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  1. A bit late

    Thanks lemon
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    Hey, see ya around
  3. A bit late

    Thanks, it’s good to play with you too
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    i didn't see one
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    thanks man
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    I guess u do
  7. A bit late

    Hey my name is Hoops, I guess a lot of u already know me as I have been on the pr sever for a relatively long time now. Anyway for the people that don’t know me this is a little about myself: I am not the kind of person that you would expect to be playing milsims because of my age. Sometimes I get a little to excited and can stop talking which if you find annoying I apologise. But other times I could of had a bad day and not really want to speak but just play the game. I am currently in school which limits my play time but when I do get to play I look forward to playing with all of u guys. The reason I posted this is because I saw all the other intros and thought u know what why don’t I give it a go. But anyway I really enjoy playing on this sever and being on TS. Thanks for reading, -Hoops
  8. nice