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  1. The harder then the normal vietnam is the vietnam with green flther from thermal vision bug. Bruh.
  2. Hacks or bug/feature

    That bug actually happens sometimes when u with turned on thermal vision switching seats. Its also a feature to make bots lose aim at u and I use it quite often, like f1-f2 And there is a little chance of that vision will save after ur death.
  3. Hacks or bug/feature

    I found a bug/glitch in game when u can get a thermal vision on everything What u think or can say about that. How classify that:hacks or bug/feature Edit: Actually saves on nextmap Edit2: Only saves a filter,but a thermal vision is desapearing
  4. =VG= PR Event

    Looks like its RIP for event
  5. YAY! I got in the first 100 on gameranks in VG Co-Op Server.


    1. =VG= m823us
    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Congratulations, man!  Glad you're enjoying the server! :drinks:


  6. =VG= PR Event

    I hope that it will be...
  7. 2 Weeks in Mt. Hood National Forest + Pics

  8. =VG= PR Event

    I can suggest on weekend two on Bamyan Map make a RU vs Taliban and make it like the Afghani War from 1979-1989. I think thats good idea. Give russians some light armored vehicles like BTR-80(Not BTR-80A) ,BTR-60,BRDM-2M. May be a SU-25A ,but put some AA in city or around the map so it get balanced. May be instead of a jet add Mi-24V. Trans Helicopter Mi-8,1-2 Logi trucks and some trooptrucks. The scenario will be like to reach the Northern Airfield and cap it or just play it like normal AAS map.
  9. Meh.

    Обидно пиздеецццц
  10. Meh.

    Only 1 point. JUST WHY Sometimes idk how this game count them.
  11. Historical accurate.

    Invasion of Italian forces in France. June 1940,colorized.
  12. T-51 sucks maaan

    X-01 for real papa's

  13. New PR events ?

    I can suggest to make a 1 Life event on a server. Just try something new on co-op server.
  14. Thicc guy

  15. This is quite a good ammount of kills