CAS squad had 7 people, most of which either admins and veteran VG players. It was locked. Tank squad had 4 players, again mostly consisting of admin and seasoned players. TRANS squad had two players and much like the other squads filled with admin and seasoned players. 13 of the 18 players were in heavy assets squads leaving 5 for INF consisting of names I didn't recognize as veteran players. As the game played all the talk on TS was about how useless the INF are, how they were not doing the right thing. I think instead of complaining, get in there and show them, help them rather than standing at the base waiting for your turn to fly or a plane/helicopter to spawn. We expect players to select kits based on the squad's needs. Is it not fair to say that admins and veteran players should select/create squads based on the team's needs? CAS as I understand it means, "close air support". My experience is that CAS does not function in that way. More often than not, CAS squad are just "kill whores" and don't often function in what their name suggests. Especially true for helicopters on Jabal as an example. Infantry is struggling to cap DAM while CAS is over East and West killing everything they can when they should be helping support infantry trying to cap the flag. I worry that if we as a community do not help grow the player base we will not have one to play with. I would like to see our seasoned players spend more time leading squads, teaching and helping players understand the game, how it's played, develop them rather than hoard favored assets map after map after map. I know I learn a lot when the experienced players SL and I'm sure new players will appreciate you sharing wisdom and experience rather than handing out warnings, kicks, and bans. Positive re-enforcement, not negative will grow the community, I think. I pledge to SL more often when I see new players in the game. I don't consider myself a very good SL but it must be better for new players to get some direction, are made familiar with server rules and helped rather than get no direction at all. Well, that's my two cents. Skiddles
  2. Community Growth and Development

    I want to thank everyone for accepting my post as being constructive. I never intended it to critical of anyone or group. One thing I have learned since making the post is just how hard a job it is being an admin and me asking you lot to do more, .... well, you do more than enough to make VG what it is. But! Now, this is where things get sticky and shit sticks like glue. Please understand me here, I'm just calling things as I see them. There are admins here that are genuine admins. They understand their role, treat it with respect, and do an over the top job! So much love for you guys keeping the server honest, on track, and never lose sight of the VG vision. Wrong of me to ask more of you and you know who you are. The ones here day after day working out the balance between player base and maps to load. Try to play the game and help in the game and still manage your role as an admin. Today I was really disappointed by what was said in TS. Ranger spoke up, said he didn't like new players trying to force admin to change how they play the game. WOW, I am not trying to force anyone to do anything! I am simply voicing my opinion about the future of the game we love to foster its future and in truth, if we don't grow our player base we won't have one. PR has been in decline since dev's moved to build the squad. Grow the PR player base! Nurture it, grow the skills by teaching new players, not kicking them. If we don't, it will be us that kills this game. love you guys
  3. Community Growth and Development

    RANGER, you miss the point, again. I don't fly because of lacking ability and the fact I have a 300+ ping. I don't need a better PC and it isn't about who loads first. Maybe you should re-read the post. You make a great point. INf squads don't do the right thing. yOU make MY POINT! Being a veteran player, what are you doing to help? From where I sit, you like to put the blame but what I ask of you is to rise up and work to fix the issues. Get in that squad thats doing the wrong thing and help. Stop bitching about them. You are an accomplished player and respected. Teach!
  4. Community Growth and Development

    I am humbled by the positive reception to my post. In truth, I hesitated for a long time before pressing post in fear of my words and thoughts would be upsetting. Once again the VG community rises above the rest. You guys are simply, "THE BEST".
  5. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Sorry I missed it. Forgot to set my alarm and by the time I got here, it was over. Now I have learned that it didn't go off due to low numbers. Will there be a do-over this weekend?
  6. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Am I missing something? Is the event on and if so where can I DL the maps?
  7. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    TEDF, I am sorry for the lack of motivation you feel. I for one love and respect every effort you make for the rest of us to have fun. Don't let trolls that criticize get you down. They are children with no idea of what is involved in creating events. Love your work, your selfless passion in making gaming fun for all of us.
  8. G'Day

    First and foremost. If I team killed you, I am so very sorry. I am humbled by how the VG community has made me feel so welcome. Forgiven my mistakes and provided me with leadership to become a better player. A shout out to Whiskey Mike, Zeee. Connor, m8, so many here who care. MORE names than I can recall and names so cryptic that remembering them is lost. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone in the VG for making me feel so welcome. Forgiving my mistakes and I made some huge ones. Playing a young man game at the age of 61. I've never felt more welcme.
  9. Project Reality Event Week III

    I would like to play in the British INF squad if I am not too late. Cheers
  10. Project Reality Event Week II

    Great Event! Had a blast!
  11. Project Reality Event Week I

    I am very keen to take part in the event so I hope there is still room. I've downloaded the maps, put them in the right place, and pray it all works.
  12. Game Start

    Hi, I brought this up in TS but thought I should make a post as well to see what the community thinks, Is it possible to introduce a pre-game "Briefing" period at the start of each match similar to Deployment? The quick loaders seem to have a big advantage in claiming assets and in some cases are at the first flag long before the team is even in-game. It might help to reduce the base rape issue at the start of the game. cheers, Scriddles
  13. Favorite Car you would want / Currently own?

    Current: Chrysler 300C It would have to be the favorite that I currently own. Want: 1966 Dodge Charger Had one in the early 80's and simply loved it. Sold it because of fuel cost. Looking back, dumb move. Dream Car: Porscha GT3
  14. G'Day

    Hi everyone. I was a member here years ago in the early day of PR. I have come back because of how much I enjoyed playing the game and especially so on the Veterans Gaming server. Re-learning the game and discovering all the new maps has been a little challenging so I hope you all will forgive my noob mistakes and learn. I look forward to playing with everyone. Living in Australia leaves me with a 200 to 300 ms ping. } sad face { Sadly the game has lost its popularity here and local servers are non-existent. Perhaps with a little promotion, this could change. Cheers