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2 hours ago, =VG= Double_13 said:

@Xenalite the INF maps you unblocked are not that easy to play with 10 people and the problem is that on some the main can be capped making humans unable to spawn at all. (for example mapList.append albasrah_2 gpm_coop 16) The ticket bleed is slow meaning that in that time the humans cannot spawn at all and the people simply will leave because they cant even play. 

I don't mind those maps been in it as it is fun to play those maps but I added most of them with the idee that a bunch of randoms should be able to play it without getting wrecked. 

The list i made was just a general idea list and some maps can be removed. I am just providing feedback on your ideas why I blocked them if you think they should be in its worth a shot


You are right that situation when blue main gets capped by bots is not ideal. If the ticket bleed was quick, then at least the map would be over very soon.

Problem is we lose the map so rarely, that we don't always know which maps have this behaviour. Also, if only we had an R-CON person nearby that would fix those issues. :P

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How about we add a feature where all the players can vote to runnext and then if the vote goes through, the command gets executed (even without admin present).  That would be great way to prevent this feature from becoming an issue.

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