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  1. That GAU-8 is a powerful weapon - and DCS Warthog is worth all the time it takes to learn how to pilot that gun. If you're flying low and slow, you can actually stall out from holding down the BRRRRRT for too long
  2. Very cool weapon!! And awesome post, man! Love the pics at the bottom
  3. I've updated it to 1.4.11 but then there is more to do, make it COOP, restore the maplist, restore the custom map setups, etc. I have reports of it not appearing on the list, so joining by IP is the only workaround until that is resolved.
  4. Well, at least I'll be able to be there! Dang timing of these updates is crazy! We need to get off their cycle somehow, seems each event is preceded by an official update, and that has us scrambling to reconfigure the VG server with too little time before the events. I'll be working with Melon and TEDF when I get home this next week, and we'll devise a system for minimal downtime and no screwup's with regards to our PR Server update procedure. This just couldn't be anticipated, and so we gotta reschedule. Thanks for understanding, loyal PR players!!
  5. I just installed the PR Update on the server, and restarted mumble.... My time is limited, I need to know soon if Mumble is working correctly and if the server is updated properly. Please test & reply
  6. Server restarted to last autosave
  7. We do not "process" new members, we play with them for a long period of time, sometimes for up to a year or more, and if it is felt that the member would be a good fit in VETERANS-GAMING, a VG Clan Member will choose to sponsor the member for a vote. Again, we are not a "clan" clan, and we do not hand out clan tags often. When someone seems like a good fit, they get asked by a VG Clan Member, that is all. To be honest, I don't know you - and many VG Members here do not know you - but we know "of" you and see you playing on the PR COOP server here and there. Most people who become Clan Members are well known by many VG Members on a personal level, and are well known to the rest of the community as well, having made a positive name for themselves and having made many friends, and many of these people, coming from the PR Server, have also proven themselves already by being in-game Admins on the server. Being part of a "community" clan is more than donning the tags, it's an acceptance to the core crew, a sign of proven responsibility and an acceptable level of maturity. Patience is a virtue. Thanks again for your interest and see you around!
  8. Thank you for your interest in joining VG. We are slow to recruit new members to be sure players are a good match with the rest of the =VG= members, and share the same values of maturity and the VG COOP Spirit in our games. Much of the discussion of new members and in-game admins happens in the background here in locked forums, and a common question that comes up is "Did you ask that person if they were even interested in joining?". It is good to know that you are interested, as it eliminates any guess work in that respect. It's the first step in the process... but the next step is out of your hands, as a VG Member would need to sponsor your membership as a vote in our locked admin forums - please do not request a VG Member to sponsor your membership, this is a decision they get to make on their own. What I can tell you now is to just keep playing and hanging out with the community. We have no problem with players remaining as players, and =VG= tags award you no additional privileges in our games, so please continue to enjoy your time on our servers. If a VG Member decides to sponsor your membership in the future, they will let you know. Have fun, be cool, and thanks again for your interest!!
  9. Wow!! Cool tactic!
  10. That's Kiwibob and Tankmaster fishing there! Very cool video, SiXie! Wishing you continued success on your server - and your man-eating monster plant mod!!
  11. Sadly, I will be out of town that day, like way out of town - out of state. Looking forward to pics and videos! Have a great event!!
  12. Best of luck to you! Just FYI, video editing and production is far more taxing on a PC/CPU than any 13 year old game. And raw FRAPS video clips from in-game would be Gigabytes in size, not easy to transfer - other recording software may produce smaller files that can be transferred from one another easier but you're still better off getting the shots you need yourself, or participating in a recording session where you can direct your actors and get their footage afterwards. I did something similar for the VETERANS-GAMING Insurgency for Arma 2 music video. But again, it's all about the computer you use for that 3-6 minute video and what you use to render it, and an old laptop will certainly have it's work cut out for it. That sucker will be rendering the final product for literal days. Not sure what you're using for a video suite, but After Affects and Sony Vegas are plenty easy to use on most computers, but when it gets to the clip preview renderings, you're limited by your RAM for dynamic previews, and by your CPU and HDD/SSD throughput. When you go to select music, be sure you're getting versions of it that are allowed to be used in videos (though they may monetize your video) and make sure you annotate in the description for any songs used - the ones that have automatic takedown recognition can cause your video to get pulled from YouTube with a strike against your account (3 strikes and you're done). Again, good luck to you! I can appreciate the amount of work involved in producing a good video!
  13. lol! Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. At least the acronym doesn't have more syllables than the phrase... like GSW (gunshot wound) it would be easier to copy the link to this page and Ctrl V it to a notepad doc - the pic's won't transfer, or the tables or formatting. It's HTML.