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  1. Desert Storm

    I don't know man. He's not complaining about the tank squad not doing their job.
  2. New Update

    I think he figured it out, I saw him on the server today.
  3. Banned

    @Dbestermann if you have been banned please fill in the PR Unban Request. And if you are new to the game please read PR Manual and PR VG coop server rules.
  4. unbanning

    @Plaintaxplease create a separate unban request. Fill out this form pls https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/unban-requests/project-reality/&do=form&d=7 Take some time and read the PR Manual and VG COOP server rules.
  5. Battlefield 3/4?

    I own BF3 with DLCs but don't know if I have time for that right know. If more people are interested then I'm in.
  6. Project Reality Event Week III

    I'll grab the tank gunner sit if LangMaster doesn't mind.
  7. PR. Vg server down

    Server down again. Need a restart. 1500 ZULU
  8. Squad Event: Operation Resurrection

    Sign me up as bluefor AR please.
  9. EVENT: Operation Chaos

    I have just bought Squad but I would love to play. Sign me up as redfor heavy machine gunner please.
  10. Report a player.

    This guy is a problem for a few days now. Lately he started insulting people. For example when I disagree with him he often says something insulting my nationality or accent. I would be happy if somebody could keep an eye on him.
  11. Server issues

    Thanks for effort.
  12. Server issues

    I think server is down at this time, can someone check it?