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  1. nah i thought you were gonna give me one of something else m203 sounds wonderful
  2. bravo team leader pls if i get a UGL, if not then medic
  3. alpha speshulist pls edit: nvm leave me out of it, just got called in to work saturday...
  4. Muttrah is broken - don't know which layers, but the server needed a manual restart after loading into Muttrah and crashing, multiple admins reported the same thing, don't know which layers crash exactly, somebody else can specify
  5. =VG= System


    And here we see the eagle in it's natural habitat, an oil refinery full of Americans
  6. Complaint acknowledged, action was taken, no need to drag this out any further than needed. /locking thread
  7. Hoped I could make it, but I'm swamped Waiting for the next one
  8. yes, with new romanian faction* *the faction is just syrian rebels with romanian flag
  9. =VG= System

    Kornet team in action

    before running out of ammo...
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