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  1. Let's fly

    Dogfighting training is super simple: Press Instant Action, and get busy! You can worry about things like weight and balance later - first get familiar with the Dogfight mode systems and have fun with it. Seriously, though, it doesn't come up much, but it's good to practice. For setting controls and testing things, I always use Instant Action, and it's a turning game. Clean your monitor, cuz it's about finding that tiny bird on your tail and getting onto his tail. Cover the bits in the manual, learn the 330-440 rule (speeds for highest turning potential in CAT1) and watch your G's. The ACM of the Dogfight mode is a vertical slice for the turning battle, so it instantly locks onto a target in front, within 20 degrees. And EEGS is my favorite Guns mode, you can set this as well and test out the different modes in Instant Action much faster than a scheduled flight with RAMP/TAXI/ETC. The Guns funnel of the EEGS gives a great visual representation of where your cannon fire will go. Try for that one good short burst as you don't carry much ammo. Give it a try, you'll like it.
  2. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    I've taken an idea past the design phase and nearly to the patent phase before I decided the venture would end up rather out of my scope, requiring a manufacturing investment on my part greater than 50% to retain ownership of my own idea and product. In that time, I learned a lot about such projects. Namely, you can't do it alone, and you'll need to protect yourself as you go. First step would be to form (in your country/province) a simple company that can hold the ownership of the assets and ideas, to which you are the controller. In America, a limited liability company would be the way to go, setup fees and process are very simple and online resources abound. Find something like that for yourself. From there, you can start to get help from one or more consultants or contributors, and for that you really want to have them sign a non-disclosure, non-circumventing, non-competing agreement. This makes it possible for you to share information that is sensitive with people you need to help you along the way. You will want to review and tailor to your needs, but here is an example: sample-NDA-NCV-NCP.txt *You must have forms like this created correctly or they may not be legally binding, make sure all information is correct, and all should be well.
  3. Let's fly

    Welcome to our website, @Blu3wolf! Very helpful & detailed info on combat flight training, thanks! @=VG= Kavelenko The difference with a real pilot vs. what we do is that we enjoy going out on whatever mission piques our interest, SEAD, Strike, Air Interdiction, CAP, CAS, etc. and in the real world, squadrons are built upon specialties in a majority of cases. Seems there are multi-role squadrons, but essentially, a majority of squadrons specialize in a specific task if I am not mistaken. This could get rather boring for the PC sim pilot, so it's good we're not so restricted, and also that VG is a very casual PvE COOP style group - frag whatever missions you want, and even severe losses of player controlled aircraft won't detract from the actual war effort significantly. A training track might start diverging near the end, while the beginning would be very streamlined. But having a couple different tracks for players to follow, what to read and when in the Dash1/Dash34 and Training Manuals, and references, would be very unique if they focused on giving the new player the essentials and offering those who want to know everything a deeper dive. If I wanted to train someone on the AIM-120C, in the F-16, they could breeze through the BVR training, or really get into it and even study a real world manual on the AIM-120C (I just looked around my PC and thought I had one of these, I remember diving deep in the training, but can't find that IRL slammer manual anywhere!). A training track for VG might include that deeper layer for those who want more, as well as self check tests, and maybe even some kind of formal public test with an already "certified" pilot at VG. We won't ever restrict who can fly at VG, but I agree that it would be nice to have a small flight school here, or at the very least an informal training track for people to follow to help guide them through the many manuals and aspects of flight training. _____ I had a mind to create several SOP's for the VG BMS Server, for regulars and newcomers alike, but I still have my own questions about how everything runs in this new version, so it's not the time for me personally to start creating instructional content, though I'd like to before too long. The materials already exist in the manuals, my only goal would be to make quick essentials guides heavy on info-graphics, leaving the deeper reading to those who want to know more. Fragging missions could be boiled down to a much more simple procedure, again leaving the details and nuanced bits for those who want to know more. It's really basic to right click on the map anywhere and add an Air Interdiction with one or three wingmen, I think it's the recon part that gets things complicated as well as the various types of missions. Fragging a CAP in Mig Alley requires far less recon and additional tasking vs. (for example) an OCA Strike Package, I hope that goes without saying. Someone might make a dirty 5 step guide to frag a CAP, for example, but might need at least 3 more steps for an OCA Strike due to the extra data on stationary targets, getting that info saved to the DTC, etc.
  4. Let's fly

    lol - yea. You must have been away at the time. It's a standalone, so you don't uninstall 4.33.5 if you don't want to, for example I still have 4.32 and 4.33 and now 4.34 installed on my PC, and can fire up any of them and fly. But yea, we're on 4.34 now, and there have been some notable changes to the radios and the SOP for taxi/takeoff/departure/approach/landing/etc. The presets have changed and Jeffu's guide on Radios in 4.34 talks all about it. Of course, complete information is in the included docs folder. The cockpit looks a little different, too, IIRC with the T-ILS knob missing, gone digital or something. I had to retrain for that, threw me for a loop first time I tried to come in for a landing in 4.34
  5. Let's fly

