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  1. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Take a break man. You have done a great job so far. Remember: Quality over Quantity!
  2. Wow, nice location man

    1. =VG= Sausag3

      =VG= Sausag3

      psssss it's actually fake news, I live in the andromeda galaxy.

    2. Connor


      I won't tell ;)

  3. Need your help guys!!

    Yeah that is true, but I’m not sure you will get away with doing no maths when it comes to these professions, at least a bit of it will definitely be needed for them.
  4. Need your help guys!!

    I would personally go for programming. Now I don’t know much about any 3 of these options so take what I say by a grain of salt but - I believe programming can most likely introduce a larger variety of things to do, which if you’re not looking to be bored then is probably a good idea and is probably not the hardest thing to do. And depending on what you do in programming you can definitely get something done within 2 years. As for a specific course I can’t recommend one unfortunately. Again I really know nothing so this could all be incorrect and make no sense but yeah, hope it helped!
  5. Reputation

    Hey Condrad! Glad to see you making an introduction, but you don’t need to prove yourself to us. We know you’re a good guy, we know you uphold this servers to it’s highest value and you do a great damn job at it! Anyone else that thinks otherwise is either someone who is already breaking the rules or jealous. I was talking to X0R the other day about you, seeing you drive around in the logi and just supporting the team so well, like you do every round. And I told him how much fun you’re to play with and you just have such a positive attitude, which I thank you for because it’s people like you that make me enjoy this game as much as I do. I would never have guessed what you are and have been going through, but I hope you’re fighting your battle hard and remember that this community is here for you, whenever or if ever you need us! I am excited to play with you every morning when I get on and I’m excited for our future sessions. I hope you can eventually get the PC you want and you can join us in all the other games we love to play! Cheers for being a good guy, Condrad!
  6. Project Reality Event Week III

    wtf did i get scammed???
  7. Project Reality Event Week III

    Wheres the group photo?!?! group photo or riot

    WeeWoo 🚔 Nice to know more about you! Haven’t played with you much but i see you on the server a lot. Good to see you making an introduction 4 years later!! Hope we get to play more :))
  9. G'Day

    Already making more great memories: https://youtu.be/tXaSZiFWrkg Skiddles: “Im free! Im free!” 2 Seconds later: Im dead!
  10. Project Reality Event Week III

    wtf this map looks so good! Im sad i missed this man
  11. Arma III- mission features you like the most!

    THIS!!! I despise the futuristic vanilla Arma 3, I love Arma 2 assets wayyyy more. I would also love a nice desert town, like Fallujah with little bird CAS and a blackhawk for transport. Or a convoy that you need to take through a town with little bird support above. This with all the Dynamic systems X0R mentioned would br so fun!!
  12. G'Day

    It's been an absolute pleasure playing with you since you have joined. I hope you stay for much longer for some more great memories to come!
  13. Hi

  14. !unflip [revised]

    I don't think !unflip is a gimmick. I do believe it's a helpful feature that certainly doesn't take away from the realism, if used correctly. Plenty of other games use a similar command, and by other games I mean Arma! I won't budge anymore though.
  15. !unflip [revised]

    Thats a good point. But when bugs occur or a tank flips to a hedge, that isn't so real life, and can be frustrating. Sometimes a vehicle will touch something so small and just yoink upside down, kinda annoying but yeah, not super common. I don't see how having the command at hand is such a pain, but, yano...not my decision to make anyways!