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  1. here's my top 3 that i love to have one day 1- nissan skyline r34 love this car so much cuz of the fast and furious 2- dodge demon it go fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wj1pc3tJEk 3-nissan skyline gt-r kpgc10 looks fun to drive kinda late to this party :v
  2. i want to join so bad but i can't due to the power outage
  3. how the hell did he do that
  4. it's nothing to worry about kav discord server may have overloaded with people logging in all at once stuff like this happen to me as well so yeah they will fix it
  5. i'll be a MG for A if not available maybe i will squad lead B not sure
  6. happy veterans day and happy late marines birthday to you guys
  7. OH mister snow all the time you hate my desert to that i say sir how dare you
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