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  1. ^ YES! THIS!!! Funniest real war in the history of man -- for those who don't know of the Emu War, here's a quick primer (remember, this actually happened!): (it's funny, but real - people lost their homes, their farms, became poor and homeless refugees.) ALL HAIL THE EMU OVERLORDS!
  2. I thought I smelled something burning... A PvP Event like that might be difficult to arrange just because the timezones of the groups you suggested are nearly on opposites sides of the globe, separated by as much as 12 hours in some cases. In addition to that, the population of "West of the Atlantic" is 1/3 that of the East, so balancing could be a major issue. Not saying it couldn't be done, it just smacks of effort.
  3. Once an images is inserted into a post, left click it one time to select it, then press CTRL + RIGHT Click on the image to bring up the Image Editing menu - there you can select size, left/right/center placement, and even attach a URL to the image for when it is clicked.
  4. Your ironical appreciation of old school russian propaganda imagery is baffling. You are a crazy mofo, Nyther ... for a Brazilian, anyway.
  5. PR COOP Server has been Updated to
  6. Rumors... Rumors and lies! Even if we DID accidentally create an indestructible and ravenous nocturnal self-aware AI that took control of a [PR-BOT] which we tried to contain on another PR server under the guise of "testing", we CERTAINLY would not also accidentally allow it to escape onto the standard VG PR COOP server. I mean we didn't create anything like that. I didn't say anything. Everything is okay, everything is fine. You all have firewalls, right? I mean, of course we all have firewalls, and there is absolutely no reason for me to ask. It's fine. Everything is fine. Say, you know what's a fun thing to do? Update your anti-virus security software or Windows Defender. SO FUN! Let's all go do that now, eh? That would be so fun! Why are you all looking at me and Melon? We didn't do anything!
  7. What sort of steaming pile of internet garbage did I just watch?! What the hell is that?! A parody? A communist pride video? Or just another very bad nonsense YouTube video?! My brain hurts...
  8. Yea, you can get your Windows 10 to behave and look like Windows 7. Edge is simple to disable, Cortana is simple to neuter, the shitty Windows 10 calculator can be removed and the Windows 7 calc installed, and you can get rid of the shitty start menu, too. Only the last part is not covered in my article on the subject, I'll add it in somewhere... How to get the Win7 Start Menu back with Classic Shell (freeware - a well designed one without bs). Also, to hell with default Windows 10 search - another freeware with no strings attached, Everything by voidtools is the way to go - instant file searches, no bs, includes all attached storage devices (and not just the C: drive like Win10)
  9. I believe it was more recent than 1.3 -- which means if Ranger was playing recently, he may have that installer floating around the HDD, I know I keep my old crap forever until I need to free up space and empty the Downloads folder...
  10. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=146333&highlight=1221+error https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=146323
  11. I don't get the part where Jersans cannot install programs... I have NEVER used the "app store" that came with Windows 10, and have disabled many of the "apps" that came pre-installed. I have TONS of programs installed, many not designed for Windows 10, and had little to no issues installing them. There are UAC pop-ups that can sometimes attempt to block the installation, and I have gotten into the habit of "unblocking" every installer.exe before running it (right click on installer, check the box next to "Unblock" and Apply) Sometimes the UAC pop-up says "Windows cannot install this program" ... but there is a link at the bottom of that pop-up along the lines of "tell me more..." and when you click that, you get options to proceed with installation. IF you click the "Okay" button instead, it may be forever impossible to get access to the aforementioned "tell me more..." link that allows you to get past the UAC for the installer.exe of that particular program. Windows 10 is terrible, and if you can avoid it, do so at all costs!! A dual boot is a very smart idea if you have the space (but still need Win10 for some reason). Otherwise, go with Windows 7. Personally, I needed to go over to the Dark Side because I have hardware/software(s) that only work in Windows 10 (oculus+touch). This is why I wrote that article on wrestling control back from Windows 10, yet still, everyday, I have to manually disable Windows 10 Updates and also, to be sure I don't come back to an Updated OS, I disable my internet connection when away from my PC. FUCK Win10! Best of luck to you!!!
  12. GAME ON!
  13. What can we say? It's a 24 hours server, but the regular crowd isn't... I keep an eye on the active PR players now and then, not just on our server, but on all servers -- people will always come and go, and play other games from time to time -- PR remains the go-to for squad based combined arms action whether it's COOP or Deployment, and the main servers are still maintaining high populations during peak hours. An interesting thing to think about is what if people have been trained to enjoy PR in large groups, or at least several squad groups, making ANY low population PR Server an unattractive prospect when compared to other games they might own. People might see "oh, my favorite server is off-peak right now, I'll play some other game instead for awhile" instead of jumping in the low pop server and helping to seed it back to larger numbers, which could potentially bring in more people who also may still be deciding what to play that evening (PR or some other game). Just a thought; I mean everyone takes breaks, I'm just coming back from a long one myself and trying to get back into these things. Regardless of all of that, every server has it's off-hours, and GameTracker shows this one's peak times have been closer to day than evenings right now (talking same zones as you, USA times). Here's hoping that Double_13's hard work will pay off in helping to re-popularize the COOP game mode, and fix so many frustrating bugs (and inept AI)
  14. Glad that PC shop did you right! That looks way more legit than the last PC they tried to sell you...