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  1. Operation Slayer |Day175|

  2. Community Growth and Development

    @X0R True, I am just jelly cuz I keep ending up in the drink trying to helicopter that thing
  3. Community Growth and Development

    @Sciddles Since East and West are not cappable at this point (no orange shield) it can be considered flag skipping as is to be reported. HOWEVER since Jabal has known active mortar locations it is not always clear whether the intend of flying there was to generally kill stuff, or strike an active mortar location and then return to the allowed zones. Since destroying mortars is a higher priority than helping the cap (APC squad will otherwise be not able to help the cap) I personally would not consider it a offense. But if they linger, then it would be a different manner... It's very nuanced. In wake of this I also suggest a new rule: No more hovering Harrier to get kills! For all intents an purposes it can be considered an exploit because bots have no logic implemented to fire upon a hovering Harrier. Edit: *Except AA of course...
  4. Flashbacks pt.2

    @=VG= Melon Muncher Yes omg please I want hunt scuds mortars.
  5. Flashbacks pt.2

    According to my research in this matter I came to the following conclusions presented in this graph. Source:
  6. Alecskell (hello)

    Hello there! See you on the battlefield.
  7. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    1 ticket for CAS please!
  8. Teaser for Op Slayer..

    Got it
  9. Need your help guys!!

    Yeah man now is the time to jump into website stuff. It's not hard, no math required and there are many free and easy platforms out there to learn and just try it out. I work in the field professionally (CMS, PIM, MDB) but never touch any code. But those acronyms are just interesting for enterprise folk. What I am talking about is the small car shop around the corner, the hairdresser from down the block or the Italian place next town. They have no clue how to design websites and even less time for them but need one. Nowadays there are tools out there that do most things for you. It's easy as creating a Powerpoint presentation. What helps are connections. Maybe you know a photographer, a copywriter or some marketing guru for questions. The rest is always a google query away. These are some platforms that do everything except the content for you. https://www.wix.com/ https://www.jimdo.com On the pro side you get to learn a lot of people with businesses and all you need is a computer to start. Zero monetary investment.
  10. Teaser for Op Slayer..

    This weekend? Poke me daddy
  11. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    Currywurst bro, Currywurst. (im Bermunda ;))
  12. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    @=VG= 0100011000101 Hey I was in BO in July for vacation lol! You guys sure have a lot of pre-historic wall paintings on your houses. I think I almost died at some point while riding a bicycle in the city.
  13. CO-OP Suggestion

    @Sphee Thanks for the suggestion! The second server idea was discussed a while back, but didn't go anywhere. I would also like to point out that maps in OPFOR mode are less stable, sometimes horribly unbalanced and do not uphold the standard players would expect from normal gameplay. I want OPFOR mode because I get to play with different toys and fight on maps from a different direction. What I think is a better implementation if we would be able to run opfor layers of maps, without having to set anything up server-side. For example Sbeneh STD and ALT. On STD you are MEC against Rebels, on ALT it is the other way around. The flags are different but it seems that both maps are equally popular and it can be very refreshing to switch to ALT after the usual plethora of US maps. However I am no DEV and my free time is not being discussed here.
  14. Project Reality Event Week III

    Great fun, regardless of the drag at the end. We will replay the second one so folks, who unfortunately missed out will be able to experience that one, oui.
  15. Desert Storm

    Ah yes, the iconic video of the CAS player on Khami when the secret Gopher went active.