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  1. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Great table, can i ask that you add if the mission has custom weapon loadout please? Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting into this.
  2. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Sorry only just seen this: Run 64 if you are in a 64bit OS, procdump otherwise.
  3. Full =VG= Servers restart

    All =VG= Gaming/Voice Servers will be restarted for essential maintenance on the morning (10:30am GMT) of 31 October 2019. Sorry for any inconvenience during this maintenance period. =VG=
  4. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    cool sem, had an account there for a while but forgotten pW... waiting reply. will look on the server. @=VG= Fastjack ... this may be a strange question but you have created mods for this engine you may help us here: From a map developmet prospective is there a null location i.e. an out of bounds for want of a better expression? are maps restricted to a specified size per the Refractor engine capabilities? if so are the maps that crash at the limit of those capabilities?, ... Im struggling to find any documentation of the refractor engine but see a heap of phisics engine errors.
  5. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/358024/project-reality-bf2-flying-south-out-of-bounds-crashes-the-coop-server-whats Nice one fella!
  6. So is this related to the known mission bug and that crashes PR? Does PR crash on a certain map? mission? I placed a script that checks if Mumble and PR are running and restarts them if they are not. If thats not working thats starange i'll take a look tomorrow evening. Could be that the script only checks every hour i think, may have to change that. How often would you like the server to restart? I know that a lot of Arma 3 servers restart at least 4 times in 24hr is that sensible for PR too? __________ UPDATE: Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding throughout this whole thing!! Cheers!
  7. Full =VG= Servers restart

    All servers updated and restarted Happy 4th July =VG=
  8. Full =VG= Servers restart

    All =VG= Servers will be restarted for essential maintenance on the morning (10am GMT) of July 4th 2019. Sorry for any inconvenience during this maintenance period. =VG=
  9. Upcoming Event

    Hi Murder, this did happen.... or there abouts.... i'll set another session in a week or so. Hope to see you then!
  10. Upcoming Event

    Thanks to those who signed up, server details:
  11. Upcoming Event

    Thanks Keed, appreciated, load-outs will be initially assigned although Arsenal will be available.
  12. Upcoming Event

    HI Blizzard cheers fella, i have not reserved any slots but I am waiting for a few guys on steam to come back to me.
  13. Upcoming Event

    Gaz, Vettala, Pigeon, Whizzler... you guys still around?
  14. Upcoming Event

    Good man Murder! Should i feel pissed nobody want into my squad? i even gave TL up! LOL