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  1. Invisible Bug

    Original PR runned on BF:Vietnam
  2. Modded

  3. A3 Liberation server

    http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92726196753587591/160CD6A8529D81B23889235BA94E428931745893/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92726196753590646/63578A905575A1D4ECCBB9709B8A130920979159/ Can we have that Pls?
  4. A3 Liberation server

    works great, also the added Jet functions are awesome
  5. A3 Liberation server

    Yep testing the 64 bit..
  6. A3 Liberation server

    Well than you´d need players who play as a team, but they don´t want to in Liberation..
  7. A3 Liberation server

    Honestly, i gave pretty much up playing Arma, almost No other VG Member actually plays on the server, the Liberation mission is bugged as fuck, sometimes you even can´t restart it, People mess around there like idiots, other people flood the server with AI and assets and since 3 /4 Weeks even admins can´t become zeus anymore to delete the shit some players did. In the last 40hrs gametime, i banned around 15-20 people for asset wasting, disrupting gameplay etc.... I think we should put one of the A3 servers down ( preferable the Liberation) until we finally get the new server (if that´s ever gonna happen)...
  8. Arma 3 - Report Rule Violations Here

    Will ban them on sight
  9. Squad creation time

    Just update your PC..
  10. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    reinstalling the modpack worked it out
  11. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    Now i have the same issue -.-
  12. VG PR OPFOR event suggestions and bugs

    You don´t like the server? Then fucking play somewhere else, we don´t need you...
  13. Back in the day...

    I feel like PR gets worse after each update and it gets more stupid everytime they want do "add realism" which usually ends in situations that you can´t hit an enemy 5m in front of you because you run one floor upstairs. I´d think we should do events to get more members together but use Arma3 for that, the gameplay is a lot better, the graphics are better, almost everyone owns it, we can upload videos of arma 3 to youtube which is more useful( advertising) than a 16?year old game. Also the game performance is a lot better with arma 3, we could probably an awesome coop mission running if we ask ciro and Pitn nicely
  14. Bike accident, hospital video as of today

    hope you recover soon bro
  15. Patrol ops 4

    THX Last info is that he got enough testers:(