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  1. welcome dude hope to see you in PR
  2. @=VG= Sausag3 can you remove me from the event i won't join tonight sorry
  3. nothing much my guy just busy sometimes or just being lazy
  4. sure update " ive put the link of the map on top
  5. trying something new recon/uav spec in wolf 1
  6. when i do cas or trans i just let him do as he like's when he joins up and i agree on him being a good pilot
  7. witch one ? yes i found it
  8. fine by me but if l3ry4n is going to be SL in A i'm staying in A. don't mine if you switch me all good
  9. playing the medic sigh up with who ever you like
  10. https://medal.tv/clips/49823822/d1337eW8XSq5
  11. with or without a mic if you know the game all good by me and as long that people with no mics are using the chat and talking with other players via chat or using the ingame voice lines it's fine but some won't even talk
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