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  1. Server down.

    done restarted
  2. Hacks or bug/feature

    it use to happen more often but now not to much
  3. Hay mate been a long time, hope ya still on the PR maps, i got a shit interweb connection, as i'm wintering  in the tropics, : ) living like a beach bum hahah eating strange stuff, and being eaten by strange stuff,, haha 

    Back as soon as the sun comes out in old blight'y  

    life is a beach, and then you dive..... 

  4. In memory of H8CrazyVet67

    fun times with H8CrazyVet67
  5. show off

  6. fob truck

  7. not meny bot waiting for me

  8. no repiars

  9. missd a bit

  10. floaty rockes

  11. close call.jpg

  12. close call 2

  13. bit stuck

  14. bit stuck 2