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  1. Well hopefully one day we help you get over that! But it’s totally ok, you’re still a great player and there’s no rush
  2. Why hello mr NOMIC man, welcome!
  3. Community Growth and Development

    I find it mind boggling that people care about their stats in PR?? The only reason I ever check my ‘stats’ is when I want to see my playtime. I haven’t met many people that do care or are at least open about them caring but if you disable these stats it can definitely stop toxicity from some types of players and stop this Call Of Duty mindset that we need to be top of the scoreboard in game and in GameTracker
  4. Mug Shots - 2020

    Are you SUPER tall or are they SUPER small? lmao
  5. I think big birds having repair capabilities is cool, yeah maybe it makes some of the factions a little stronger when they have that capability if the other faction only have logis, but it’s not like having a Cobra/Apache against them is “balanced” (at least not when I and X0R are flying ). However air to air is a mad lad sort of idea, definitely would make CAS insanely strong so, maybe if we do some event where we have to defend hordes of zombies attacking one defend point (which we should totally do btw!!) then it would be cool! I really hope we can get some of your ideas and scripts in an event some day because they’re so damn fun
  6. Community Growth and Development

    Reading this makes me miss PR. I was really starting to enjoy infantry just before I went on vacation, can’t wait to come back to do some more!!
  7. Mug Shots - 2020

    Anyway to keep with modern times heres one i took the other day with my anti-karen protection gear! I’m glad my earring is covered because I feel many would judge
  8. Mug Shots - 2020

    NOOOOOO you ruined my lifeeee!!! this is wrong, i will pretend you still look like what I thought you looked like
  9. Hiatus

    So life IS easy?
  10. Squad Event - Operation Dusty Sabre

    Bruh I won't be here :(( Damn
  11. ScarecrowDX

    Welcome mate, enjoy your stay! Hope to see you on sometime!
  12. Its Meee

    Hello MZeee
  13. PR Changes for to make game more harder without making it shit

    Give the bots in Muttrah their flags back at the start of the round!
  14. PR Changes for to make game more harder without making it shit

    I definitely disagree with this, even though I mainly fly, playing as Inf and seeing an RPG pointing at you should be scary, it adds to the action. I’m sure in real life they wouldn’t flinch if they saw a full squad of enemies to blow up with an RPG.... I sure wouldn’t Just let em shoot both, maybe prioritise helicopters if possible?
  15. Flashbacks pt.2