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  1. nice

  2. Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome!
  3. A bit late

    Welcome to the website! Have fun and see you around!
  4. For Double_13 :D

    Don't take it personally, ranger - Double lives in a windmill filled with tulips. But who am I to say, I'm just your average American who sleeps in a house made out of the American flag on a bed of loose ammo.
  5. Heyy all

  6. PR Editing

    Sure, you can do that! You just need extra hard drive space... partition off a portion of it for a dual boot installation of a different operating system. Am I missing something? Does the latest Win10 with updates not play well with dual boot systems (Win7/Win10) ?? I don't let my Win10 update when it wants to, so I don't have that troublesome Creators Update, etc. etc... I don't see why it wouldn't work, though, people have been using dual boot to try new or different operating systems without scrapping their currents system for years... Edit: Even if Dual Boot was not possible, you can always buy another cheap hard drive and physically remove the current OS drive, put the new drive in it's place and install a different OS, and all that... And could just pull the new drive and pop in the old one to swap between Win7 or Win10. Dual boot is best option, though, if you have the space to hold 2 OS's on it plus overhead.
  7. PR Editing

    Damn, Skitalez! I didn't know were an old (very old) school scripter! Arma scripting was my intro to coding and eventually programming, was big into Arma 2 at the time. @Vanillapop You gotta be into something to put in all the time and work, but it's very rewarding because something tangible comes out of your time, instead of just playing the game, you get to help direct its design. Take that as a first step, and eventually you see how easy programming can be (with good links to online resources) and you can move onto any project ... Skyrim modding, crazy minecraft stuff, little apps for your phone, etc. Deep rabbit hole
  8. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    Ya know, that vaguely reminds me of a project from the past where the grunts in Arma would be able to call in an airstrike, which communicated to a pilot playing BMS who would then drop ordinance at supplied coordinates, and the bomb would fall in the Arma game in sync. Not sure if it ever got off the ground, but with what I know about Arma scripting, and BMS live data extraction, it's certainly possible. If only it was possible in PR... take an air strike called by the commander on our PR server, task it to a bird on our BMS server, sync the results... lol
  9. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    ^What he said. I believe you are right. Solves nothing, complicates the position even more, and taking 1-5 keys further away from ready access. I often have to make slightly custom controls when they conflict with other hotkeys like TS3 PTT or others, and using a custom keypad I often forget the default keyboard buttons, so there is that compromise helping out new player with a question because it's often not possible unless I happen to know it by heart. Hardest part about custom controls BY FAR when talking Project Reality is that the various kits across the various factions have so many items from 1-9 or whatever that I can't always remember which numbered key is for which item and where is that button on my Razer Tartarus keypad.
  10. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    When you launch the sim, look at the bottom right of the main screen (the one with the tabs along the top from Instant Action through Exit) - the version is always in the lower right corner. I'm worried you may have the wrong version if you used an All-In-One installer... there is some serious forums cleanup needed at the BMS website... If it says 4.32 then you have the older buggier version. If it says 4.33.5 (Build 16084) then you have the correct and most current version. The confusing bit is that 4.32 and 4.33 each have updates with numbers for names (U1, U2, etc) but the major version updates are not linear (4.32 does NOT update to 4.33) so 4.33 must be installed separately. Cool part is if you accidentally installed the 4.32 version, you can immediately proceed to download and install the 4.33 version (and then all it's updates) because it does not interfere with 4.32 and will install to a separate folder like a new program. A lot of bug fixes and graphical enhancements have come out, it's best to use the most current version by far! Plus it's required to get online with us for some live training sessions! I personally have both versions, never really uninstalled 4.32, so you can trust me when I say it's okay to have both - they only take up less than 6GB of space
  11. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    For a quick run-through and confidence builder, try this RAMP Start Trainer from way back in the day (flash based, trust us, it's safe just very old - same file we've been sharing for years and years)- now, there are a few things that will be slightly different such as setting up MFD's, weapons, etc. but since the F-16 hasn't changed much, this old trainer still follows the basics enough to use it to start viewing the cockpit in it's various segments instead of "a million buttons and switches everywhere": https://www.dropbox.com/s/ug7rl65nprbbkmh/sp3_ramp_start_trainer-FLASH.exe?dl=0 For training in game, use the Training Missions found under Tactical Engagement, Training: Each mission follows the respective section of the Training Manual found in the programs folder here: **EDIT: Also check out Jeffu's blog post (part 1 and 2) on what keys are important to assign to available joystick buttons and the use of shift states to increase the number of buttons:
  12. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    Hello and welcome!! Nice system! I just recently got into the BMS Alternative Launcher myself - on vacation and wanted to make it easy for my Pop to use BMS, and gotta say I'm impressed. BMS can have issues once in awhile where if certain USB controllers are disconnected/reconnected or new USB controller added, it can depend too much on the DX device ID number and get confused causing multiple controllers to not work correctly, but the Alternative Launcher always forces the USB devices to their former ID's or something, making everything work even after months of inactivity. I've personally had to rebind my complicated control setup several times over the years, but with this launcher, I expect that to never happen again. It is safe to install over a fully installed BMS (he recommends launching BMS at least once, and then closing, before installing the launcher) and it makes it much easier to assign controls with the keybinds setup interface. Here's a link if you're interested: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?31774-Falcon-BMS-Alternative-Launcher-(Easy-Setup-Keep-Joystick-Assignments)&highlight=launcher We run a full multiplayer Korean War Server (Rolling Thunder) 24/7, usually takes about 3 weeks to conclude before we restart it to Day 1 - links to instructions at the website footer under Server Rules, and it has an integrated radio system through IVC that we use to communicate, but also we'll sit in TS3 in the Falcon channels when waiting to find people to fly with. Don't be a stranger! I look forward to some multiplayer flights when I get home from vacation! See you at Angels 20!
  13. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    What's toilet paper?
  14. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    In configs or game files? If it's in the game, is it separate for COOP? Because if we could alter that, it would be awesome! That asset cleanup came in one of the recent updates and I was concerned when I saw it if it would become a problem. I assumed it was connected to all assets across all game modes, so couldn't be messed with...
  15. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    All fingers rest on the same line for typing, pinky on the A key - while typing - and the Z key is hit by the pinky and the X key is hit by the ring finger. Notice the offset, too - Z is often below the middle of A or S, and only the 10-key keypad is a proper straight grid, because the hand position for one handed 10-key calculating requires a straight grid. All keyboards have an offset on the alphabet keys, but it's really different for every keyboard, and takes getting used to for typing at speed. But for gameplay, I think it can get in the way for some games that make frequent use of Z and X. Look again at the picture of that Razer keypad above, because it's designed for use by one hand, and not for typing, all the keys are in a straight grid like a 10-key, and make for easy access to the "shift - z - x - c - v" row (also, the "shift" being a single mechanical key rather than a wide bar. The space is that paddle under the thumb. Basically, when I got into PC gaming, I assumed most everyone who got into it for more than a few months or a year, owned one of these things. I'm impressed that people are able to hover their hand over a keyboard and manage to play competitively, but I'm not knocking it.