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Checking in

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Hello all,


I just wanted to take a moment and check in with all my gaming friends.  As we know, some we have never known IRL or had a chance to meet, but we are all part of a large community.  Something that I have always held dear to my heart is the support and bonds that we have here and I wanted to take some time and see how everyone was doing.


In my part of America (Maine), we are isolated, the town is on lock down so I couldn't go out even if I tried, but that may be a good thing to help prevent our spreading of the virus.  Our schools are closed until the 27 of April, but kids are able to receive education via online classroom resources.   Besides the schools being shut down, most businesses are forcing themselves to close per town emergency policies put into place to prevent spreading of the virus.  Most people are out mad shopping and purchasing large amounts of toilet paper and making the world difficult in other area's.  


We- VG head admins, are still up and running the server and making sure things are running smoothly as possible.  As you noticed, we have an large number of people joining again and peak times are longer due to the massive gain in PR.  Our server's will be down MONDAY- see @=VG= SemlerPDX announcement and will run as normal after that.  

Our BMS is still going strong and fully supported as well as our ARMA servers.  Luckily, we have some great dedicated people at this and are willing to help us out with these tasks.  

I know people are sometimes struggling with isolation, and lack interest in doing things that were previously enjoying and luckily a lot of gaming platforms are making it easier to find something new- Destiny 2 is free on Steam if people want suggestions!


Long story short- take time to check in with your fellow gaming community before it is too late.   I know there are several people that are long time friends that I have not heard from in a while and I wanted to share this moment before it becomes to late for some to take advantage of it.  I am not suggesting that you do some "corona virus and chill" stuff with them, but send them a message and let them know you care about them.  Hope everyone is doing well and are taking care of themselves.  Who knows, we may get some new friends out of it.  I know I have met a lot of new people every time I am here or in PR or in other Steam games.   Yes, I know this is sappy, but remember.  When people are at their worst, sometimes all it takes is a check in and let others know you care about them and that lifts up their spirits more than anything.  


Cheers and remember we are all in this together,


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