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  1. Volod.41

    If I tk the guy has to wait for 10s to respawn. If I issue a !kill he has to wait for 60s
  2. Considering building a new PC around my new RTX 2070 Super...

    This is what the PTA call when the soccer moms attend the meeting
  3. Considering building a new PC around my new RTX 2070 Super...

    Cool work but minor fire hazard.
  4. 5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do

    112, 911, ... these all work in all countries. It just redirects the call to the national emergency hotline btw. nice necromancer skills
  5. [F18] Looking for a hot ride

    Cheers for the input guys! I am very aware of BMS and it's advantages. I found the DCS F/A18 just more appealing with NAVOPS and carrier landings. The one big goal I am striving for is multi crew in the F14. This is part of the reason why I opted for DCS and the Hornet. I will jump into BMS when my free time permits me to do so.
  6. [F18] Looking for a hot ride

    After researching for 1/2 year I finally got a dedicated HOTAS + Head Tracking setup. I am currently learning the F18 and am enjoy the fidelity and systems depth. I can do A/A and SEAD and want to flesh out NAV next. Anyone up for a noob flight? hmu
  7. COD MW free day 3/10

    PR is free for ever
  8. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    We have a dedicated server. Afaik @=VG= ciro has full root access. I dug around a little bit but could'nt find any hardware requirements other than Windows/Linux. The configuration itself is presented in form of a step by step guide here: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  9. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    For testing purposes we don't need a licence. "Remember that if you do not receive a license, you can still host a server!" Source: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_licensing The guidelines state that we need a min of 10 admins/instance. I don't think we are quite there yet. Could we host a non-licenced server to check the hardware specs and then, when the tech groundwork has been laid out we could apply for a licence. Source: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7849-game-server-administration-guidelines/ @=VG= 0100011000101 This weekend, me and you, some candles, some wine? I'll allocate some time.
  10. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    Hey nice let's do it. How about weekends? Since Kav is down under and GRNANDGLD is US and 01, hoops and me are EU
  11. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    I played SQUAD yesterday. I made it to the squad selection screen before quitting. There were 8/9 locked squads. 2 one man heli squads (two helis available), one IFV/BRDM squad driving a T90, one one man BRDM squad locked conducting deep operations far away from any cap and some inf squads. I feel the playerbase needs more servers with a proven ruleset. I'd be down to read into the admin stuff. One thing that might bring us more popularity in the squad community right away would be to host workshop mods like the aussie mod. There are always people looking for servers but none stay up for long. If we would to fill that niche we could implement the PR legacy ruleset with a kind of good minded monopoly like we enjoy in PR COOP. If there will be more servers popping up we would still have a dedicated and fair server culture that has been popular in COOP for quite some time. <prophecy> Once @=VG= Melon Muncher learns UnrealEngine and creates a highly sophisticated machine learning AI for SQUAD, PR will die. Once that happens we are prepared for the first official SQUAD COOP VG Server. :) </prophecy>
  12. Merch?

    Looking at prices for high quality HOTAS mounts, sticks, grips, throttles, pedals (ex), buttons, MFDs and so on I regret not taking the CNC route in Highschool. The simmer community will import products from China or Lithuania because apparently there is a huge gap between products from mass producing companies like logitech or thrustmaster and small shops like virpil or ch products.
  13. Merch?

    lmao a VG calendar of the funny pics thread
  14. I know PR is going to DIE!! Whats next?

    I am toying with returning to BF3. It's better than BF4 by a large margin. The maps are plentiful and quite big. Nothing compares to PR but hey, can't play this game solamente.
  15. Operation Frosty Dagger

    @=VG= .Blizzard. adjusting the spindel again?