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  1. Having no password is a requirement of our BMS server and the arrangement we have with our host provider. Unfortunately, it is not an option.
  2. We can only do what we can. It is up to you regular players who ARE dedicated to proper SOP and to the open nature of this server to promote and communicate the VG Community website, TS3, and BMS Server rules (to be completed...) There will always be players who fall beneath the cracks, and those who will disrupt the game - do their damage - and leave, never to return. It is a sad fact of a public server, and we experience this in every public server we run from time to time (example). Luckily, we can add further levels of control as we move forward with a little technical expertise, and eventually (if needed) we could even craft a tool for our BMS Server Admins to give teeth to their words, such as something that can kick a player from the server, or add/remove them from a banlist either temporarily or permanently. Now, I realize there will be players so new to BMS, as you have described, that their first experience online may well be their last. We cannot help that. We only have a small window to make that first impression with someone new, and sometimes there is a language barrier in the way. We can only try our best to teach and encourage those we can to get more involved with this server, including telling them about the website and some important posts here on the VG BMS Server, and about our TS3 as a "waiting room" for gathering a multiplayer flight. Believe it or not, but there are always more people who follow the rules than there are who do not, even when it's a matter of innocent ignorance. For all the rest, there is little we can do aside from remove them from the server - if they are not interested in respecting others online, they have no business remaining on a VG hosted server. Harsh, but true. Try your best to continue to promote the BMS Server as a live community with a home here on the website, and a clean mature TS3 Server as a social hub. As an international community, we empower longtime dedicated members regardless of where they come from so long as they posses the maturity, integrity, and team spirit in line with VG's Clan values; this alone is set up to attract a more Adult crowd and simulators often do the same. We can create a casual non-passworded BMS Server here if we can do our part as ambassadors in the game to new pilots, and if we have the tools and teeth to keep the server clean from those without respect for others. Like you said, CobaltUK, there's plenty of IP promotion out there for VG BMS, and we need to also promote our SOP's and values both in written form, and from the mouths of all the regulars. You don't need to be a shill, but all of you who want to help grow our pilot base here, please do try to get new people to check out the website and any important BMS threads we have here.
  3. I will draw up some basic rules for you all to refer to, this would be best. I understand your frustration, really. One time I was going out on a 2-ship while waiting for Jeffu to come online, so I fragged a deep strike with an AI wingman, expecting to tell it to RTB after takeoff (allowing a friend to join me before the end of my mission if needed). A random person I did not know joined that AI Wingman and when it was time to taxi, I saw it waiting in front of me and they were not on IVC. I used Shift-T text chat and they actually responded. I told them we could not fly if we don't have IVC setup as it would be required to play together. He listened to me and left the jet, and rejoined the server in his own flight, with no further problems. I got lucky. You will be able to refer to the VG BMS Rules and can begin to warn new players of potential consequence, including being blocked from the server until they agree to follow our rules. I'll start you out now with some basics that you can quote, and I will make them official in a proper post like the PR Rules later today or early tomorrow when I'm finished: IVC is required for multiplayer flights - only if the Flight Leader agrees are players allowed to participate without IVC enabled Do not join another player's flight in-action without asking - IVC and Comms allow communication between the 2D map and pilots in 3D cockpits Respect IVC Comms Channels -- if a flight is using a certain VHF/UHF preset channel after takeoff, you must choose a different preset channel for your own flight. Do not start another Campaign on the server - be sure you understand how to properly connect to the VG Server without initiating a second campaign either by accident or intentionally Identify every Air target with AWACS Declare prior to weapons release - intentional teamkilling will result in a ban; repeated unintentional teamkilling due to ignorance will also result in a ban Attack only OPFOR units -- this is a BLUFOR COOP Campaign, no players are allowed to fly as an OPFOR Faction against BLUFOR Obey your Flight Leader - multiplayer operations require us to simulate proper chain of command, and the Flight Leader must be allowed to be in charge of his flight Know your jet and your skill level - pilots are allowed to train here, but do not join a multiplayer flight above your skill level and communicate this to your Flight Leader Happy to entertain other ideas for potential rules, feel free to post up suggestions here. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the link!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VETERANS-GAMING! Eight years ago today, =VG= BLuDKLoT founded the VETERANS-GAMING Clan as a public gaming community with a focus on COOP gaming and teamplay. The website(s) are programmed and managed diligently by =VG= SolarFlame, and have been improved over time by him with additional components and support from Aseptik. Our TeamSpeak 3 Server has been very well maintained and managed over the years, and has been the social hub of our community where players can have fun without disruptions while gaming or just hanging out with friends. After less than a few short years following it's launch, VG had grown to include over 40 Clan Members from more than 15 countries on 5 continents hosting the most popular and by far the most clean Project Reality COOP Server online. VG has maintained this position for going on a decade now, and is still running strong. To improve server speed, performance, capacity and costs, a team including SavageCDN, Poffadder, SolarFlame and SemlerPDX helped to migrate the VG Game Server to a host in Germany that offered the fastest, most reliable self-managed servers available in the West, and immediately VG was able to host Project Reality COOP as well as additional servers including Arma 2, Minecraft, and any other "flavor of the week" we wished to install and try out. Our game servers and website have continued to improve and evolve over the years including additional functionality and performance, and as some older members may become less active, more and more new members have joined us to fill the gap. It is thanks to all the members and all the players, and all the admins working hard, that VETERANS-GAMING has persisted and thrived for so long, and we are all grateful to have an online home away from home like VG provides. Here's to another awesome year with the greatest COOP gamers online, and to many more years to come!
