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  1. Awe double you're so nice
  2. Thanks for the kind words Protech! Had fun!
  3. Man this looks really awesome. I would love to test this out! Can't wait until they are finished up!
  4. I usually forget about steam, and go to TS and look. I found no admins there. He tried to run over me with a logo, so I killed him in self defense. I didn't see what LTSmash did, but I do believe he snapped and started killing him in retaliation while I was making this report. Like I said after I made this report, I rallied the server together and we vote kicked him. After which he never came back. Sandman was the one I witnessed myself tk. The other tks happened either while I was making this report or while I was playing and simply didn't notice them. But this is the stuff that happens at this time of night and I'm trying my best to deal with it and help you guys keep the server jerk-free
  5. at 10:33 pm CST I was playing on Jabal on the coop server when a guy by the name of * ***SandMan*** joins in and starts teamkilling. At first he only tked me and one other person, but after I reported him using the !r function and I tk him in self-defense, he started mass tking and disrupting the game by doing so, when I started making this report, I saw that he had been tked a couple times by LTSmash who I assume was doing it in self defense. Please ban this PoS so we don't have to deal with him again. After I made this report we vote kicked him, but I counted up at least 12 int tks by this guy.
  6. Omg @=VG= SemlerPDX that's great! Thanks guys!
  7. You all know me in game as "JarVin007". I am usually the guy that is trolling his friends in game and being a very useful part of a squad at the same time. I honestly don't know how you guys put up with me, but I'm glad you do. i'm relatively new to PR as I have only been playing less than a year, but I have learned a lot about the game in that short time and have quickly fallen in love with the game, and the VG PR Coop server! I can be a handful sometimes, but I know the rules of the server very well and try to follow them the best I can while still having fun :). A little bit about my self: I am from the good ole state of Arkansas and I am a up and coming professional bowler who is going to school for a business admin degree. Even though it may not seem like it in game, I am a very "by the book" type of person. That is a little bit about me and see you guys in game!
  8. Thank you m8!
  9. I checked all the channels on TS and no admins to be found at all. That is why I posted on here. A admin did join after I made this post. I tried not to intentionally to them, but at one time the redo guy started trying to to at main so i had to defend myself somehow. But anyways, thanks guys for looking out for us players!
  10. Also a player named wenzi was stealing assets. I felt helpless, all I could do was stop them myself or with the help of my squad
  11. I was playing in tank sq on Silent Eagle at 11:41 CST time, 9/8/2016. A player named redi makson stole a tank, I verbally warned him to leave the tank several times, he then proceeded to run me over. I went to look at teamspeak, and no admins to be found, so I decided to shoot the tank. He bailed and we saved the tank and took it back to base to repair. Just wanted to report this here on the forums for the admins to look into. Thanks guys for running an awesome server!
  12. I'll take red team LAV please