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  1. Making it regular

    Was also ordered by amazone but seems like they have zero stock. The gamepad is already delivered so it's only a matter of time. Keed, what does this advanced flight model? Is it made for flightsticks?
  2. Making it regular

    You mean this nose dive forward thingy over and over again Blizzard?
  3. Making it regular

    Saitek but dont remember exact typ (something with T50 or so). Brother ordered it. Something around 45 euro. That's enough for my needs (Elite Dangerous) or other games. Can you use a flightstick in ARMA or is the movement much more clunky?
  4. Making it regular

    When i get my Flightstick (already ordered - still waiting) i will have a look into flying helo's in Squad. Helo's already integrated? Not upto date to this.
  5. I dont feel offended. There also no harsh tone from me. I'm only saying all things straight out without turning left and right. English isn't my native language. You know what happened in the past? Dont think so. Isn't so that we never tried to make things better. It's only about that the Devs should fix those issues and not community X,Y,Z. There are ways to reduce drastically the loading times for everyone. Overhauling datastructure and not pack every factionstuff into the same zip.file is a good solution. Why your rig must load all stuff that isn't needed on the map?
  6. TEDF has a good point. Why =VG= should implement new scripts to give the long loaders the same benefit as the short loaders? Is it our task to fix that? Go to the Dev's and ask them for help or start a nothing more nothing less discussion in their forums? We had already enough Bullshit talking from the Devs because of SCRIPTS and we where accused of breaking server licenses.
  7. BF3 project reality

    What's the max size for an map? Can BF3 go up to 4 km or higher?
  8. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Bump ....
  9. Game Start

    Can you all stop that downvoting etc. now ??? It will only hurt us at all. I think it's better we close this thread now because Melon already gave a final answer to this.
  10. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    I hope well. I was close to get it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7ZbmCTc0Ig Edit : The link could not be embedded because an error occurred on www.youtube.com. Can someone tell me who is the the guy in the middle? There are 4 seats (not including the bench seats).
  11. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Why not this weekend? ...... and next time, i will capture the fucking SOC
  12. G'Day

    Hello and welcome back
  13. Dak

    Welcome on board, have a nice time here
  14. Another Free Game: Tom Clancy's The Division!

    You forgot 2Pac
  15. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Sorry for not joining but i was so tired and dead as fuck. I wake up 3 hours after event and still feel dead as fuck.
  16. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Engineer please.
  17. 42oman Back!

    Was about time oman. Welcome back.
  18. Hello fellas, it's longtime ago i posted something about the insurgency gamemode for prbf2 Project Reality, my favorite game for more then 10 years. I'll took a long break from prbf2 modding due to major reallife things that had more priority and i was also waiting for the new prbf2 patch But now i'm back ... ... and doing my own thing to get coop insurgency working. Veterans-Gaming sponsored me the Veterans-Gaming DEV - Coop v1.6 testserver for further coop insurgency Projects. The server run stable with a modified version of original gaza (gaza_insurgency) and is password secured due to license politics. The other maps i already prepared need to be re-done because some maps got new navmeshes like fallujah and instead of reworking it i decided to scrap everything and starting from scratch. I kept gaza's gpo simple due to new known problems with the new 1.6 update. So, if anybody here is interrested to play and to test it, here the download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vt7d4qyyppbavnm/gaza_insurgency.zip?dl=0 Serverpassword is : vg989 Enjoy and have fun
  19. Music in trans

    No, no sorry. I like music in trans. Remember Lashkar Valley, 45 Golden Days and Rammstein. Sometimes, music helps alot to have fun if you use it in a good manner and not trolling around with it. Here my wishlist:
  20. HELLO !

    Hi and welcome to Veterans-Gaming. Have fun.
  21. PR coop maps that you hate

    I think if you spend at least 24 work hours on the map you could expand the navmesh to the maximum by morphing Terrain (preventing tris clusterfuck), turning overgrowth into staticobjects to remove some of them(reduce navmeshtime), adding here and there some cool stickies, cutting of the combatzone with walls and Melons new method and taadaaa. Fools road and navmesh in each GRID.
  22. PR coop maps that you hate

    @Melon: Watch out by fools road. There is a place where bots try to walk up a hill but the hill is to steep and many bots will stuck there. I killed there once 26 bots with only ONE grenade.
  23. Actual Return

    Welcome back.
  24. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Tetra (Socom). Want to blow up things.