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  1. CO-OP Suggestion

    your proposal is exactly what opfor fridays was.... it was literately just a side swap, and m8 explained above why we dont run it anymore.
  2. CO-OP Suggestion

    yes. TEDF also puts on events on new maps and layers every so often.
  3. Desert Storm

    I love this dudes vids, and he does a great job of putting everything into perspective. the Vulcan run on the Falklands is one of my favorites. Another good channel that is similar is Liveth for Evermore: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOQ-WpDxp4P1pOJ4Kbc1i2w/videos He has several Videos of Delta raids and he did a thing on the British Task Force Black and some of the operations they did with TF 121 in Iraq.
  4. unbanning

    You need to chill out. Your unban thread is located here It is being reviewed and will be accepted or denied on that thread, but it takes time. until then, read the rules some more or go for a walk, but stop posting more threads, its counter productive.

    Oh hell yes, finally a Chinook can carry almost a platoon worth of infantry to the front.... did they decide on 24 over 32 for balance reasons? Edit: I didnt even think of the limitations of the model itself, we need a bigger model lol.
  6. Music in trans

    find yourself a digital or physical mixer. (Physical over Digital for obvious reasons) Golden and I both use mixers and I plug my phone into it, That allows me to pause and adjust the volume as needed. One thing I do is always have the volume of the music higher going into my headset then into the output, so it will always be louder for me then anyone around me, keeps me from accidentally washing people out. You can play back the output to your headset so you can check the volume yourself and then turn off the playback when your satisfied. Music in PR is a great thing, but as with everything, there is a time and a place for it. several of us that fly Trans or CAS always play music without causing communication issues for squads or to the pilot. funny enough, I also have a glitch that causes the local chat to be farther and farther back depending on the speed of the vehicle, so I always need to be landed or have them squad leader chat to me, Music or not, I cant really hear anybody from the back in flight unless I slow down... hasn't caused issues yet. Just play around with it until you find your groove with you being able to hear everyone and them hear you.

    Man, I feel your pain... Even before 1.6 people had issues with target identification... Out of a squad of people moving to a point, I would be the one shot by friendlies, or get lit up by skittish fuckers around a corner. I've taken to !kill commanding people that have blatant issues with PID, or for people that feel like using bullets to communicate "I need a ride" is better then their words...
  8. Warzone

    You can add any non-steam games to your game library and it will show you playing them to your friends when you launch it from steam. Some people do this for PR, but I'm not sure if the Steam overlay will work when doing this.
  9. Merch?

    https://www.challengecoinsltd.com/ I carry mine around everywhere I go, or you could just as easily display it. Makes for a good conversation starter.
  10. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    Pilot with no arms, Copilot with FLIR, left door gun, and right door gun, both miniguns. Its like the Marine CAS huey on muttrah minus the rockets and plus a light crate.
  11. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    It also only has four seats, of which two need pilot kits. it makes a terrible trans bird with only two seats.
  12. Guns and Ammo

    Its a .22 and you can get any suppressor with a $200 federal tax stamp which are easy to get. It's the same tax stamp you would need for an automatic weapon, but this all depends on the state you live in. In Arizona, where I am, I can own pretty much anything from automatics to "destructive devices" and Suppressors, however, California, which is right next door, can't even own 30 round Stanags or an AR15 with a normal pistol grip.... A Soldier got arrested for having a 30 Stanag in his car when he left fort drum in New York, so it can get a bit confusing with gun laws here if you start crossing state lines.
  13. Ghost Recon; Breakpoint

    My old man and I play the hell out of it on PC, if your looking for a group to run with. We may have to figure something out about he time difference however lol.
  14. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    The Rotor systems on the Helicopters I'm flying keep spinning in a ground idle state when i get out of them now... But no sound bug as of yet. I also don't see vehicle fires anymore and can somehow see vehicle damage smoke through buildings now...
  15. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    But this isn't happening on a map with an uncappable main, this issue is on Kashan STD, with the canadians, the final flag IS their main where this problem occurs.