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  1. BF3 project reality

    This mod doesn't really excite me at all. From a modders stand point it's probably great but it doesn't really add much. Just seems like a sandbox atm, and i know it's very early stages but BF3 seems odd for a reality mod, I don't think it will work. But then again vanilla BF2 seems impossible to make realistic and it turned out great, so we will see
  2. Define BASERAPE?

    Well like I said, on Bamyan Std, the helis are basically rendered useless after you reach a certain point in the map UNLESS the A10s kill the BMPs at pretty much their spawn points or just allow them to destroy the helis until they reach a point at which the A10s can kill them within the normal rules. BMPs are basically in par with AA other than the range at which they kill you, which in a place of no cover around you is still pretty far. There are a few maps that are kind of like this, where a BMP can kill you from around 2-3 flags away because of the open nature of the map and where the flags are located. I will say I am not defending baserape - I think baserape ruins the fun for others, especially when the CAS kills all assets way before they even get within shooting distance of infantry. I do however think their should be some exceptions for some layers/maps. Also another point to bring up (using Bamyan as an example again), baserape as far as I understand it is based off of the amount of flags you attack the enemy ahead of the current attack flag(s). Where I think this can be kind of confusing is like on Bamyan - once into the the second half of the map where you really start to see the assets coming in, what can be classed as baserape per flags ahead? I ask this because the flags are so close, and by close I mean just a few buildings down. So would killing a BMP 2 flags ahead, a.k.a, just a few meters ahead, still be classed as baserape? If this is a bit confusing to read I understand so feel free to ask, I can clarify if needed.
  3. Define BASERAPE?

    @=VG= SemlerPDXHey, didn’t want to quote as it would take forever to cut everything out on phone for just one question; going from what I said about certain maps needing a bit of leeway, does the “act as we see fit” also go for that? What I mean is can we kill other assets like BMPs a few flags ahead if they cause it to be unplayable and of course if the current admins on the server feel its fine too. Or is it a set rule that this must only be AA and AAVs? Cheers!
  4. Define BASERAPE?

    I think the issue with the Baserape rule is in some maps you kind of have to base rape a little otherwise it’s either really hard or just unplayable. Example: On Bamyan Std, once you get past the Delta flag and reach the mosque, BMPs snipe any CAS Helis from the airfield when they spawn. So the A10s have to get them before the reach the little town otherwise the helis are useless. It can be a very subjective rule to enforce I think. Just my thoughts!
  5. Squad VG server

    This game will never get a paid expansion, unless it's cosmetics (and even then they're pushing it) because it simply wouldn't work and definitely would not get any good feedback. They should and probably will only ever push free content... I would LOVE real CAS and I hope too that they add helis.
  6. Squad VG server

    It's really hard to tell. It's heavily play style based opinion. Best way to find out is if you just play them both. Although PR is far more teamwork heavy compared to Squads current state (previously required far more teamwork) and PRs maps are much larger than Squads. PR also has A LOT more assets than Squad, only downside to PR is of course it's not nearly as popular as Squad in terms of player base But PR basically has everything Squad has other than a few quality of life differences which is to be expected when comparing a 2004 mod to a modern title.
  7. A little advice for my new PC!

    Man that's a relief. G-sync monitors are either very hard to find at the price I want or they're all just expensive. I think I will go with a FreeSync and transform to G-Sync. Thanks cruizer!
  8. A little advice for my new PC!

    Oh wow I didn’t even think of that, thanks! I will take a look around. Also, America is far cheaper man.... Parts over here are far more expensive and god this build costs more than expected haha, but I’ll scrape the money and it’ll be worth it
  9. A little advice for my new PC!

    Hey guys! Heres my final build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/ConnorH_/saved/VJ6mrH CPU will be upgraded at some point and I will also be getting a: 1440p 144hz Monitor
  10. I dont think it’s necessarily over complicated, COOP just makes it seem that way as it isn’t built in to it like it is in deployment. We could easily go without this whole thing and it wouldn’t really change much and all the slow loaders would just get on with it like they have for 10+ years. But nothing is wrong with changing things with great ideas just because it has not been changed before. That’s not how the world goes around otherwise we would still be stuck in the stone ages aye? Also I don't think this is "suddenly" an issue, it has probably been brought up many times throughout the years but no real solution to it until now
  11. Yeah but again, we don’t know how many people are for or against this so would it be worth testing in the first place? Who knowsss
  12. The only issue I have with this idea is that it would definitely take some trial and error to get it perfect and that will definitely cause some frustration to new and common players. If there was a test environment away from the main server then that would be great but of course in reality we don’t know how many people are for or against this idea anyways.
  13. I don't think comparing the briefing time in Arma to the briefing in PR is a fair comparison. briefing in PR isn't really a briefing at all, just a small wait period for slow loading players a chance to join Squads. If you play deployment you will understand.
  14. I don't know exactly at what time the server registers as "Round Start", if it's when the first player joins or another factor but 5 mins seems a little too long. I don't know what the average load time is, and yes I know this is to compensate for the slow loaders but maybe it is a tad too long? I have no idea though it might work fine at 5 mins, but either way I am glad you came up with something so thanks!
  15. Game Start

    What I meant by the quote thing is that my first reply in this thread was meant to be towards Golden. The downvote was indeed intentional and I did not mean it in an awful way. I don’t have and never have had an issue with ranger, he has always been chill towards me so I would have no reason to dislike him, I simply just didn’t agree with what he said. I apologise that it kinda threw the topic of this thread off the table, not my intention. However if downvoting will be caught with a reaction like this I won’t use it anymore, I personally didn’t see an issue with it but either way I will use it more wisely or not at all.