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  1. batmeme

    Why We Fight?

    i don't have one other like for killing bots and i'm not having a good day from work
  2. yea i looked him up again last vid he post was about 4 weeks ago but i didn't get any of his vids on my notification
  3. iam one of his subs but he kinda stopped posting videos
  4. please watch the video if you are a new player in PR i've seen lots of new player try to fly yet they fail at it so many times some of them don't even know to how fly or land transport people and many more so here this video from ( Cpt.MikeMei ) mike is a PR player who play PR Deployment a lot .. so I hope they our new player watch this video so they learn how to fly hopefully in the future they too can fly if you know of a video about learning how to fly CAS many other stuff that we have in PR please link them in here thank you for reading
  5. ah what the hell we only live ones here this how i look like got called a mexican even tho i'm not :V
  6. batmeme

    Its Meee

    meme lord has join us bois
  7. i'm willing to help out the new players if needed
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