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  1. The crazy, loud, asshole you all know and love :)

    Awe double you're so nice
  2. The crazy, loud, asshole you all know and love :)

    Thanks for the kind words Protech! Had fun!
  3. Project Reality 0.95 mappack conversion

    Man this looks really awesome. I would love to test this out! Can't wait until they are finished up!
  4. The crazy, loud, asshole you all know and love :)

    Omg @=VG= SemlerPDX that's great! Thanks guys!
  5. You all know me in game as "JarVin007". I am usually the guy that is trolling his friends in game and being a very useful part of a squad at the same time. I honestly don't know how you guys put up with me, but I'm glad you do. i'm relatively new to PR as I have only been playing less than a year, but I have learned a lot about the game in that short time and have quickly fallen in love with the game, and the VG PR Coop server! I can be a handful sometimes, but I know the rules of the server very well and try to follow them the best I can while still having fun :). A little bit about my self: I am from the good ole state of Arkansas and I am a up and coming professional bowler who is going to school for a business admin degree. Even though it may not seem like it in game, I am a very "by the book" type of person. That is a little bit about me and see you guys in game!
  6. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    I'll take red team LAV please