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  1. Where did vg go?

    Ive been around for a good bit. I went away for a while for work. Every day I thought about when I would come back to the server and joke around with my friends. SPOILER. Last 3 nights, nobodies been on. Is PR dying?
  2. Hi :)

    Daniel75, welcome brother. didnt know u needed an introduction. Always known u to be the best pilot and squadmate. See u on the battlefield.
  3. My introduction

    Welcome buddy! Ur a pretty good dude to play with. Hope to see you on here more as well.
  4. you don't c this everyday

    This was clearly an autobot or decepticon lol.
  5. Operation "Red Tide" VI

    I had a blast just seeing some of the "heavy hitters" come out from the shadows and play. i love playing with good people and although i got in a bit late (due to google timezone), I still had a blast. Everyone was awesome and I look forward to playing with you all again. I was streaming the event and recorded so the last map will be up on yt sometime tonight. Again thnx to the devs and admins for putting on another amazing event/experience! And ill see you ALL in the next one.
  6. Operation "Red Tide" VI

    ill also be streaming the event on twitch and probably uploading to youtube if the footage audio is ok.
  7. What to buy on Steam Summer Sale? Hmm...

    my vote is for insurgency bud. really fun game with a pretty decent player base. almost everyone i play with on there also plays pr or has heard of it.
  8. Introduction. come one come all.

    I believe my youtube channel url is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFSOWSiw4jS03fqllMRgi9w
  9. HEY, HEY, HEY! FatAlberts here today!

    did my intro just because you did buddy. awesome playing in the 2 rounds today. hope to see you in the future!
  10. Introduction. come one come all.

    Hello and welcome to my introduction. This was inspired by "FatAlbert" and his recent introduction lol. Ive been playing for around 2yrs daily. Pretty knowledgeable, yet still an idiot most of the time. I enjoy making people laugh whenever possible. Have youtube channel dedicated to project reality. Mostly im online playing just to have fun. Im always willing to help out any new players with questions. PR is my escape for real life so Im usually drinking while playing so things will get wierd. Anywho, thanks for reading and ill see you on the battlefield!
  11. Hey :D I'm Scared to do this.

    welcome buddy. hope to see you in game soon. Im always open to answer questions.
  12. continuous tk

    second. sry. i also reported because i didnt know you were reporting satirical. see u in game.
  13. continuous tk

    also, i tried to put this under the report forum but i may have unfortunately made a new post by accident. please delete or close if this is in the wrong area.
  14. continuous tk

    guy named tango.echo.foxtrot and coachima something are spawn killing and there are no admins to report to. sry for putting it on here but its starting to aggravate alot of people.
  15. muttrah

    sorry buddy. i was really tired and went to bed after posting. everyone lost connection both times just after capturing north. then it reloaded both times as muttrah. thank you for looking into it so quickly.