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  1. Server Connection Issues

    Server crashes do happen but most of the time you just have to join back in once and you can get back to playing. But with some of the maps the sever can crash more frequently because of assets, most likely jets or helicopters, flying out of the map (most of the times bots will fly straight south to get you but you). If you read this and are thinking of getting into or already flying assets or maybe you already are flying please try to not do this because it sucks when your game play gets interrupted by a crash.
  2. A bit late

    Thanks lemon
  3. Hi everyone

    Hey, see ya around
  4. A bit late

    Thanks, it’s good to play with you too
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    i didn't see one
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    thanks man
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    I guess u do
  8. A bit late

    Hey my name is Hoops, I guess a lot of u already know me as I have been on the pr sever for a relatively long time now. Anyway for the people that don’t know me this is a little about myself: I am not the kind of person that you would expect to be playing milsims because of my age. Sometimes I get a little to excited and can stop talking which if you find annoying I apologise. But other times I could of had a bad day and not really want to speak but just play the game. I am currently in school which limits my play time but when I do get to play I look forward to playing with all of u guys. The reason I posted this is because I saw all the other intros and thought u know what why don’t I give it a go. But anyway I really enjoy playing on this sever and being on TS. Thanks for reading, -Hoops
  9. nice