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  1. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Dead screen on Fools Road. Can somebody take a look?
  2. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Server is up now. Thanks for fixing it.
  3. PR COOP thread 1.6

    After a crash on the begining of the round on Shahadah, server is stuck on this map. Can somebody restart it? Server is still showing up in the list but I can't join it.
  4. Server down.

    Server needs a restart again. Dead screen, joining by IP doesn't work.
  5. Server down.

    Thanks for a quick response.
  6. Server down.

    PR COOP server appears to be down. Joining by IP doesn't work. Can somebody check it?
  7. Squad Event: Operation Resurrection

    Sign me up as bluefor AR please.
  8. EVENT: Operation Chaos

    I have just bought Squad but I would love to play. Sign me up as redfor heavy machine gunner please.
  9. INFIL LNZO report

    The guy TKed me on Jabal std.
  10. INFIL LNZO report

    Hello, Since there are no admins online on PR COOP server, I decided to report actions of a player named INFIL LNZO. Today around 1510 ZULU I was waiting for my heli to respawn on the carrier. Firstly LNZO came up to me with some other player and started punching me till I bled out. Then LNZO tried to take off with my CAS heli. When I told him to leave, he got out and shot me while I was waiting for the heli to warm up. I havent seen this guy on the server before, but I remember that he was in a tank sqad with me and Acro. I remember he was warned verbally by Acro for something (Im not sure for what, but I think he was skipping flags). regards, The_Polish_Guy PS I have reported him once for TK in main around 1510 ZULU
  11. Report a player.

    This guy is a problem for a few days now. Lately he started insulting people. For example when I disagree with him he often says something insulting my nationality or accent. I would be happy if somebody could keep an eye on him.
  12. Server issues

    Thanks for effort.
  13. Server issues

    I think server is down at this time, can someone check it?