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  1. NOOOOOOOEOEOEOEOOOOOOEOEOEOEOEOEOOOOOOOOO i hope you can sleep at night knowing that you left me alone in the team with qiezi (seriously though, have a good trip)
  2. Kornet team leader + reserve a slot in the team for @=VG= The_Polish_Guy
  3. =VG= System

    Bye bye cache

  4. =VG= System

    On the hunt

    =VG= GRN&GLD looking fresh with that SAW
  5. I'm not sure, played a bit today, and for now only the "old phone" intel seemed to give me the option to gather it, the rest just gave me the options to move them around. After dying I kept loosing my rifle and gaining an extra laser designator (without batteries lol) each time - I was the JTAC and had 6 designators in my backpack in the end, and kept losing side-arm ammo as well on each death - even though I saved my load out at the arsenal I also kept getting the mission pop-up from time to time, but without any letters on the pop-up or mission actually happening edit: also the m72 ammo seems to be bugged and has an inventory weight of 0 edit2: something weird is also going on with vehicles, I keep finding groups of them parked in a areas and the ones that are populated are enemy
  6. I'm playing right now, having trouble with the intel, I can pick it up and move it around, but can't use it to get a cache marker. @=VG= .Blizzard.
  7. It's online 24/7 now, so if you gather up people on your spare time we can play whenever. You can make a discord post for example.
  8. Sq1 medic, will lead if no one else wants to
  9. melon can we get... NOOEOEOEOEOEO but seriously it's nice to know you are working on it (or are you?)
  10. Idk, ask melon, I think he wanted to put kits without smoke to make the maps a little tougher, but forgot about the deployment style kits, or just wanted to experiment with them. @=VG= Melon Muncher
  11. This was intended. This was also probably intended - idk if the kit's smoke grenade is an SP or MP one, might want to check that out.
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