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  1. The best thing I can offer is the same thing I tell my brothers, the key word in that f*cked up disorder is POST! We are taught to always adapt and overcome so as hard as it is we need to leave the demons in the past. Sure they sneak up and ambush you sometimes, but you stomp them back with HEALTHY addictions and joyful activities. I would just be real with your friend. Chances are he is getting all the "beat around the bush" treatment currently. Hope this helps.
  2. When trying to run Sbnesh std you idle out on dead screen. I think we also crashed on Jabal mid way through. There were others, but I'm not 100% on the layers.
  3. That sounds like aids man.
  4. I'll go if you pay for my ticket fanny
  5. Just realized I have a conflicting event on that day I will have to resign my spots. Sorry guys. Have fun!
  6. Melon, SAS breacher on dragon fly Breacher in inf2 on barracuda
  7. Dragon fly- logistics medic Bijar- Cas pilot 1 Barracuda- medic in Inf 2 Thanks brother
  8. Must of had the "Fury" crew inside lol
  9. That was sick! still wished you would have broke more than your legs on that fall you nasty ass civilian
  10. Look who's talking. Earrings and beanies for days on your page.
  11. Oh nvm that is the video haha.... I was raging hardcore
  12. Did you get a video of the ranger squad last night?
  13. Pilot 2 with Syd please.
  14. Good luck brother. Going to the the dark side ;)
  15. Welcome, always nice to have a another salty pilot around. Look forward to flying with you partner