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  1. Original PR runned on BF:Vietnam
  2. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92726196753587591/160CD6A8529D81B23889235BA94E428931745893/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92726196753590646/63578A905575A1D4ECCBB9709B8A130920979159/ Can we have that Pls?
  3. works great, also the added Jet functions are awesome
  4. Well than you´d need players who play as a team, but they don´t want to in Liberation..
  5. Honestly, i gave pretty much up playing Arma, almost No other VG Member actually plays on the server, the Liberation mission is bugged as fuck, sometimes you even can´t restart it, People mess around there like idiots, other people flood the server with AI and assets and since 3 /4 Weeks even admins can´t become zeus anymore to delete the shit some players did. In the last 40hrs gametime, i banned around 15-20 people for asset wasting, disrupting gameplay etc.... I think we should put one of the A3 servers down ( preferable the Liberation) until we finally get the new server (if that´s e
  6. You don´t like the server? Then fucking play somewhere else, we don´t need you...
  7. I think i still got the ones i modded back then
  8. I feel like PR gets worse after each update and it gets more stupid everytime they want do "add realism" which usually ends in situations that you can´t hit an enemy 5m in front of you because you run one floor upstairs. I´d think we should do events to get more members together but use Arma3 for that, the gameplay is a lot better, the graphics are better, almost everyone owns it, we can upload videos of arma 3 to youtube which is more useful( advertising) than a 16?year old game. Also the game performance is a lot better with arma 3, we could probably an awesome coop mission running if w
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