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  5. What gear do you got?

    i7 3770 8GB DDR3 1333 Radeon HD 4600 series 1GB Sennheiser HD650 And yeah, BFPR give mi inspiration to make a Tech Trance track titled C.A.S. if you like the track, please, do not download yet, because its reserved for some Trance label... I will give you a new link to download if u like it
  6. No blitzkrieg?

    Im voting for more: 1. karbala ++++ 2. khamisiyah ++ 3. kokan ++++ 4. Fallujah ++ 5. jabal ++ 6. Gaza ++++ my opinion
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  10. Music in trans

    OMG, I thought for a moment that you did a remix in Presonus Studio ...
  11. My first attempt at capturing video

    Hey, nice video. I also make a video of me playng, abouth a week or more Hater, our HMMWV mission starts at 3:10 BF2PR quarantino gameplay (make shure waching it at 720p)