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Game Update

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You can connect to the VG server using the server address In the list servers our  server is not displayed yet. Waiting for u guys! Im alone here!)

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2 hours ago, SSgt. HaterOneActual said:

They say they fixed some shit...


  • Fixed issues with kit selection for MEC.
  • Fixed crashes with vehicles going outside of map boundary.


  • Kashan Desert
    • COOP32: Fixed crash.
  • Beirut
    • COOP64: Fixed crash.
  • Outpost
    • COOP64: Fixed crash. Fixed combat zone issue for Polish team.
  • Operation Falcon
    • Fixed issues with vehicles not working correctly due to not being assigned to correct team.
  • Operation Soul Rebel
    • COOP64: Fixed crash.
  • Yamalia
    • Fixed deployables being very bright.


  • Added single operator variation of multiple vehicles that didn't have them yet.
  • Updated AI weapon usage ranges with various improvements.
  • Updated ZIS-3, ATS and SPG-9 ranges to be more responsive when used by bots.
  • Fixed chat block initiating too early and python timing issues.
  • Fixed vehicles not spawning on their correct spawn timer in COOP gamemode.
  • Fixed GB Scorpion BF2 reload sound not working.
  • Fixed PL T72 BF2 sounds not working.
  • Outpost Added COOP layer.


This is from a year ago.

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