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  1. Airlift & AirToAir Rearm/Repair, Your Thoughts?

    We have wehicle lifting in Battlefield Vietnam But yeah, that would be awesome...
  2. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    Belgrade, Serbia is nice place to visit
  3. 1. Set Texture and Terrain quality to low (when game is starting, its going to load "LowTexture.extension" wich has less MBs) 2. In launcher go to: Support\Utilities tab\Clear Shader Cache (every time when graphics was changed) I was logging in to the server pretty quickly while the game was installed on the HDD, i use free disc defragmenter-optimizer https://www.auslogics.com/en/software/disk-defrag/ because can save you time by defragmenting only the files or folders you want instead of the entire hard drive. Game is now its on Kingston A400 120 GB SSD but improvements in loading time are only abouth 10-15 sec. faster. i guess its because extraction uses only one CPU core... 3. A very small program that help me to have less or not at all game crash by Trimming WorkingSet in background https://www.henrypp.org/product/memreduct Working Set is the priority level given to data in RAM which cannot be paged out to relieve memory pressure. The Working Set for a process is dynamically assigned by the OS Memory Manager. The highest minimum W.S. allowed for 32bit processes is 4GB, for 64bit processes its 8GB. It is only the minimum amount of RAM guaranted for application, actual usage can and usually is much greater. This is true with 32bit apps on 64bit hardware. Anything over 4GB is not reflected in the Working Set, because its on the standby list... For example BFPR = 32bit my MemReduct settings 4. Tweaking Realtek PCI GbEthernet Controller (see picture below) 5. I highly recommend SimpleWall https://www.henrypp.org/product/simplewall (block Windows spy + telemetry + create your own rules)
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  5. Awesome Parking Hell :).png

  6. What the Hell-cruizer.png

  7. Night Fight.png

  8. CHEESE!.png

  9. What gear do you got? CPU + GPU Combo Poll

    i7 3770 8GB DDR3 1333 Radeon HD 4600 series 1GB Sennheiser HD650 And yeah, BFPR give mi inspiration to make a Tech Trance track titled C.A.S. if you like the track, please, do not download yet, because its reserved for some Trance label... I will give you a new link to download if u like it
  10. No blitzkrieg?

    Im voting for more: 1. karbala ++++ 2. khamisiyah ++ 3. kokan ++++ 4. Fallujah ++ 5. jabal ++ 6. Gaza ++++ my opinion
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  14. Music in trans

    OMG, I thought for a moment that you did a remix in Presonus Studio ...