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  1. Thank you for your interest! We have internal discussions regarding players we feel would be a good fit for admin on the server. It's good to know this is something you would be available for. In the meantime, it's helpful to report players when no admins are online. Thanks for helping with the new players, too!
  2. Almost as cool as the real deal!
  3. Ultimate Home Cockpit

    Fred Maillochaud shared this picture of his amazing home cockpit setup for Falcon BMS. This thing is absolutely beautiful! Those who fall in love with the best F-16 sim in the world know that you could fly Falcon BMS with a mouse and keyboard, but there is nothing cooler than never having to touch either one during a flight!
  4. Yea, seems like certain Human-only squadrons are getting fragged by HQ again for some reason, which is likely a game bug to err on the side of caution.
  5. @Sarge55 Here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q9oux3j3f8t75en/Acdata.zip?dl=0 Delete the folder "Acdata" and unzip the above folder to the same location. (Program Files)\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\Data\Sim
  6. Wow!! Nice construction! That's a decent sized smelter, too!
  7. can't..... resist.... python reference.... AAAAHHHH!!
  8. Very impressive! Now I'm gonna feel bad if I make any jokes... It seems that chinstrap is fucking up the one thing that a chinstrap is supposed to do. And I'm surprised that they take personal care of their Q-tips - you'd think given the history of the Soldier and Officer classes in the British Military, they'd have a designated Bearskin waif to clean them all while the men drink bitters and play billiards.. (ba dum - tiss) (I said I'd feel bad, didn't say I wasn't gonna make any jokes!) aw, now I feel bad cuz those guys are really cool
  9. *request runway* ^using that as a command for "When I say..." will make it so that any sentence that CONTAINS those words will fire the desired command. Note the asterisks on either side of the entire sentence. Very similar to the example I posted before. It's also worth noting that the developer of Voice Attack states that wildcards using asterisks like I've shown are "somewhat unsupported" and therefore can be problematic - care should be taken whenever using them. The actual quote from the guide:
  10. You'll obviously have no trouble finding the comms hotkeys and/or create simple macros for these commands, so there will be keypresses and you'll need to know those keys. Then there's the actual "call" commands for each action - of course you can make it a full sentence(s) "Request Landing Clearance" and that will work just great. But if you want a wee bit more variety and options to how you say that, you can add a few dynamic choices for VA to recognize, and also a few recognition inclusions for words that "sound like" words in your command so you don't find yourself repeating your command over and over. Here's my request landing command -- the asterisk* at the beginning means that ANYTHING I say that ends with this bit will register like, "Osan Tower this is Cowboy 1-1, requesting landing clearance" **BE SURE TO USE PAUSES BETWEEN KEYPRESSES! At least 0.050 and sometimes as long as 0.50 depending on the game -- some games can run super fast macros, some are old and need longer pauses. Explanation of Symbols and Structure of a Dynamic Command such as the one above: ; <- a semicolon is a separator meaning "or" so that you can have more than one choice for command word(s) or sentence(s). Note that either of those dynamic statements will call the command. ^ABOVE IT IS HIGHLIGHTED IN RED! [word1;word2] <- either word can be used, but at least ONE of them must be spoken [word1;word2;] <- either word can be used, or neither at all *request landing <- any sentence ending with "request landing" will execute this command request landing* <- any sentence beginning with "request landing" will execute this command So, there's much depth in Voice Attack, and I hope this little bit prepares you for the few things you'll like to do for your Falcon BMS voice commands. Any questions, feel free to ask! Good luck!
  11. Yes - you want to use Voice Attack which uses Windows Voice Recognition. Pick up Voice Attack here: https://www.voiceattack.com/
  12. Thank you for hosting the event TEDF! What a great turnout!
  13. Hello Semler. BMS is down. Tried to get on at 9am EST and no joy. Retried at 11am - Same

  14. Thanks for the introduction! Nice to meet you! BTW, punctuation is not as overrated as they say...