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  1. Sup man!  Welcome back!
    I noticed your display name on the website - check out this post on how to change your name from "VG-Hans" to "=VG= Hans"

    1. =VG=Hans


      Sorry mate mistake :D better now ?

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Very close.... Just add a "space" between the =VG= and the name Hans -- like this =VG=Hans --> =VG= Hans


  2. WB man

    1. =VG=Hans


      Hi Blud hope you are better now

  3. of corse yes, i pay for FH and i,m dissapointet that nobody tell me that we have an new server, now running with one map, i,m and savage manage bevor the maps, and i will doe it again if you like. Fh is a part from VG i have a lot of fun there, where the server,s location ? it,s up to you Blud, but please not in Alaska..
  4. hear hear. yep we,re a big Family, and this Family need food, so guys please, don,t forget to spend a little money for the great VG servers.
  5. yep true, but i was never so slowly in 44 jears like your 2 Jears old pc. this one need a Walking carriages.
  6. i,m here nobody like to play with me ):
  7. Buy it now, want to try soon as possiple.
  8. Welcome and god bless you.
  9. peasand that,s the musik from Lawrence of Arabia, and the mapsound of Gazala FH lol by the way it,s near X-mas Ram
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