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  1. Need help deciding....

    Yeah I noticed the waiting time when I first hopped on. And indeed seem very strict, which I guess is good, just a little scary when you are knew haha. I did join another coop server that was pretty much a sandbox to be honest, but I got an idea of the gamemode and how the objectives work so it was actually pretty nice. I can see that an event with dedicated players would be amazing, so I am definitely looking forward to future events and would be more than happy to help try to get people on! Thanks for the replies guys, apreciate the answers and help, means I won't embarrass myself TOO much!
  2. Need help deciding....

    Wow thanks this is exactly what I was looking for! By any chance will VG be like this too? Oh also do you have a Unit that I could join?
  3. Need help deciding....

    Yeah I heard a while ago that it's best to get Apex, and I did that. Bought Bundle with it, played a bit today too, tried Warlord gamemode which was kinda fun I guess but not what I want from Arma. Not sure where to look for good servers since 90% are just Altis Life Maybe you know any? Other than the great VG of course!
  4. Need help deciding....

    Okay, so I think I'm leaning towards Arma/HLL. Although I enjoy Squad gameplay, and would like it in a WW2 setting, I want something new. Plus I have always wanted to play Arma, especially due to the flight physics, looks super fun! Thanks a lot for the input, super helpful! Maybe I will see you on the Arma Server
  5. Need help deciding....

    So I am currently torn between 3 games; Arma 3, Post Scriptum or Hell Let Loose. Now I understand they’re all very different in there own ways but I want opinions from people who have played these games. Whats good and bad about them? How do they compare (if at all)? and are they worth the money? all currently on sale which is why I want one. Anyway thanks, hope to hear from you!
  6. Came back to PR after a few years.

    I guess I came back at a good time. TS3 has been very busy!
  7. A short tribute in memoriam of H8CrazyVet67

    Never knew the man well but if theres one thing I remember from him, it was his amazing laugh and a damn good attitude. Hope he rests well!
  8. Came back to PR after a few years.

    Yes I am so happy about the smokes, saw a bunch of people using them and thought they were trolling! And loving the drag mechanic too, although I still only mainly fly the good ol' helis!
  9. Came back to PR after a few years.

    Good to hear! hope you're well, cya on the battlefield.
  10. Came back to PR after a few years.

    Hey everyone! Feels weird to be back on this website again, at least not much has changed and I can't get lost! Anyway I have been away from PR and this site for maybe 2 years now? not sure, but I joined this server/website almost 5 years ago now, spent majority of my PR playtime on it too. I came back because I had been playing a lot of Squad recently and I started to realise how much fun PR was and how different it plays. I always hoped Squad would turn out like PR just with better graphics, sound design, etc.. but it never did. PR is still so unique and amazing. The teamwork in PR feels far more valuable than it does in Squad and I just love the bigger open maps with CAS, Armour and Inf. PR is (for now) and has been my all time favouite milsim game. Anyway just missed this server and the game, so I thought I would come and say hi since I will be playing again! I also realise a lot of people most likely wont recognise me as I never was very chatty, so don't feel bad if thats the case!
  11. Happy Birthday to me

    Tis my birthing day today, thanks for reading. Have a great day knowing I was born 17 years ago today (I am on the left, twin bro on the right)
  12. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Wow, that's a long time haha. Happy Birthday Veterans Gaming <3 Happy I could be here to celebrate
  13. Hi guys

    Hey welcome to the forums, but man do I HATE that meme "do you know da wae".... Awful
  14. Happy New Year!

    Firstly, Happy New Year everyone! Its been a good year for me, I hope it has for you guys too! I joined here on September 6, 2016, and I tell you what I've had a great time here, great community, friendly players all over and great Admins. Although I don't play all that often anymore, I still love sticking around the forums and having great laughs and making more friends, this is the first community I have publicly shown my face on as I am quite a shy person I don't like doing this, but you guys make me feel comfortable enough that I feel like this is my home and you're my family Thanks for the great time and for treating me well, I hope for more fun times and good memories to be made in the future! Many thanks, Connor.
  15. Night admin