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  1. Did anybody find out how one can vertically land the Harrier reliably? I dabbled around with it but sometimes it just wants to go for the drink nose first.
  2. Thanks for the Bamyan Warthog takoff tutorial. I also use the left hand hill as a ski ramp. Works with a tad less rudder input. Did you use negative throttle to glue the Huey to the hill, or is it just done via pitch up?
  3. PR PiP Scopes

    Wow impressive! Might this be included into rear view mirrors? Those have next to no magnification and look like oatmeal atm.
  4. Dak

    +1 for Squad If you like those I would recommend taking a look at Project Reality (Free and dedicated playerbase here at VG) and Post Scriptum (Squad in a WW2 setting). Cheers!
  5. Training Grounds ARMA III

    The shift and left click 3D marker is only visible by yourself. But anyone can place a marker on the map or draw a arrow f.e. You could then place your own 3D marker on the map. Bear in mind that the 3D marker is on by default but may be disabled my the mission creator. For situational awareness you can open your sensor page. If someone is lazing there will be a red lazer marker there.
  6. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Would've loved to join an blow stuff up but I won't be there
  7. Markers not sticking

    To clarify, he means the orange cross that appears for two seconds on the map when a SL or spotter lazes a target or spot and hits "Need MISSILE/BOMB/CANNON" on the Q commo rose. In COOP it appears only for 1-2 seconds. It is very helpful because most spotter either just click the button or yell "tank lazed" but never include the (rough) location. I would like to have it stay longer as well. Maybe 10 seconds to give pilots time to see the icon on the map. @=VG= TEDF How long is it in on deployment?
  8. =VG= Social Meeting

    I will make a vote about the timezone. We'll use Jitsi, as it offers the most convenient way of having multiple peeps in a chatroom with VOIP [ and Video].
  9. FREE GAME: Total War Saga: TROY [24hrs]

    Unfortunately another epic store exclusive.
  10. Military perceptions

    I think it's the same in many other nations. Here in GER if you say you are in the Bund then you will be looked at a bit weirdly. Not neccararily hostile. Soldiers in uniform are a rare sight and there are next to no official military parades. If anything there is only negative press about it. Right wing extremism in KSK, responsiveness of Luftwaffe is very slow, increased budget because of NATO membership (BTW our plastic rifle is fine, just used outside its specific parameters!!). I personally have nothing against people who are in the military in general. I might even be very interested in first hand accounts of stories. In a way every trade is meant to support the infantry stuff and killing... The disconnect lies deeper in the mind of citicens that never experienced indirect or direct thread of conventional war. Generations like mine are used to the idea of constant peace. Maybe it's like with IT in companies: "Why do we need them? All systems are working fine."
  11. =VG= Social Meeting

    *Fix Seatbelt Warning noises in the distance*
  12. =VG= Social Meeting

    Hey guys, yeah I am still down. But we have to change the topic from "=VG= Social Meeting" to Community Night or smth. Judging by the feedback it would be great to include regulars who are not technically "VG" but are active just as much. On the topic of anonymity: I've dicided the best way is to let each and everyone opt in if they would like to show their beautiful mug. Video Feed should not be required. We are familiar with each others voices so a microphone is acceptable to be required. If you feel differently about this please let me know. List of things that have to be decided: Software: Skype, Teams, BigBlueButton, Zoom (please not), Jitsi Meet, ... Format: Show and Tell (Some people can apply to prepare something and show some stuff related to gaming in general like PR Modders or BMS Simpits.) Online crowd games (drawing stuff) ... Time: Timzone neutral as much as possible. I think the best would be on weekends at our usual event timing. Date: During summer preferably, in the next three weeks. I am looking forward to hear from you guys about this post. Cheers
  13. Yes, this time @=VG= Melon Muncher was lightning fast. One of the first servers online after the first update dropped.
  14. Please update the server https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=150167
  15. =VG= Social Meeting

    Zoom is controverisal because of data transfer to China. There are many other options.