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  1. Operation Frosty Dagger

    aka ShitUpdater @=VG= Kavelenko The mods are rather small in ARMA terms and easy to remove. I know all of them and they add great functionality to the vanilla experience.
  2. Operation Frosty Dagger

    I volunteer for Squad Lead. Which communication tools are we using?
  3. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    +1 also the fact that this layer does feature a massive two big-box carrying behemoth of a chinook that can spam crates all around the map, with a 5 minutes respawn and 7 seats for infantry, putting the trans capabilites of the griffon into a minor role.
  4. Squad

    I just changed my key bindings to match PRs... I own squad and i would be down for a 24/7 server with the legacy PR ruleset. Currently it's hard to find a decent server with strict rules and active admins. Hopefully this will change in the future as soon as the mainstream gamers moved on and only the dedicated stick to it like in PR.
  5. What's your army doing this Christmas?

    Gotta hang the christmas lights just in time
  6. I'm Backkkkk!!!!!

    Hope to see ya in the trenches johnathan
  7. ArmA 3 Modded server

    Yes! Antistasi is not suitable for a hop-on / hop-off server we are running. @topic: We could kill the Tanoa BMR Insurgency server and host a CUP or RHS CTI mission.
  8. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    How about your Backdoor SALE, Cruizer?
  9. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    @ZZANG1847 I used pcpartpicker (based in US) to compare your best buy offer (https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gaming-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-3600-8gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-580-2tb-hdd-240gb-ssd-black/6362427.p?skuId=6362427) to a almost similar custom build. Difference: - I excluded the Win10 licence because you can get that for $30 somewhere else. + I doubled the RAM to 16GB to account for the additional win10 licence cost and because Ryzen loves Dual Channel High Clocked bars. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/F7Fwcq Conclusion: pcpartpicker: $843.64 (raw price, excl. shipping costs) bestbuy: $599 I recommend the best buy offer and pruchasing additional 8 GB of the same RAM yourself (This can be checked after it arrived). Its a good price and you save time not installing everything.
  10. Hacks or bug/feature

    We discovered Volod's secret D:
  11. Mumble crashed

    All players in one muted lobby. Please restart the service.
  12. COOP PvP ?

    @TEDF Holy moly those vids are fucking funny. So many names that you don't see around anymore. Trip down memory lane... @ Topic: Keeping it in events is the way to go. The problem I see is when you have this type of setup we would need admins on the other team as well. But even bigger, the maps aren't balanced for human opfor use. F.e. the Havok von Jabal would be instantly manned when it spawns. One would have to camp the helipad and get in the cockpit before it takes off...
  13. LemurLemur

    Hey Tom! The game has been out for a while, we bearly stay above 30p avg anymore. There is a PR update on the horizon and hopefully this will bring some fresh new content. Many regulars have been getting tiresome with the same stuff. I still get some enjoyment out of it so I'll stick around for a map or two. Since you're west coast the best time to play is 11pm pacific.
  14. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Share a link if you got it running. Maybe we could help with promotion if the product is interesting.