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Im gone!

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Teejay you left more times than I can count. BTW you post this at 0400 your time. I can only imagine what went on. 
Anyway good luck on your way. 

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Lemme guess:  It was during off hours, there were disruptive players who required an Admin, but there was no Admin online at the time.  Then TeeJay001 has the realization that he COULD be an admin and handle the situation himself, but he lost his Admin powers due to his own actions during his time as an Admin.  The frustration of knowing he used to be able to handle such disruptions but will forever have to rely on OTHER Admins or the !R report system now makes him feel it is not worth playing on our server because he is often online when there are no VG Admins on the server.

Life is all about our choices and actions, and the consequences of our choices and actions.  Teejay001, you may be frustrated by this situation, but you own it.  It is entirely of your own making.  Had you been the upstanding player that we know you CAN be 100% of the time, you would still be a PR Admin here, and would be able to clean up the server when you play during off-hours where no other Admins are online.  These are just video games - our hobby time.  Real life is not so forgiving, and the consequences of one false move or saying the wrong thing to someone can have dire results.  Take the lesson here, where it's safe, and apply it to your real life before you burn bridges during a period of "frustration" that cannot be rebuilt in the real world.

We like you - you are a fun person to play with (when you are in a good mood, and we're all joking and having fun!) - but we cannot take ownership of a situation you put yourself in.  Best wishes, bro!

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