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[ArmA Event] Task Force Eagle

=VG= The_Polish_Guy

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Arma 3 Event

Player count: 20 sign-ups

Task Force Eagle

SATURDAY 13th JULY 2024 - 1800hrs GMT (PRT)

training session 1 hour earlier as per tradition (NEW TRAINING MISSION)



Password: hot


MAP: Zargabad


Insurgent forces took over the city of Zargabad and a UN units in it. Help the UN forces before they are overran. A task force has been formed from Polsih army and SOF in the area, american army helicopter pilots and remaining UN forces. Assault enemy strongholds and look for an HVT.

We will be joined by players from the UA MilSim Community for this mission.




BLUFOR assets:


Littlebird (hellfire + miniguns)

BTR-80 (UA squad)

logistic truck

REDFOR assets:



AT emplacements


[Eagle 1] - command

Task Force Commander: =VG= Poolish

Technician: =VG=X0R

Technician: Enfield

[Eagle 1-1] - Mech INF

Team Leader: =VG= Deathdealer

Medic: asko

EOD Specialist: aLonestar

AT Specialist: Cubik

Machinegunner: TheMeatBaller

Rifleman: Cherry

APC Crew:

Commander: TEDF

Gunner: System

Driver: Danky

[Eagle 1-2] - UA Mech INF

[Eagle 1-3] - SOF

Team Leader: =VG= Sausag3

Medic: =VG= Stixon

Marksman: =VG= Ingo

Autorifleman: PewPew

Autorifleman: =VG= .Blizzard.

Operator: Sphee

[Eagle 1-4] - CAS

Pilot: Veselyy

Pilot: =VG= Batmeme

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On 6/29/2024 at 2:35 PM, TheMeatBaller said:

New to arma what do u guys suggest?

I would suggest rifleman/machinegunner, but unless someone wants to change their role that's not possible. So APC driver?

Edit: Let me know if you need some help with training ACE or TFAR

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@=VG= The_Polish_Guy Can you force swap some people around in the SOF squad and just give me people that know what they are doing? 

I applied for SOF squad to lead a competent squad, I don't want to micromanage everything especially with teaching some newbies at this event.

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Understandable, moved a few ppl around.

If you were moved to a different squad and you wanna change back, find someone to exchange with. As I mentioned at the beginning the SOF squad is meant for more experienced players as it will be operating in a demanding environment.

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