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  1. Su'uP

    Well if it isn’t the worlds best tank gunner. Welcome to the forums man
  2. Dak

    Welcome! you came to the perfect place
  3. Anyone else get this?

    Currently away in sweden for 3 weeks (2 weeks left) and I get this email. I think we should colab!
  4. Another Free Game: Tom Clancy's The Division!

    Just came here to also say this but you got it! Thanks
  5. Free on Uplay until the 8th of September. Great game, would 100% recommend if you have never played it before! https://store.ubi.com/ie/game?pid=56c494ad88a7e300458b4d62&dwvar_56c494ad88a7e300458b4d62_Platform=pcdl&edition=Standard Edition&source=detail
  6. Church

  7. Escaping the Chaos

  8. Battleground

  9. Cozy Home

  10. Hanging Yard

  11. Dark Street

  12. The newly released Total War is free to claim for only 24 hours! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/a-total-war-saga-troy/home
  13. Deployment players

    This! I have been thinking about this since I got back and agree! I think it would be great to at least try. Test whether VG needs more staff, or whether we are able to get the playerbase required. VG is honestly the last hope I have for deployment in this game. It's the only server I trust staff in and see players that actually take the game seriously anymore (more or less). But either way I love this server and it's community, it's the only reason I come back to PR.
  14. HELLO !

    Welcome TANJAWI LAD! Glad to see new people still coming to this community, you will have a great time with the VG lot, amazing people! Hope to see you in game.
  15. Deployment players

    I used to go on Deployment for a more hardcore experience. Loved how serious everyone took it and how tactical it was. After coming back to the game and trying it again, was the worst experience I have ever had in PR. Literally felt like a clown fiesta! I'm sure it was a one off time but I was for sure disappointed.