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  1. Happy Birthday TEDF!

    I hope you had a great one last month?

    Stay safe and keep being exceptional!!



  2. CAS pilot pls. Any intel on what assets we will be operating with or will they be part of the briefing hour before?
  3. Transport "Drop-Like-a-Rock" : TEDF
  4. Was surprised by the trigger discipline. Don't know if you guys commited a local genoside after I left, but for the first 5 hours, only 1 civi casualty - quite impressive.
  5. The ones we have now are fine, the question is, do we need any more / less? Current set for insurgency is already somewhere around 30+ GB-ish which is almost the same size as the game itself. We just need to come up with a list and then stick to it, not bounce around different mods like we have so far between events.
  6. Did you completely delete your PR folder before reinstalling? When you uninstall, all the custom stuff remains, so you would have to manually delete them. Check your main PR folder, if I remember correctly, the reshade files for PR should be there if you installed them at some point (Don't have PR installed so can't check). If you didn't install reshade, then it's something else causing the crash. I don't know exactly if reshade overwrites anything when installed, but you could try downloading the reshade files from here and then use it as a reference and delete whatever files come with it from your PR folder and see if that works. Again I can't guarantee that it doesn't mess up your game even more.
  7. For those who are having CTDs, this might help.
  8. If you have reshade installed for PR, remove it.
  9. Quite sure it takes whichever dovre is higher up in the maplist. Winter should be always after the summer version for the command to work.
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