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  1. Quite sure it takes whichever dovre is higher up in the maplist. Winter should be always after the summer version for the command to work.
  2. Sling loading has already been done by some of the PR contributers and devs with some rather amusing results. (Can't find the vid atm). And as for the rearming CAS in the field - yea don't see it ever happening in PR. CAS is already op as it is. I believe there were some thoughts about giving osprey the repair stations like logis do, but I think that idea got thrown in a bin as it would make US unbalanced on maps with osprey.
  3. I'd reduce the range of quads back to what they used to be or increase the diviation. Some of the smaller maps, with helis only, are unplayable for the pilots, especially when cas is bad and doesn't deal with the AA. Kind of starts to get annoying to either get sniped out or shot down with the first burst that comes out from bvr and there's nothing you can do about it but to sit in main for over an hour. And what the hell did You do with the ins scorpions? Man, those things are insane. I've seen one guy walk in a room full of friendlies, open up with full auto and whipe out an entire squ
  4. Project Reality update has been announced Highlights : 3 new maps (Adak, Icebound & Hiberna). Last 2 are seasonal maps that will be removed early next year Different factions on same map depending on the layer BMP3 Finally got the Thermals back. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2208264#post2208264 Edit : Update scheduled to be released tomorrow!
  5. Usually I don't really like to post personal stuff online, but I trust you guys, so here it is.
  6. Awww... I'm not that scary.....
  7. It's possible to change pretty much everything, from the spawn locations to moving flags and strategic areas, server side. Only thing stopping it is the infamous PR server licence. We have had some lenience in the past when the licence wasn't so strict like it is now & having 2 R-Devs in the clan, so we did test out things some years ago like having 1/3 of the bots skipping the flags on muttrah and rushing docks instead, IFVs shooting jets & sniping tanks with ATGMs, bot inf using smoke and grenadiers firing IR smoke at armour etc. I mean, if we had free hands to do things, then holy w
  8. Server is up and running the briefing map. If you have admin on the server, do not change maps. Do not capture the flags. Password : final Edit : I didn't manage to finish the factions properly, so we will most likely have issues joining mid round like last time. If you plan on playing, try to be on the server before we start. People who couldn't join due to VAC ban last time should be able to now. I highly recommend disabling the new LOD settings to minimize the chances of getting memory errors mid round.
  9. The event is on. Uploading them atm. Should be done in a few. Sorry for the delay. Edit : Download
  10. Thanks. It's not about that, you guys have been great and I don't mind citicism, it's what helps us improve after all. I appreciate honesty over blind praise. If something is trash then it's good when people point it out. It's just one of those stupid random moments that comes and goes every now and then.
  11. Hi, I apologize for such a late download, but I've had a bit of an issue with finding motivation to do anything in the past week. I'll try to finish up the broken things by tomorrow and get the download up as soon as possible. Sorry again.
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