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Introduction - Back in the seat

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Hi gentleman of Veterans Gamimg

After a two year break I'm back in the F-16 (Falcon BMS 4.34) and are happy to found this opportunity to fly online missions again with this community and the available Campaign server. What a great feature to make this possible. Thank you so much.

Though I fly the Falcon for about 20 years (Allied Force, Open Falcon and BMS) I'm not a very good VFW-pilot, but I know the basics, like performing a Ramp Start, Midair Refueling (not in a turn of the tanker) and know how to fire A-A missiles (AMRAAM and Heat Seakers) and A-G weapons (LGB's, JDAM'S and HARMS in it's different configurations, dumb boms etc.) and know a bit about the Wild Weasel tactics.

Before my break I was a member of the FreeBirds and after this wing was abolished I became a member of the 1st VFW. As the 1stVFW started to fly the DCS I signed off from this wing. My callsign back than was Nick-san, but now I'm back I changed it to MOKUM (slang of my hometown Amsterdam-Holland)

Now I'm back here and I'm looking forward to fly online missions with real VFW pilots of the Veterans.

Note; I red the SOP's and understand and shall respect them.

Thank you and regards!


F-16 hardware setup:

Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS

TrackIR 5

Thrustmaster rudder

Self configured and build PC

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Welcome back to the team @MOKUM! Hope you enjoy the campaign as much as ever. :beach:


Do fix your TeamSpeak push-to-talk though, please. I was on the verge of reporting you as a troll when your music was blasting incessantly in the Welcome channel :P.

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Hello and welcome!  Glad you're enjoying the server!  Been rather busy with life stuff, then I get busy with the website/etc. and haven't found the time to fly outside of a quick re-training op.  Hoping to be on the server more frequently myself soon.  See you around!

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