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  1. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    That is quite a lot of maps..... All those need to be removed from the map list randomizer and placed on the blacklist? Or do you mean simply remove them from the seeder/starter rotation and place them in standard rotation?
  2. Newbie

    You'll find a lot of the Arma guys from =VG= over at LAMBs because they're dedicated to that one game and filled with a ton of our old friends from Arma (some of those VG guys still wear =VG= tags, ah the love!) Steam and Google can be surprisingly misleading, though they are great resources to use for searching games -- what I mean is, did anyone else notice how hard it was to find GOOD new games during the Steam Summer Sale? That was painful. So many "app" like games and mini-games flooding the pages, and no good sorting options for some reason for exactly what was on sale in a given genre. Pro tip: browse throughout the year and use the "Wishlist" often, so you can find them again when sales happen - even gives you notification when something on your wishlist goes on sale. Getting older and can't remember all the things I browsed throughout the year that were either still in early access or just a bit too expensive to "try". Steam Wishlist FTW *(also, some of us buy games for each other now and then to get them into the game asap, so that helps a lot) Can't believe I assumed you heard of Project Reality -- like Double and Risiko said, if you lot haven't tried out Project Reality, you are missing a gem of a great teamwork military game! One caviat is that there are Vietnam war "maps" integrated into it, but one could simple not put them into the maplist on one's server and you'd never even notice. It's mostly modern military. Soon, there will also be many integrated WW2 maps with authentic weapons, etc. but again, these are up to the server maplist so if you run your own server, you can set it how you wish. FTR, we do run Vietnam maps in our randomized rotation on the VG PR COOP Server, as do most of the other servers out there. The game is free, and you guys would be able to apply for a license to host a server (also free), so long as you have your own hardware to run it on (windows or linux).
  3. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Done and done (but no one replied about the question: did we put Muttrah 128 on disabled after report that shit wouldn't work? for that reason, it remains on the disabled list until I get answer). Gotta go. Have a wonderful weekend! Will check back in case needed.
  4. =VG=

    That will do - each member group can be part of the filter in Advanced Search under Members.... But that would be if you're trying to see all that info about all the different groups and members at VG.... If you just wanted to check a list of only officially tagged VG Members, Moderators, and PR Admins, just click on the Staff link instead of Members... Here's a lazy link: http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/staff/
  5. Newbie

    Hello and welcome! Thanks for your service, man! Hope to see you around! I'd recommend Wargame: Red Dragon -- a great RTS military game for a group of people against AI (or other humans if you wish). The games Squad and Insurgency are both great coop/teamwork games, too - both affordable and not needing a supercomputer to run. That ARK Survival is also a great group game, different genre tho - it's a survival world with dinosaurs - a bit unforgiving, but with a group, it's a blast! Starts you on a beach with nothing, then before long, you build yourself some kind of base, start taming dinos to ride and fight for you, and it's got a heavy focus on cooperation and teamwork.
  6. =VG=

  7. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    These are the entries we have for the maps you noted -- are the INF layers the 16's? Wanted to verify before removing maps from the list willy-nilly: mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 16 mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 32 mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 64 mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 128 mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 16 mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 32 mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 64 TO CLARIFY: Should we remove Sbeneh maps? If so, which ones (be specific please)? *By remove, I mean put in standard rotation, and not starting/seeding rotations Also I thought we purposefully added Muttrah 128 to the disabled list after a report of issues with it two weeks ago? Busy packing for my trip, just taking a quick break otherwise I'd look into it further.
  8. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    That is exactly what it is doing. Yes it is, unless I am misunderstanding you. I posted it up above after you asked for it, but here it is again: mapList.append muttrah_city_2 gpm_coop 128 mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 128 mapList.append karbala gpm_coop 16 So this is confirmed? sbene is not suited for starter/seeder map? These are the sbene maps on the startup list: mapList.append sbeneh_outskirts gpm_coop 16 mapList.append sbeneh_outskirts gpm_coop 32 *If they should be removed, please advise. I doubt this is related to the randomizer, it doesn't work in any way that would cause instability. I think more data would be required to examine why crashes would seem to be increased. Usually it's Bots grabbing kits or other 'bot using weapon x' bugs which are known. If it would help, we dig into this and see if we can find the source of those crashes, but I assume it's due to the game and not to a .ps1 that runs for less than 2 seconds at the top and half of every hour.
  9. =VG=

    If you're talking in-game in PR, that has been a feature since the beginning - so people didn't have to make a new name when joining a clan, they put in a field specifically for tags separate from the username space. Surprised you didn't notice until now, you've played PR for a few minutes now... As far as people putting on false VG tags, sometimes it's someone messing around and deserving a warn and/or kick, but other times it is legitimately a brand new player (or even brand new to PG gaming in general) and is misunderstanding the concept. That was the case with Wooz, who went on to actually become a real member over time - so be sure you're understanding and giving the benefit of the doubt. Some are new, some are dumb, some are smart but just don't "get it" yet. Kindly explain it to them and welcome everyone you see who isn't a giant asshole. *edit: If you are talking about the website, that's just our extended username field which unlike most websites, allows special characters AND spaces.
  10. back to start

    Yea, that's how that happens. Impatience is paid back in data loss. Today you learned that an OS installation is specific to a motherboard, and any vast changes while the OS drive is removed from that motherboard will null and void the OS install. Good tip, if one can afford it, when upgrading PC's, keep the old hard drive separate and buy a new one for the new PC -- then install the old HDD into the new system as a secondary drive. Over time, once you pull all your data off the old drive, you can then re-format it for more space (deleting the WinOS files) with no data loss. Wish I could have told you that last week... I feel for ya, bro! It happened to me once way back when I deleted the MBR from my data drive by accidentally adding it to the RAID array - when I took it back out realizing what I did, none of the data was accessible due to the master boot record being wiped. All the data was still there, that was the most frustrating part. *On that note, there are tools to recover data from a formatted drive, but they can get expensive (or free but very risky or shady)
  11. ARK: Survival Evolved

  12. PR its evolving... into WW2

    ....so, basically, this means that:
  13. PR its evolving... into WW2

    If it makes anyone feel better, there will likely be no COOP mode for this WW2 stuff - at release, anyway - because no one wants to do the navmesh for all those new maps. So, sadly, unless someone steps up and gets cracking a little faster than a map a month, PR WW2 COOP will be a long way off....
  14. PR its evolving... into WW2

    I assume you were equally unhappy when PR Vietnam was incorporated into standard PR? I think it's a smart idea: rather than split the community through 3 different war mods, they're all in one and just dictated by the maplist choices of any given server. So, if there were numbers like the old days, someone could run a WW2 only, or Vietnam only server - or just play the cool maps they like, now and then, alongside normal PR. Well... you can make some people happy all of the time, and all people happy some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time.
  15. WUT THE ... ?