  6. Here are the "demo" files from the Event for further debriefing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5x7eatfqb9zjz0/demos from VG PR COOP Event Feb16.zip?dl=0 Use this online tool to watch these files of the event: https://storage.googleapis.com/prdemoviewer/v3/index.html (first download and unzip the files above, then click this link and select "Choose File" and point it to where you saved the "demos") It's pretty much Battlecorder AFAIK. Enjoy!
  7. Welcome (back) man! See you around!
  8. This is still something that happens, the Official Blazing Gunz tournament - but it is hosted by another group. Static was going to participate in the last one, but he was very new to dogfighting and just entered for fun (not expecting to get far). We're just a small casual group trying to host a public 24/7 online campaign. I'd be happy to join you in the next dogfight competition. Last one was April 2017, so it will likely be coming back again soon. Gives us time to train. Feel free to host Dogfights on the VG Server, they won't interfere with the campaign in session or impact the server performance in any way. Great way to get used to it, and put your 20mm Cannon skillz to the test!
  9. The SAM threat is generally neutralized within the first 2 days of the Campaign. This is standard. Within one week, most DPRK airbases have been destroyed, so air coverage is also much lighter. When the DPRK make a push South of the 88th, they will often have had time to repair a few airbases, and MiG AI's will be found over South Korea -- though this is possible, it's always different (being a dynamic campaign that has been tweaked to require more human interaction). Often after the first week, we would spend a bit of time hunting Tank battalions - there will usually not be any shortage of those missions in the second week of the campaign. Another thing to do during the 2nd week would be to double check that the larger DPRK airbases have not been repaired, getting jumped by some MiG's is a good indicator that they've repaired an airbase or two -- so then you can find and frag an OCA or two. Before Week 3/4 there is always something to do, but when it gets thin, and there are few favorable targets and missions, it can get difficult to find any mission worth flying that doesn't take an hour of travel to get to the target zone. On that note, Korea is one of the smallest land masses in BMS Campaigns, and so we get used to short flights and easy pickins. Generally, we don't restart the Campaign before Day 20 (at least) unless there is a game breaking bug, or no airbases exist to launch from, or there are truly no reasonable targets on the map anywhere worth flying missions for.
  10. Yea, nice discount! A fair bit more affordable than TrackIR, and I'm sure someone will find this interesting. Thanks for the offer - will pass it around
  11. that is new, and I've never seen that before... I would hate to have to restart the campaign again, but if problems persist, that is what would have to happen (again).
  12. Good to know that coffee is not "bad" for you due to some old study that failed to identify contributing factors like smoking cigarettes or lack of physical activity. ^ LMAO --- if you continue reading that ^ article, eventually it links to another article about the benefits of drinking Bone Broth... I've been with many, many ladies in my life and I gotta say that only a few of them drank Bone Broth, the rest just spit it out.
  13. I'll do you one better - can show you how to watch it (or anything Nannie Deutschland won't let her children watch!) Get the "hola unlimited free VPN" extension for Google Chrome -- select a different country to browse from such as the UK, and you'll bypass all those blocks forever. While we're on the subject, the ScriptSafe, uBlock and uBlock Origin extensions will block all pop-ups and advertisements in YouTube videos if correctly configured (I can share my config if needed). Hola Free VPN: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unlimited-free-vpn-hola/gkojfkhlekighikafcpjkiklfbnlmeio?hl=en Scriptsafe: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/scriptsafe/oiigbmnaadbkfbmpbfijlflahbdbdgdf?hl=en-US uBlock: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock/epcnnfbjfcgphgdmggkamkmgojdagdnn?hl=en uBlock Origin: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm?hl=en (my ScriptSafe config which can be imported - my settings will block all YouTube ads https://www.dropbox.com/s/qfke7p2ukcxf5tp/scriptsafe-settings-2018-02-14T17_18_28.517Z.txt?dl=0 )
  14. SÆLAB 2018

    Subnautica is fun! I'm always late to the party, but I gotta say I haven't had this much fun laying tubes and corridors since I made that habitrail for my hamsters when I was a kid. At this point, I would not be surprised if I found a blueprint for an Exercise Wheel! You've found a New Blueprint!
  15. We have discussed this, and it is something we would be interested in down the road. Plan was to continue to build the player base on the Default Korean Theater that comes with BMS for a few (or several) months, and then decide on an alternate theater to spin up for a few weeks, or a single campaign (as long as it lasts at least 3 weeks) -- and then we'd switch back and forth: Korea Campaign > Alt Map Campaign > Korea Campaign.... and so on... The concern is that we are just starting to see more pilots on our server, and as we do, we want to encourage them to register here on the website and start checking it at least weekly. That way, we can use Announcements and Private Messages to notify pilots of upcoming changes or Alternating Campaigns on a rotation. I think it would be wise to revisit this topic again by April 2018, or sooner. Another thought I had was to run an Alternate Campaign on a different server, keeping the Korean Campaign open to the public at all times. This would require quite a bit of research and implementation on my part, but I have investigated it and it is possible with current VG hardware.