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  1. http://www.breathecast.com/articles/steam-summer-sale-start-date-leaked-photo-and-info-possible-june-19-30-sale-16365/ http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-06-11-steam-summer-sale-2014-starts-19th-june Alot of sites are saying the steam summer sales will be june 19th so get your wallet ready.
  2. Hows the shooting, is it still a 5 second wait?
  3. il2 1946 campaign with some buddies.
  4. Im not worried. I got enough spare money saved up to buy/upgrade my computer for arma 3 lol. So if I need to buy new parts im ok with that. As for specs ill post them later.
  5. Hey guys having a little problem and hopefully some of you tech guys know this one. Every time I exit a game / in game my fps drops to 5 and its super laggy. Games wont load (they load but super slow) after this and i have to reset computer to get rid of it. Wondering if its my video card or something else.
  6. dman248

    Photoshop Help

    Hey guys, I buddy wants his own banner for warband and I told him I would ask you guys as I know some of your guys work is unreal. If possible, he wants 2-chord circle -> http://www.espie-whitburn-design.com/Tutorials/2-Chord-Knot-Circle.jpg 6 swords in the middle like a sun. -> http://www.medievalswords.ws/medieval-long-sword.jpg different colours green blue or black. Size "360x360" If you guys could help him out it would be great. dman248
  7. I still remember you, also remember you coming back before but you had broken your leg at a soccer match and then came home to find your computer stolen. Good to hear you got your feet back on the ground and everything seems up.
  8. BlackWid0w LAN_WROTE ... console section has gathered around 4" of dust. It breaks my heart! So has my xbox 360
  9. I would like to state some things. Commanders are the most important person that can be in game, This is leading many squads from the back so other squad leaders can focus on there squad. I will say that as the commander you can not see what the squad leader can see, this is why we remain in contact at all times asking for logstat. Now onto leading, someone said that if there leader was doing something they don't approve of then they would call them out on them, and would want the same. That's bullshit, If I'm leading you into battle I don't have time to argue/explain every little detail on why I moving you to the location or why your running across a street with a possibly to be shot. Second, if your the leader you should never let anyone question your orders. You look weak in the eyes of others when you second guess yourself. Always remember that if you cant stand anyone else leading you (ex. myself) then you need to take control and lead the squad, but not if you didn't slot for that role. I don't have alot of time, ill write more when I get home.
  10. I would love to play coop in this, We fight the AI and have good fun.
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