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A Sad Message From Me

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Well guys, The reason i'm saying this is because my life is completely full up, Last year of school, Applying for the Army very soon and I have no time to play here.
So take this post as my official resignation from VETERANS-GAMING, I have had great time here and i will not forget you, i will check back now and then, but i just don't have anytime to play.
So guys I wish =VG= the best of luck, and to all of you, have a great life.

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And I thought this was something REALLY sad like he broke his Wand or his team lost at Quidditch. !lolol

Harry, I will miss you, yes, yes, I know you feel the same way. We were like 2 peas in a pod.

Take Care my friend.

You'll be back, I guarantee.


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