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  1. Pre-Plan CAS mission with SoBad today - it was night in Korea. We took out the 225th AAA Battalion, just wiped it off the map with Mk-20D Rockeyes - an anti-armor cluster bomb. They're small bombs, we carried 12 each under the wings of our F-16's. SoBad had a fault and couldn't extend his landing gear, so he performed a belly landing and I watched the sparks fly down the runway as I was on my final approach. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one! Here's a pic that shows my Target Pod looking at a Mk-20D exploding over the target:
  2. Awesome! Almost looks more "Empyrion" than ED. Sound very cool, gonna have to check it out sometime.
  3. VG Falcon BMS Public Server It's time for a new beginning... VETERANS-GAMING is proud to announce that our new upgraded server is now live! The VG BMS Multiplayer Campaign will now run on a dedicated server box powered by a Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor, 12GB of ECC (Error Correcting Code) 1333MHz RAM, a Samsung EVO SSD, and an ATI R7-240 with 2GB of DDR3 VRAM, all on a dedicated 1Gbps network. The server will remain in Kansas, USA and is open to the public! We will be launching this server in the 64-bit version on the default Korean Theater of Operations. All players will need to launch BMS in the 64-bit mode in order to connect to the new VG BMS Server. Helpful instructions here: How to Connect We will be hosting a public 24/7 Korean War Campaign that will span for several weeks until the DPRK is so overrun by BLUFOR that missions are all extremely far flights or no worthwhile targets remain. The old VG BMS Server will remain online for the next few weeks while we try to get this notice to everyone. Find connection instructions at the VETERANS-GAMING website if needed. New VG BMS Server IP Address:
  4. The Bradley works very well in a proper mil-sim like Arma 2/3, and very deadly with the TOW's when you need to say something mean to the enemy. I always preferred the Stryker platform though, with slat armor for a little survivability in the land of RPG's. Or is the 30mm cannon on the Stryker a different weapon? The sound of that cannon popping off slow and methodical, HE rounds tearing up the AO and slaughtering any bot that gets within a meter of the shot is engraved in my memory. And of course in Arma, it doesn't "overheat" like a video game. Still a very cool post here and neat info about the cannon!
  5. Yes, I have a private group, but I don't know how to change the name of it (never looked it up) so it's just the SemlerPDX group. When I want a truly populated group, I just use Mobius PvE. There is a handful or few here that play ED, regulars and =VG= clan members. PBAsydney showed me a passenger loop that makes serious bank, and I showed a few more people here that route, and they've spread it around a bit. In my Python with 112 Passenger Capacity (all Coach) I make over 10 million credits in one full loop on this short back and forth, easily less than 30 minutes. Requires that you have Horizons DLC (route requires planetary landing) and also ship cannot be too large (route requires outpost docking). I'd be happy to show you around, we could get a group together sometime I'm sure. I also enjoy the Bounty Hunting as well, and can help support less armored ships if needed so we can take on more variants of enemies. Most of us who play squat in the VG TS3 Elite Dangerous channel when we fly so others can see and join if they want. Seeing someone in that channel usually triggers me to want to fly, that's for sure!
  6. Thanks for the intro and glad you appreciate the server! We have another former tanker here as well (=VG= Renainn) so you are in good company. If you ever have a problem with a player in game, just call out for an admin or make a report for our logs with !r (name of player) (reason) without the parenthesis. We try to keep the server clean and functional for everyone. See you around, man!
  7. I'm happy to announce that the VG BMS Server is getting a hardware upgrade! I've been working this week to install and configure Windows and Falcon BMS on the new hardware and can report that it is very, very fast! It should be at it's final home NOC after a few days more. Huge thanks goes out to our friend Belgriffen for his help and support of the VG BMS Server! Next week, we are moving our BMS Server over to a Quad-Core Xeon CPU, 12GB of ECC RAM (6x2GB), a Samsung EVO SSD, and a new dedicated 1Gbps internet connection. We will not be able to keep our old IP Address for the new server, so our current server will remain online for a few weeks or so to help smooth the transition and get the word around that the VG BMS IP Address has changed. We are expecting the new server to be available to the public starting next week if all goes well. This is a major upgrade for us, we've been a bit hobbled as BMS continued to grow over the years and our hardware did not keep up with that pace. Our current server is an aged Intel Core 2 6400 CPU with 4GB RAM and a 30Mbps connection (shared net AFAIK). We've had some in-game issues lately with frequent "gear-up crashes" after successful landings and subsequent taxi, and we suffer from an occasional blue flashing "pause" message at times. These problems are rare, but we are unsure if they occur due to the 24/7 nature of our aging server and random bugs, or in-game engine issues we can't control. Desync between multiplayer flights is luckily not an issue, and many of us fly in rather close formations despite our many thousands of miles of real world separation, with the server being in Kansas USA. I will post further updates as we get the new server finalized. Once again, the old VG BMS Server will remain online after the new server launches and we'll try to get the word out to everyone we can. Here's hoping our server issues will minimize after this massive upgrade! Thanks to all our regulars for flying with us, and we hope you will help spread the word about our new IP Address! New IP (not yet active!): Updates coming soon!
  8. lol at the neg rep - you'll walk it off, Jersans. But seriously Jersans, you're an admin and "role model" for the public players here - you shouldn't need to be told to RTFM, you're supposed to be telling others to!!
  9. lol - same here! Apaches on Ghazala FTW! Started with mouse, and was a great day when I got my first joystick with analog throttle lever so I could "hover".
  10. know me better

    Welcome! See you around!
  11. removed ban from banlist per admin report /locked
  12. So.. it's a stabbin cabin?
  13. project reality

    Very cool info! I never read about that cannon before, but I've fired it plenty out of the Bradley in PR and Arma. If anyone wants a funny history of the Bradley, check out the movie "The Pentagon Wars" with Kelsey Grammer and Cary Elwes. Thanks for the post, Inch!