    I'd love to bring back the Medals and Ribbons module for this website. Was a great way to have a history of activity at VG over time, and gives us the ability to do things like that ensignia thingy if desired. I did it once for a series of game events, participants received campaign ribbons for their profile that included the date of the event, and a special one for those who all three parts of the event. I miss that. Thing is, I looked into it, and I don't want to pay for some IPS module that someone else did (annual renewal fees, ug!), so it would take some talent on our end to craft. PHP anyone? We'll see what's possible in time, just a thought.
  6. Logi Fob fusion

  7. Let's fly

  8. F-16 Cockpit ..so many buttons

    I tossed together this highly technical info-graphic to highlight the knowledge barrier that all sim pilots must bypass in order to proceed with flight training
  9. Let's fly

    I have a curriculum I was working on many years ago, about the time a group created a website as a dedicated flight school for BMS. I figured they could do better, so it went off by the wayside. I could finalize it and assemble it into proper materials that anyone could direct a new player through. Key features included initial technical setup of controls, bindings, config, all the way through warning/threat sound training using the original TacRef from earlier versions of BMS that still had sounds to play, and of course, directing the player through the in-game Training Missions and Training Manual that accompanies it. I don't have the patience to be a trainer, I've done it a few times and I'd just about need a tranquilizer if I was to do it again. I'd rather write up materials, create instructional screenshots in PhotoShop, or short videos rather than sit in a pit and direct a new player around the cockpit.
  10. Let's fly

    Now and then, other games hook me for a short while, but I always return to my absolute favorite. I told myself I'd retrain in 4.34, and I left off at LANTIRN and Maverick training missions. Wanted to also breeze through the ILS in bad weather, too, so I'll be online more in the coming weeks. Trying to force myself to be more regular, so might make a regular flight day just so I stop falling out of practice. Been doing this for nearly ten years, but whenever I take a few months off, I end up having to re-learn how to ride that bicycle See you at Angels 20 before long!! Thanks for flying at VG!
  11. DIY - Custom Game Controller - 2 Dial HSI Course and Heading Knobs

    *For your three way toggle switch, set it up as buttons in the same way the encoder buttons are set - give each pole a pin, follow the circuit diagram for where to put resistors/ground/etc., and play around with it until each flip of the switch causes a single button press of whatever 3 buttons that is set to. Read the instructions on the Joystick Library link, it shows the format for the VOID SETUP bit for setting a generic joystick with so many axes and so many buttons, and add three to the buttons count for your switch. Other than that, you will need to play around and learn a bit to get it to work as I'll be unavailable and you'll not want to wait for me to work it out for you. Tons of info on this on flight sim forums of cockpit builders, I'm not the best source for info on that. Cheers!
  12. DIY - Custom Game Controller - 2 Dial HSI Course and Heading Knobs

    @Arnaud Just a quick update for you: I have not had a lot of time to spend on this, I've been busy and I'm not really a pro at this stuff, so I'm far less helpful than posting these questions on one of the micro-controller discussion forums. BUT I have read a bunch of them, and I went back to review a few. There are others who've wanted to use tons of rotary encoders, even asking if it's possible to do them in a matrix array like a button board does. In the end, I think the most helpful page I landed on discussed changing any pin into an interrupt. Now, I've not fully wrapped my head around it yet, as I am again busy and when I'm done, I just want to veg and play mindless games for now, but I wanted to share this with you in case you have the drive to chase it down yourself. Aside from buying the proper board for the task, something with enough interrupt pins to work out of the box for the project, it might be possible to get creative, but it will require you to learn even more about this topic to make your idea work with your current gear. Here's the link - best wishes and good luck! I may not be able to help you finish your project, but if you have any simple questions, or need to know something else about my method, feel free to ask! https://playground.arduino.cc/Main/PinChangeInterrupt/
  13. Intresting combat footage

    Right? That SUV didn't stand a chance....
  14. YAAARRRRRRRR!!!!! :biggrin:


    ...yar. :Alvarin_07:

  15. DIY - Custom Game Controller - 2 Dial HSI Course and Heading Knobs

    *Now that I thought about it, I wonder if you need all the functions of the HSI buttons (Warp Speed/Jump Speed) and could go analog with the QNH, 1 step at a time, with a different method. I'll think about it over the next few days. It's a matter of talking to the encoder library or joystick library in some way to enact a change, and within those two libraries there may be functions to get around the interrupts, I just didn't do it for my method. We'll see. Some additional reading I'll review, you might too, on Rotary Encoders: https://dronebotworkshop.com/rotary-encoders-arduino/